Two Reasons

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I’ve been thinking today and wonder if I haven’t found two reasons the church in America looks like it does. Both reasons go hand in hand and seem to be becoming the norm across the nation.

The first reason is a disregard for the Word of God. For some, this is apathy period. They don’t read it, they don’t study it, and they don’t care. But they still call themselves Christians. It seems that their church membership/attendance and the menial “outreach” events they participate in are enough. While this may be a large group, I don’t think that it’s the biggest group. That moniker goes to the group made of those who “study” scripture but don’t live by it. They do read it and they do study it (even to the point of looking at Greek and Hebrew!) and yet, their lives don’t reflect that. Some even go so far as to boast and brag about their studies or look for ways to show off their quickly learned “wisdom”, but those verses have done nothing to actually impact them or change them. Scripture says “Do not lie”, but in action or deed many professing Christians do just that. Ananias and Sapphira died because of only ONE LIE. They sit under teaching that is more about social justice or community agenda (we have to knock on doors and have all these different events!) but there is nothing in the teaching to drive those same Christians to the cross or to understand themselves and others the way scripture portrays them. Continue Reading Two Reasons…

Have you never read?

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Back in the early church (even to the 1800’s), there was one foundation for every doctrine and action – the Bible. I guess that I should clarify what I consider the church. It is the body of believers – those people who have repented of their sins and put their trust in Christ by faith alone.
In the modern church, especially in America, it seems that the foundation of every doctrine and action is anything but the Bible. There are thousands of churches who use “church growth models” like those put out by Willow Creek and Saddleback.
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A Declaration

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In the 200-plus years that our nation has existed, it has faced many issues. From the beginning, the colonies that made up our future nation faced tyranny and strife. The monarchy of Britain tried to remove the liberties and freedoms of the colonists that they were entitled to under the British constitution. As the pressure and strife increased, the colonists made their views and grievances clear. Many of the ideas expressed in the Declaration they made would shape the future of our nation. The colonists saw “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” as God-given, unalienable rights and not the benefits of the government. They believed that the government was responsible for the securing these rights and that the government “derived their just powers from the consent of the governed”. They also believed that if the government failed in securing these rights, it was the right of the people to alter/abolish the government and institute a new government that was built on the aforementioned principles. They believed that the new government should have its powers “organized in such a way that the people feel will most likely affect their safety and happiness”. Because of the beliefs and the grievances Declared, our Founders were forced to fight for their beliefs and the morals attached to them. After winning the war the colonies came together to create a new government designed to secure the rights they had so desperately fought for.


This new government was created by the states and was laid out in the Constitution. The Constitution created a federal government with limited powers and responsibilities. Any power of responsibility not found in the Constitution automatically belonged to the states. The Founders saw the inherent problems in a strong federal government. It would create the same possibility for tyranny that they had just freed themselves from. Instead, the Founders left the majority of the rights and powers to the states. It was up to the states to provide for the needs of their people. They felt that because each state was basically a group of like-minded people, this would be the most beneficial and efficient way to handle the issue.


Since it’s founding, our nation has grown and prospered because its leaders feared God. For many years the government stayed small and the men who took office held to the Constitution (as the oath they took required them to). There were men, even in those days, who desired to expand the federal government, but the character of those men and others wouldn’t allow them to overstep their bounds. The federal government kept itself in check and the people benefited. Unfortunately, as the nation grew, some of those elected began to use their position to exercise powers they weren’t given under the Constitution. They consolidated the power of the federal government and then used that power to fulfill their own desires, reward those loyal to them (and not the Constitution), and trample the rights of thousands of Americans.


Along with this, the moral character of many elected seemed to deteriorate. It was no longer about the character of the President et al., but about what they said and how much they promised. It no longer mattered whether the President was an adulterer, liar, or thief as long as they looked good and told the people what they wanted to hear. All the while, they would use the American people to fulfill their agenda at the expense of the people. Sadly, this has become the epitome of American politics. It is commonly said that you can tell when a politician is lying because their lips are moving, and yet, they are still elected to office. We no longer look at someone’s character as long as they promise us things it isn’t in their Constitutional power/privilege to provide. This has been going on for at lease 100 years now and will only stop when the American people do something about it.


