A tool of what???

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There is a new TV show called “Reaper” on the CW television network that urges others to “be one of Satan’s tools”.

 Can I just say something before going on? HOW ASININE!

 Does this network (A collaboration between CBS and Warner Bros.) think that this is something worthy of watching? What happened to all the shows that were family friendly during prime time? The network says that it is the only network that targets the 18-34 year olds. Um…I’m in that range and it doesn’t appeal to me at all. Am I in the minority on this? Are there hoards of 18 year olds out there seeking for a way to become a tool of Satan? How many people need that kind of  encouragement?

 The premise of the show is that a “20 something slacker” finds out that his parents sold his soul to the devil (THAT’S family friendly) and he then has an encounter with the devil on a neighborhood street. In this encounter, Satan tells the young man that instead of taking him to hell, he wants him to be a bounty hunter for souls that have escaped hell. He even gives the man powers to help him in his duty. Oh yeah…and if the slacker doesn’t do it? Satan’s going to take his mom… Continue Reading A tool of what???…

Faith and Football

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A soccer star has been featured in the new FIFA resource to go out with the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

 Han Duan is a Chinese soccer star who has been quoted as saying, “No matter where I go, I take the Bible along. I love to read it because there are important lessons to be learnt each day,” she adds. “I also find that the Bible is filled with wisdom and joy, instructing me on how to live meaningfully.”

The striker for the Chinese Women’s team will have her testimony printed in the gospel of Mark resource that will be used for the WWC this year.

I think this is a great sign that the church is alive and well in China. Yes, they may be underground. Yes, they may be persecuted for their faith, but they are there and the word is that they are continuing to grow and flourish in spite of it all! How awesome is that?!?!

I wonder how Americans would do if faced with the same thing???

Relationships are the key!

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A survey of 1200+ youth taken by MTV (of all people) shows that youth are not as disconnected as we think they are.

The survey showed that of all the things that adults seem to think teens are concerned about, the number one reason they gave was relationships. Spending time with family, friends, and loved ones was most important to them. The kids, ages 13-24, were asked “What one thing makes you happy?”

It is a surprising response to what we often hear in the news, in our schools, and sadly, even in our churches. As the body of Christ, we need to be reaching out to our youth and trying to cultivate that relationship with them. We also need to help them learn how to cultivate a relationship with Jesus Christ. We need to show them by example. We need to check our relationship out first and then find a way to help them out, not as a father or mother, but as a friend and fellow Christian.

Our kids are seeking for relationships…shouldn’t we be there to help them find meaningful ones?

A nod to Slovakia

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A report from Slovakia says that they have posted 500 graphic billboards and public transit pictures. In the 50 years that abortion has been legal in Slovakia, 1.37 million unborn children have died. The country’s current population is 5 million…

I think that this is a wonderful idea and I would love to see something like this happen in the states. It may be gross and graphic, and it will probably be very hard to go out to eat for lunch, but if it means saving the life of the unborn, than so be it. We need to be doing everything that we can to show people what is truly happening to our children and the mothers who are having the abortion. IT RUINS LIVES PEOPLE!

So…a hat’s off to Slovakia for taking a very visual and bold stand against the murder of innocent children!

Are there any honest politicians?

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It seems that there is an increasing number of officials who will say whatever they think that people want to hear to get elected and then do what they originally intended anyway. Now, I realize that this is nothing new, but the boldness and the outright lack of concern for the way these things are happening is just unreal.

Take, for instance, John Tory of Ontario. I will admit that I know absolutely nothing about Canadian politics (or anything else Canadian for that matter), but his statements reflect the growing trend that pervades modern politics. He made a promise to faith-based schools that he would help them get public funding. He also was quoted on a radio program as saying that the schools would ‘have to teach the Ontario curriculum…but would be allowed to let the children know that there are opposing ideas to evolution that are part of some Christian beliefs’. Now that he’s been elected, he has said that creation will not be allowed in those schools and that evolution will be taught as fact. Not only that, there is speculation that his plan could force faith-based schools to teach the mandatory sections of the curriculum that deal with homosexuality and graphic sex education. Is this the leader that Ontario needs? Continue Reading Are there any honest politicians?…

A couple quick things

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I don’t really feel that I should spend a lot of time on this, but I wanted to just comment on a few things in the news as of late.

