“It’ll be ok…God will forgive you…”

September 18, 2007 at 5:22 pm | Posted in Christianity | 2 Comments
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I was looking through some of the news emails that I get and came across one that I had to write about. In it, there is an article about a now 22 year old young woman who had an abortion at the hands of George Tiller. The young woman was 18 at the time of the abortion and was pressured and coerced into the abortion by her parents, who were horrified that their daughter was pregnant.

 They got lost on the way and were two hours late for the appointment. When they finally arrived, she was put into a room with others who were watching a video on late term abortions. After the video, she was immediately taken into a room where abortionist Shelly Sella came in and lethally injected the baby in the heart(which instantly killed it). She spent a total of three days in the clinic where she was told that she did the right thing. The young woman refused to deliver the baby into the toilet like she was told and instead delivered it on the floor next to her. Continue Reading “It’ll be ok…God will forgive you…”…

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