News Bites 05/04/14

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Glenn Beck Invokes Joseph Smith, Mormon Beliefs During Liberty University Speech

Radio talk show host Glenn Beck gave a speech to the Liberty University student body in which he talked about atonement, Joseph Smith, and his Mormon theology. He told those gathered that he shares their faith and that he had been given a special message for the Liberty students. Beck talked about Joseph Smith being martyred and made a connection between Smith and the students. He told them that they had to figure out what purpose God had sent them here to accomplish. Continue Reading News Bites 05/04/14…

Sunday’s Newslinks 01/24/10

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Sunday’s Newslinks brought to you by At Ease Tees


4 More Malaysian Churches Attacked; 1 Vandalized
Three more churches in Malaysia were targets of arson Sunday and another was vandalized in the latest wave of attacks on the country’s Christian minority.


Ugandan Lawmaker Refuses to Withdraw Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Aid Groups Urge Int’l Community to Help Sudan Keep the Peace

Prison Fellowship: High Rape Rate of Juveniles Unacceptable

Anglican Leader Calls for ‘Tougher Church’

Southern Baptist President’s Surgery Went ‘Great,’ Says Family

Tens of Thousands Sign Petition Urging Holder to Move KSM Trial from New York
– More than 60,000 people, including members of Congress and three former presidential candidates, have signed a petition calling on Attorney General Eric Holder to move the trial of Khalid Shiekh Mohammed (or KSM) from New York City to a military tribunal.
Continue Reading Sunday’s Newslinks 01/24/10…

Newslinks 01/10/09

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Sunday’s Newslinks brought to you by At Ease Tees


DHS Plans to Catch Only One in Four Travelers Committing ‘Major’ Criminal Violations While Entering U.S. on International Fights in 2010
– Documents produced by the Department of Homeland Security indicate that in fiscal 2010, the department is planning to catch only 26 percent of travelers committing major criminal violations while seeking to enter the United States through international airports. DHS documents also indicate that the department will fail to screen against law enforcement databases 15 percent of travelers entering the United States in 2010 through all official ports of entry.

Pro-Abortion Advocates Praise Abortionist, Blast Pro-Life Efforts
— The pro-abortion group NARAL Pro-Choice America is asking visitors to its Web site to cast votes for the person who has done the most for their movement. Nominations include abortionist LeRoy Carhart, who is one of the few to perform late-term abortions in his Nebraska clinic.

Combat-Related U.S. Military Deaths in Afghanistan Double Over Last Year, IEDs Major Cause
– There were 272 combat-related deaths of U.S. military personnel in Afghanistan in 2009, as this story went to press on Dec. 31. That number is more than double the 135 combat-related deaths in 2008. The majority of the combat-related deaths in 2009 were caused by roadside bombs, also known as improvised explosive devices.

More question legality of Senate healthcare bill
Constitutional historian David Barton says American courts would have to overturn their last 80 years of jurisprudence to uphold the constitutionality of the healthcare bill in Congress.

Senate abortion support may lead to legal battles
Healthcare reform could lead to court battles if the Senate bill becomes law.
Treasury lifts bailout cap
A regulatory policy expert says the Obama administration is pursuing an odd strategy designed to prop up the housing market – make even more bad mortgage loans.
Church votes to split from ELCA over homosexual clergy
The congregation of the First Lutheran Church of Harvey, ND, has cast the first of two votes to split from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

 Prospects rosy for adult stem-cell treatments
The past decade spelled success in research with adult stem cells.

Pray for America Campaigns Kick Off 2010

Rick Warren’s End-of-Year Plea Raises $2.4M for Church

Malaysian Gov’t to Appeal Christian ‘Allah’ Ruling

Obama Returns from Church-Less Christmas Vacation

Montana Becomes 3rd State to OK Doctor-Assisted Suicide

Report Finds Over 1,200 Crimes Against Churches in 2009

U.S. Pastors Encouraged to Join Nat’l Marriage Week Effort

Pastor Chuck Smith to Be Released from Hospital

Ministry Launches Effort to Plant Prayer Rooms Across All U.S. Colleges

Muslim Mob in Pakistan Wounds Christian Family

Obama’s 2010 budget includes ‘poverty traps’
Remember when candidate Barack Obama said he wanted to “spread the wealth around”? One researcher suggests he’s been successful in doing that.