America has recently elected a new president. Although his character (he supports abortion, infanticide, and “gay marriage” and still calls himself a Christian) and selection of friends/”mentors” (Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Raila Odinga) is questionable at best; and even though he has lied numerous times during his political campaign, people still voted for him because he promised them what they wanted and had good intentions. Since the new president has taken office, he has spent trillions of dollars of taxpayer money (who else is going to pay for it?), put into office men and women of questionable character (when they weren’t shamed into denying the position), and lied to the American people by breaking promise after promise (tax raises, earmarks, putting lobbyists into government positions). All the time he was doing this, he spoke of transparency and accountability in his administration like never before. In less than 100 days the new president has saddled our children and grandchildren with an enormous debt in an effort to save us from “economic catastrophe”. He has also lowered the image of leaders (I didn’t think it was possible either) and set a horrible example for the next generations. He attacks those who bring real concerns about his efforts and spends a lot of time talking loud and saying nothing. Congress is also to blame. They too have greatly overstepped the powers and responsibilities given to them by the Constitution under the guise of “general welfare”. Instead of honestly representing the people and endeavoring to secure their rights, they have fought with each other to see who can steal more money from the people in the form of pet projects for their own states to secure their personal desires. Sadly, most of these projects are useless wastes of time and money. Like the president, Congressmen and women are expected to be liars, cheats, tax frauds, adulterers, and thieves. No one expects anyone in Congress to have any sort of backbone or honest care/concern for America or her people and we let it continue.


Not to be left out, the judicial system has also followed suit and overstepped its bounds. The Supreme Court (and other federal courts) no longer spends its time upholding the Constitution and the laws that follow it. Instead, it spends its time rewriting laws and reinterpreting the Constitution to mean whatever the judges want. They strike down state laws that are constitutional because they disagree with them. They help read the Constitution progressively as a “living, breathing document” (which is what the colonists separated themselves from in Britain’s constitution).


The worst part is that it is the American people will be the ones that suffer. The president will still make his six-figure plus salary (given by the taxpayers) while thousands scrounge to put food on the table. Congressmen and women will continue to make their outrageous salaries (along with all the money they get from side businesses, etc.) and waste taxpayers dollars. Judges will continue to rewrite the Constitution under our noses. The federal government will make every effort to grow and grab power from the states and individuals while America burns (should we hand out fiddles?). And Americans will let it happen. Between the three federal branches our rights will eventually disappear and we will be nothing but a mockery of the nation our Founders envisioned. What amazes me is that people are willing to give up their freedoms and their rights because the government says that it will take care of them, even though it has failed to do that in every instance it’s made the effort. The government has made it clear that they believe the American people are too stupid and lazy to take care of themselves and we continue to prove them right because we refuse to pay attention and speak up for ourselves. 


If you’ve read this far, you’re probably wondering a few things. You may be wondering why this is on a blog devoted to Christianity and evangelism. Well, there are a few reasons. One, this type of environment is likely to lead to a situation where people like me will no longer be able to talk about Christianity without it being considered “hate speech” or treason. Second, while this blog post is about our nation and government, it is important for us to understand our history or we will repeat it. Third, it is because the kind of things going on in our government are a reflection of what our nation has become since it has rejected God (America was founded as a haven for Christians). Because America, its people, and its government have rejected the God they once appealed to; we are being subjected to things that God once protected us from. You may also be saying something like “if you don’t like it, you can leave”. Yes, you’re right. I could leave and find another place to live and one day, it may just come to that. But that day will follow my having done all that I can to fight against the mockery our nation has become. I love my country and will fight for what it once represented, even if I’m the only one.


Still others may be wondering what my purpose in writing this is or may be saying “well, do you have a solution for this?”