First is the divorce of Randy and Paula White, the former co-pastors of Without Walls church. While it saddens me to see another high profile Christian divorce (or any divorce for that matter), I’ve got to wonder what they’re thinking. I can’t say why they divorced other than what I’ve read, but it gets me thinking about something that should be commonsense and commonplace in the body of Christ. What does God say? I’ve seen some of the comments made by Ms. White and, while I admire her for her show of strength, I have to wonder where scripture comes into all of this. The article I read says that her and her ex-husband separated because of the “different directions their life was taking”…WHAT? Is that what a covenant is all about? Marriage is a covenant. It means that until death, you go through together. But what does this say about the God who Paula White preaches about? I realize that people make mistakes and that things happen, but with something like this where the reason for the split is “different directions”, shouldn’t the marriage take precedence over the ministry or the fame or the money? Shouldn’t they be more worried about what God will say when He reminds them that He “hates divorce”? No matter how much you try to tell yourself that it’s “for someone else too”, it’s still a slap in the face of Jesus. The comments that I read seemed like it was a nonchalant, ho-hum, kind of thing that mocks everything that a marriage should be. Forgive me if I sound judgmental, but it sounds rather selfish to me… Continue Reading A couple quick things…

Christianity and Islam…the same?

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Many high profile (and not so high profile) media personalities have jumped on board the bandwagon shouting that there is little or no difference between Christianity and Islam. Really? Is this something that these media people know something about? Have they actually looked at the two belief systems to see if there are any differences or are they just doing this because if fashionable (or more likely, because Christianity has moral laws that many of these media people live in conflict with…)?

First, let’s do a simple run down of what the basic beliefs are for both religions.

Islam is a monotheistic religion that is centered upon the god Allah and “his prophet” Mohammed. It began when Mohammed was in a cave and (supposedly) was visited by the angel Gabriel(around 600 AD). It is believed that Gabriel gave Mohammed the Quran in it’s true form that had been preserved in heaven. Islam believes that Jesus was a prophet, teacher, and wise, moral, man. It believes that Abraham is the father of the faith and that he went up on Mount Moriah to sacrifice Ishmael. It believes that Ishmael is the promised son and not Isaac. It says that it is the completion of the truth found in the Torah and Bible with the Quran being the final say. It believes that Mohammed is the final prophet and the “seal of the prophets”. It believes that the Torah and the Bible have both been corrupted over time. Continue Reading Christianity and Islam…the same?…

Our Heritage

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Not long ago, there was a meeting of over 2,000 spiritual leaders in Europe to discuss the effect of Christianity on Europe and to remind the European nations of the impact that Christianity has made on that continent. I knew from the stance of many of the nations of Europe they had a dwindling population of devout Christians, but I never realized just how small they were in some countries. In Great Britain, 33 percent of those polled said religion was “very important” in their lives, compared to 27 percent in Italy, 21 percent in Germany, 11 percent in France, and 11 percent in Czech Republic. This is compared to 60 percent of people in America saying that religion is “very important” to them.
Why the decline of Christianity in Europe? Why are so many turning away from the faith? Let’s get a little closer to home and be a little real. Why are so many in America turning away from Christianity? The numbers say that 60% of people believe that religion is very important to them, but is that accurate? And what about the ones who are leaving? Many of America’s professing atheists grew up in fundamental Christian homes.

What happened? Continue Reading Our Heritage…

“It’ll be ok…God will forgive you…”

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I was looking through some of the news emails that I get and came across one that I had to write about. In it, there is an article about a now 22 year old young woman who had an abortion at the hands of George Tiller. The young woman was 18 at the time of the abortion and was pressured and coerced into the abortion by her parents, who were horrified that their daughter was pregnant.

 They got lost on the way and were two hours late for the appointment. When they finally arrived, she was put into a room with others who were watching a video on late term abortions. After the video, she was immediately taken into a room where abortionist Shelly Sella came in and lethally injected the baby in the heart(which instantly killed it). She spent a total of three days in the clinic where she was told that she did the right thing. The young woman refused to deliver the baby into the toilet like she was told and instead delivered it on the floor next to her. Continue Reading “It’ll be ok…God will forgive you…”…

The next generation

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I saw something the other day that got me to thinking. It was a headline that said, “The giants are passing, who will take their place?” It’s a very important question for believers. With many of those we look to as giants of the faith passing away, is there anyone who can take their place? Notice I didn’t say will. I am sure that there are plenty that will try to take their place. But is there anyone that can?

 It seems that, today, Christians are not raised the same as they used to be. You might say, “that’s because times are different”. That’s true, times are different, but the Bible says that there is nothing new under the sun. One of the things that makes the Bible so amazing is the fact that throughout the hundreds of years that the Word has been going forth it has always been fresh and dynamic. It doesn’t matter how different the times are, the Word still applies. And that’s what has me concerned.

 I look at the church today, especially the youth, and wonder “what happened?” The kids dress just like the world, they talk like the world, they think like the world, and many of the leaders and parents just condone it. We convice ourselves that it’s ok for them to do all of that because we don’t want them to stand out or be persecuted. So we let them dress in clothes that reveal things that only their future spouses should see. We let them backtalk us and others with such disrespect and venom you’d think they were getting ready to join the Navy. We let them act like little kids and rant and rave when they don’t get their way. We let them completely forsake everything their supposed to believe, but at least we let them keep the name “Christian”. Continue Reading The next generation…

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