Perspective: The faith of Tebow, the ire of the left
The media’s secular left already dislikes Tim Tebow’s public faith. Think about their reaction if he shows up in a pro-life Super Bowl ad…

A fine line – sex offenders in church
A North Carolina judge has struck down part of a state law restricting activities of registered sex offenders.

NARAL recognition a badge of honor
A national pro-life group views its recent recognition as a distinct honor.

Is Napolitano on the ropes?
Immigration reform proponent William Gheen is calling for the resignation of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano in the wake of the attempted hijacking of a U.S. airliner Christmas Day. Time to replace Napolitano (commentary by Star Parker)

Car Bomb Explodes Near Iraqi Church; Dozen People Injured

Malaysian Gov’t Appeals Ruling on Christian ‘Allah’ Use

U.K. Teacher Suspended after Offering to Pray for Student

Stephen Baldwin Takes His Faith to the Celebrity Big Brother House

Moody Bible Institute, Michigan Theological Seminary Complete Merger

Homeland Security’s National Operations Center ‘Unable’ to Do Its Job, Inspector General Finds
– The Homeland Security Department’s National Operations Center (NOC) is “unable” to do its job of ensuring coordination among the 22 federal agencies that make up the Department of Homeland Security and focuses too much on disaster management rather than terrorism prevention, according to its own inspector general. After Hurricane Katrina, “the NOC began to dedicate most of its resources to emergency management rather than terrorism prevention. Many NOC staff contend that this shift in focus is detrimental to NOC intelligence and law enforcement functions,” the report says.

Pro-Life Advocates Plan to Protest Opening of Largest Abortion Clinic in U.S.
– A coalition of pro-life advocates and religious leaders plans to gather in Houston on Jan. 18 to oppose what is expected to be the largest abortion clinic in the country. Planned Parenthood is renovating a former bank into a 78,000 square foot facility, which will include a surgical wing equipped to provide late-term abortions. “It’s an abortion super center,” one pro-life activist said.

White House to State AGs: No ‘Legitimate Constitutional Concerns’ in Senate Health Care Bill
– The White House on Tuesday dismissed the concerns of 13 state attorneys general about the constitutionality of a clause in the Senate health care bill that singles out Nebraska for special treatment when it comes to covering the cost of expanding Medicaid coverage. “I have not seen the letter from the attorneys general” but “I do not believe that anybody has legitimate constitutional concerns about the legislation,” said White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

Pelosi Pledged to Give Public ‘Ample Amount of Time’ to Read Final Health Bill
– While Nancy Pelosi is now dodging a request from C-SPAN CEO Brian Lamb to open up House-Senate negotiations over the final version of the health-care bill so C-SPAN’s cameras can show them to the public, back in July she pledged she would give the public an “ample amount of time” to read the final bill before brining it to a vote. Listen to her say it.

Democrats and Republicans Oppose Obama Move Giving Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Unlimited Funding
– Democrat and Republican lawmakers alike are blasting the Treasury Department’s Christmas Eve announcement that it will send unlimited tax money to failed mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, thereby eliminating the current $400 billion cap on emergency aid that Treasury can give without having to come back to Congress for authorization. This means Treasury can continue to manage the companies, which were seized last year, until the end of President Obama’s current term.

State Department Using ‘Diversity Visas’ to Encourage Immigration to U.S. from Terror-Ridden Yemen
–The State Department has awarded 1,011 special “diversity visas” allowing Yemeni nationals to immigrate to the United States since 2000, the year of the terror attack on the USS Cole in the Yemeni port of Aden. The “diversity visas” are designed to encourage immigration from countries that do not otherwise send significant numbers of people to the United States.

Control-conscious Dems seek unorthodox route
Congressional Democrats will apparently bypass a conference committee in order to get healthcare reform passed more quickly.

Perspective: Obama and the Vampire Congress
Instead of a promised ethical and transparent administration, Democrats have delivered a creepy legislative environment that could double as a Twilight movie set.

Sour notes – ‘homophobia’ and music ed
The Illinois Family Institute is weighing in on an intriguing article that appeared in the December issue of the Music Educators Journal.

Restrictive home school legislation up for vote
New Hampshire lawmakers are set to vote on a bill that one attorney has described as “the most anti-home school legislation ever conceived” in that state.

Schools agree to end Bible distribution
Public school officials in Wilson County, Tennessee, have agreed to stop distributing Bibles to students during the school day on school grounds.

Persecution List: N. Korea, Iran Top Oppressors of Christians

Churches Called to ‘Do Something’

Southern Baptist Pastor Counters 2012 Doomsday ‘Prophecies’

Orthodox Christmas Marked Amid Protests in Bethlehem

Best Christian Workplaces Announced for 2010

U.S. Embassy in Nigeria Had ‘Major Problems,’ State Department Inspection Found
– The most recent State Department inspection, conducted in 2002, found that the U.S. consulate in Lagos was “in serious trouble” due to chronic staff shortages, while the U.S. embassy in Abuja relied primarily on junior staff, contract employees, and State Department retirees on temporary assignment to fill “key positions.” The report found that the lack of key staff hampered any and all “substantial progress” at the embassy, preventing it from making improvements in any of its functions.

U.S. Paid for Full-Body Scanners at Nigeria’s Four International Airports in 2007
– The four international airports in Nigeria are equipped with full-body scanners — the same technology that the United States and other countries are now scrambling to put into place following the attempted bombing of an American airliner on Christmas Day by a Nigerian terrorist. The scanners in Nigeria were paid for by the United States and installed in 2007, according to the State Department’s 2008 Country Reports on Terrorism.

One in Five Gitmo Suspects Returns to Terror, Pentagon Finds
– A Defense Department spokesman told reporters on Wednesday that Pentagon officials are working to declassify a report showing that almost 20 percent of the prisoners released from Guantanamo Bay in Cuba are either confirmed or suspected to have engaged in terrorism again. That’s almost double the recidivism rate reported in December 2008.

Less Than One Percent of ‘Known or Suspected Terrorists’ Were Put on ‘No Fly’ List
– As of one month ago, less than one percent of the people designated as “known or suspected terrorists” by the U.S. government had been put on the “No Fly” list that the Department of Homeland Security uses to screen air travelers, according to data provided to the Senate Homeland Security Committee on Dec. 9.

Man in Charge of Analyzing Terror-Threat Info Did Not Interrupt Ski Vacation After Attempted Airplane Bombing, Report Says
– President Barack Obama did not interrupt his Hawaiian vacation when a Nigerian man tried to blow up a U.S.-bound airliner over Michigan on Christmas Day, and neither did Michael Leiter, the director of the U.S. National Counterterrorism Center. Leiter — appointed by President George W. Bush — was mentioned Thursday on cable TV outlets as someone who eventually may be fired as a result of the major security breach.

Ray Stevens’ Song ‘We the People’ Becoming Anthem of Tea Party Movement
– Grammy Award-winning music artist Ray Stevens has recorded a song that is fast becoming the anthem of the Tea Party Movement.
“We the People” is about Obamacare and the health-care reform bills that have passed both houses of Congress.

Brit Hume: Media Backlash Over His Remarks to Tiger Woods About Christianity Reflects ‘A Double Standard’
– Fox News analyst Brit Hume said he was “not surprised” by the media backlash over his remark that Tiger Woods look to Christianity for help in redeeming his personal life. Hume says there is a “double-standard” when it comes to speaking publicly about Christianity versus other religions.

Obama appoints transgendered LGBT activist
President Obama has named Amanda Simpson to a post in the Commerce Department, making Simpson perhaps the first-ever transgender appointment in a U.S. presidential administration.

Jesus Christ – ‘two most explosive words,’ says Hume
Fox News analyst Brit Hume says he doesn’t regret urging Tiger Woods to become a Christian so the golfer can find forgiveness for marital infidelity.

Perspective: Sarah Palin – Wrong prescription for America?
The former GOP VP candidate isn’t smart enough to be president, you say? Not articulate enough? Has poor judgment? Don’t get me started…

‘Wrecking ball’ wrong approach to reform
The president of a non-partisan seniors’ advocacy group says two U.S. senators who decided not to seek re-election are the first victims of a senior citizen tsunami.

War on terror primarily a ‘war against young Muslim men’
Terrorism expert Robert Spencer disagrees with the premise of a newly released U.S. government study on homegrown terrorism that contends extremism is contrary to the true teachings of Islam.

Obama Administration Underestimated the Immediate Threat Posed by ‘Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’
– President Obama and his White House counterterrorism adviser on Thursday accepted responsibility for attempted terror attack on Christmas Day that could have knocked an airliner out of the sky over Michigan. “We didn’t know [al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula] had progressed to the point of actually launching individuals here,” John Brennan said Thursday. “We knew that they sought to strike the United States and that they were recruiting operatives to do so,” Obama said.

Obama Declares America ‘At War’ with Al Qaeda, Offers New Security Initiatives
– President Barack Obama is directing all intelligence to be “distributed more rapidly and more widely” among federal agencies; he wants greater integration of intelligence analysis; and he’s order security agencies to immediately add more people to the terrorism watch list, specifically the “no fly” list.

More Independents Choosing ‘Conservative’ in Obama’s First Year, Survey Says
– According to a compilation of all Gallup political identification surveys from 2009, 40 percent of Americans identified themselves as conservatives, more than the 36 percent who answered moderate and far more than the 21 percent who answered liberal. The percentage of American Independents who identified as conservatives – 35 percent – increased at the fastest rate in 10 years between 2008 and 2009.

Catholic Bishops Launch New Push for Immigration Reform, Pathway to Citizenship
– The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is launching a new push to get immigration-reform legislation enacted in 2010. The group backs a Democrat-sponsored bill that grants a pathway to citizenship for people who came to this country illegally.

Pelosi ‘crazy,’ ‘very confused’ on church teachings
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent interview with Newsweek Magazine is creating a stir in the pro-life community.

Children best served by mom’s lesbian relationship?
An official with the Illinois Family Institute says it’s outrageous that a judge has permitted a mother to take her children from their dad in order to move in with her lesbian partner.

‘Obama Doctrine’ detrimental to U.S.
National defense analyst Frank Gaffney agrees with the assessment of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich that Americans are less safe than they were a year ago when Barack Obama took office.

Perspective: To profile or not to profile
Observing strange behavior is a legitimate and needed part of law enforcement and airline security. It is not “profiling.”

U.S. missionary’s NK incursion: Publicity stunt?
An advocate for persecuted Christians calls U.S. missionary Robert Park’s incursion into North Korea on Christmas Eve a “publicity stunt” that’s likely to do more harm than good.

N.J. Senate Rejects Same-Sex Marriage Bill

World Vision: Anti-Gay Bill Could Undermine HIV/AIDS Work

Egyptian Police Arrest Suspects in Drive-By Church Shooting

Tetrapod Footprint Discovery Busts Evolutionary Paradigm, Says Biochemist

Christian Retailers Target Mega-Retailers in Federal Probe

California gay marriage opponent fears for his life
An outspoken gay marriage opponent serving as an official litigant defending the state’s ban on same-sex weddings on Friday asked a judge to remove him from the lawsuit because he feared the trial would generate publicity that could endanger him and his family.

Pro-life group scrutinizing Catholic charity
American Life League is challenging the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

Churches attacked amid ‘Allah’ dispute
Malaysian officials say attackers have fire-bombed one church and tried to set another ablaze amid a growing conflict over the use of the word “Allah” by non-Muslims.

Fellowship trains to fight slavery
The Polaris Project is bringing the next generation into the anti-slavery and anti-trafficking movement.

U.S. missionary’s NK incursion: Publicity stunt?
An advocate for persecuted Christians calls U.S. missionary Robert Park’s incursion into North Korea on Christmas Eve a “publicity stunt” that’s likely to do more harm than good.


Design of the Week – Freedom to Preach

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This week’s design is something that is dear to me. The design is called Free to Preach. It shows the American flag with embers at the end of it. Next to the flag is part of the first amendment to the Constitution. This amendment provides for both freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Sadly, both of these freedoms are under attack today. The freedom of religion is grounded in the history of the United States. When the first settlers came to this land, it was because they desired to worship the God of the Bible they way they felt the scriptures told them to and not how the state told them to.

In England, the church and the crown were closely tied together and often oppressed the common people. When the Constitution was ratified, a few states only did so with the condition that the Constitution would be amended with certain rights spelled out. The fact that freedom of religion is one of them speaks volumes on the focus of our founders. The founders were not out to “separate church and state” like so many today seem to think. They were out to keep the government from telling them how they could or couldn’t worship. Unfortunately, any time someone mentions freedom of religion, the “separation of church and state” invariably comes up, even though it’s not in the Constitution. The phrase is in a response by Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists. The Baptists were concerned that the proposed amendment would allow the federal government to impose whatever rules and regulations they desired onto the beliefs of the people. Jefferson assured the Baptists that the amendment would insure that the freedom to worship God would not be hindered by the federal government. Sadly, the very thing the Baptists were worried about has come to pass. The federal government now controls much of what is said and done by Christians. In today’s time, you can promote any religion at all, except Christianity. Muslims can teach their doctrines in schools, Hindus are promoting yoga in kindergarten classes, and Atheists can teach evolution without fear of reprimand; but if you are a Christian and you try to promote Jesus Christ, you are attacked from every side. Bible clubs have a hard time getting recognition or allowance to exist, biblical evidence for the origins of the universe aren’t allowed to even be discussed (even a purely scientific critique of evolution is not allowed – what are they afraid of if their “theory” is so watertight?), and the moral laws of God cannot be promoted (even though they are exactly what our country needs and the only thing that will help our nation stop it slide into complete darkness).

Why is it that this only happens to Christianity? Why is it that the majority of Christians are fighting an uphill battle to regain the freedom that all other religions so readily enjoy? The answer is actually quite simple. While people have no problem talking about Buddha, Allah, Brahma or any number of other false “gods”, they are simply afraid of Jesus Christ. Of course they won’t admit it. To do so would admit that He’s real while the others are not. But their refusal to admit that they are scared of Jesus doesn’t make it any less true. Why do you think that the atheistic scientists on every level fight so vehemently to keep creation out of schools? Because they know that if their so-called “theory” comes up against the truth, they won’t stand a chance. And when their “theory” disintegrates into the fairy tale that it is, they will be faced with the truth that God exists and that they are accountable for all of their sins. Why do Muslims so violently attack Christians for the smallest of imagined offenses? It’s because they know that if they don’t continuously fight against the truth with blind rage and anger, they will have to stop and think about that truth and they don’t want to do that. If they did, they would be forced to admit that they have been chasing a lie their entire lives and they are too proud to do that. Why do homosexuals mock Christians and speak out against them so much? They have to. If they didn’t attack Christians so relentlessly, they would have to admit that their entire lifestyle was an abomination to God. They would no longer be able to live in the sinful lifestyle they have created for themselves. And they love that sin more than they love anything else. So they attack the representatives of the God that they can’t ignore in hopes that their barbed words and injurous actions will placate their guilt ridden consciences. And on and on it goes. The Hindus, the Buddhists, the post-moderns, the Mormans, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the secular humanists, and the false converts all join in with the others to attack Christianity. They do so because they can’t hurt the God they hate. Instead, they hurt His children.

The grace of God has told us through scripture that those who truly belong to Christ will be hated by everyone else. Those who speak the truth about sin, hell, and judgment will be mocked, attacked, and even killed for what they believe in. This is somewhat reassuring to those who are being persecuted for their faith (how small are the numbers in America?) and it should be a source of concern to those who claim to belong to Christ and are not persecuted at all…In America we are still Free to Preach…for now…are you preaching?

The Same God?

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President Bush has reiterated a statement he made four years ago, saying that the god of Islam, Allah, and the God of the Bible, Jehovah, are the same.

The statement was remade when the president spoke with Elie Nakouzi, a reporter for Al Arabiya. The reporter asked President Bush whether or not he “was an enemy of Islam” and “wants to destroy their religion and what they believe in”. The president responded by saying that “whether Muslim, Christian, or any other religion; they all pray to the same God”.

Do they really? As I’ve said before, all you have to do is take an honest look at just the major religions to see that they have almost nothing in common (apart from Judaism and Christianity). Islam proposes that God is one, and cannot have a Son. That Jesus was just a man and a prophet, but not the Son of God. This all comes from the scriptures in the Quran. If these scriptures are supposed to be from the same God, why do they contradict each other? It’s because they don’t come from the same God. Paul said that if any angel or man preaches a gospel other than Jesus Christ and Him crucified, they are to be accursed (banned or excommunicated). Continue Reading The Same God?…

Christianity and Islam…the same?

September 24, 2007 at 4:19 pm | Posted in Christianity | 31 Comments
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Many high profile (and not so high profile) media personalities have jumped on board the bandwagon shouting that there is little or no difference between Christianity and Islam. Really? Is this something that these media people know something about? Have they actually looked at the two belief systems to see if there are any differences or are they just doing this because if fashionable (or more likely, because Christianity has moral laws that many of these media people live in conflict with…)?

First, let’s do a simple run down of what the basic beliefs are for both religions.

Islam is a monotheistic religion that is centered upon the god Allah and “his prophet” Mohammed. It began when Mohammed was in a cave and (supposedly) was visited by the angel Gabriel(around 600 AD). It is believed that Gabriel gave Mohammed the Quran in it’s true form that had been preserved in heaven. Islam believes that Jesus was a prophet, teacher, and wise, moral, man. It believes that Abraham is the father of the faith and that he went up on Mount Moriah to sacrifice Ishmael. It believes that Ishmael is the promised son and not Isaac. It says that it is the completion of the truth found in the Torah and Bible with the Quran being the final say. It believes that Mohammed is the final prophet and the “seal of the prophets”. It believes that the Torah and the Bible have both been corrupted over time. Continue Reading Christianity and Islam…the same?…

The name of God

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What is God’s name? Those who claim to follow Him seem to be forgetting what His name is. A retiring 71 year old Roman Catholic bishop, who has raised other issues that go against his church’s mainstream ideas, has said that Dutch Christians (and others) should be fine calling the God of the Bible Allah. He has suggested that this is whom Christians are actually praying to.

There are some major problems with this, but all of them seem to be ignored by the retiring bishop. The bishop says that “Allah is a beautiful word for God” and that “God doesn’t really care what we call Him”. Oh really? The God of the Bible doesn’t care what we call Him?  God makes very clear throughout the Bible what those who follow Him are to call Him. Not only that, but God made sure that people not only knew His name but He let them know (and us too) who He was to them. He is called Elohim (used over 2300 times to refer to the Lord), El Olam (The Everlasting One, Gen. 21:33),  El Roi (The God who sees me, Gen 16:7),  and Adonai (The Lord). When Moses asked God what His name was at the burning bush, God replied, “I AM”. This is Yahweh in Hebrew (where we get Jehovah from). God also used this name to remind His people who He was. To Israel (and Christians) He is Yahweh Yireh (The Lord who provides, Gen 22:2), Yahweh Nissi (The Lord our banner, Ex 17:8-15), Yahweh Rapha (The Lord who heals you, Ex 15:26), Yahweh Shalom (The Lord our peace, Jdg 6:1-22), Yahweh Tsabbaoth (The Lord of Hosts, many references), and Yahweh Tsidkenu (The Lord our righteousness, Jer 23:5-6). Amazingly, not one of these names(and there are many others) sounds anything like Allah…. Continue Reading The name of God…

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