Let me tell you what I would like to see. I would love to see the Christian foundation of our nation restored. I would love to see God glorified in public. I would love to see children learn morals and uprightness from scripture in public school. I would love to see our nation return to God and repent of its sin. I would love to see the American people stand up and speak out. I would love to see babies have their rights restored instead of being killed by the thousands every day in the name of “choice”. I would love to see the American people regain the rights they’ve allowed to be stolen from them. I would love to see them have shame and remorse for letting out nation get to this point. But, what I would love to see most is the American people repent and return to God – to fear Him and turn from their sins. That’s what I would love to see and it could happen. If it does happen, it won’t be because of the federal government. It will happen when the people repent. It will happen when all people begin to care more about others than themselves.


My solution to this is simple. First, America must repent. We must stop doing what we know is wrong. I’m not advocating a new government or secession (although I think that it should be kept as a possibility). What I’m advocating is a return to the Constitutional government that we started with. I’m talking about returning the authority to the states and allowing them to be sovereign again. I’m talking about getting rid of unnecessary government programs that are unconstitutional and have added to our burden. I’m talking about not stealing any more money from our grandkids or just printing more money when we need it. I’m talking about government officials with character and morals that do what’s right for the people, take their job seriously, and uphold the oath that they took when getting into office. I’m talking about true accountability and transparency. I’m talking about getting rid of the political leeches that suck the life out of the American people. I’m talking about securing the rights of the American people (remember? – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?). I’m talking about reminding the people that they are not entitled to everything. They are entitled the opportunity for a house, car, job, education, etc.; but they are not entitled to have those things given to them. I’m talking about looking at the rich history of men and women who started out with nothing and built their lives through hard work and the fear of God. That’s what I’m talking about and the amazing thing is that it can all happen if we get rid of our selfishness, the government stops what it’s doing, and America repents.

Design of the Week 11/12/08 – Repent

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This week’s design is call Repent. This design speaks about something very important to Christianity. If someone is to become a Christian, this is a requirement for their sins to be forgiven. Repentance is when someone turns from their sins and goes in the opposite direction. It’s a “one-eighty” for their lives. Repentance isn’t just saying you’re sorry though. It is acknowledging that you are a sinner and recognizing that you will go to hell if those sins are not forgiven before you die. Repentance also involves turning from those sins. It means that you stop doing those things because you understand that they grieve God and mock the sacrifice of Christ. It’s sort of like when you do something to grieve your spouse. When you say you’re sorry and then do the same thing again, you’re apology doesn’t seem serious or sincere. When you mean what you say, it will show in a changed lifestyle.


This change isn’t something that you can’t do on your own. Even repentance is a gift from God! When I talk about change, I’m not saying that everything in your life is going to be all sunshine and roses and that you are not going to have any trials, tribulations, or trouble. When you repent, accept Christ, and receive the gift of salvation, you have been saved and your sanctification begins. It is not an instant thing (contrary to many preachers today). I’ve seen some people who have been saved and are drastically changed and it’s an obvious thing. Others have been saved and changed but it’s not as obvious (most of the time this is because the person wasn’t as open, blatant, and aggressively sinful – but they’re still sinners). This doesn’t mean that one has been changed more than the other; but it means that they both have been saved and are being sanctified. Sanctification means to be set apart for the service of God. It means that we live our lives, say what we do, and think things that glorify God.


When someone gets saved, they are not going to instantly be a Christian they way that others are. They have been regenerated through the blood of Christ and have the Holy Spirit in them, but they still have to retrain their mind and grow in knowledge of what it means to be a Christian. This is part of the process of sanctification. This also means that they will stumble and fall as they learn and grow. Sadly, many in the church preach that if you still sin, then you aren’t really saved. They preach that when you get saved, you should be instantly holy and righteous. They should be blessed and highly favored. This puts undue pressure on new Christians and confuses them when their lives don’t line up with what they’re hearing. The Bible says, in 1 John, that if someone says that they have no sin, they are a liar. We are Christians because we have received the free gift of salvation. It’s not because of what we’ve done. As Christians, we still fall. We are still wrestling with the flesh and fighting those sinful things. The Christian life isn’t about living without sin, it’s about living for Christ in spite of sin. The Bible says that the righteous man falls down seven times and gets up eight. If you have sinned since you’ve been saved, you’re not alone. If you’re living in sin after saying you’ve repented, then I would have to question your conversion. When a Christian sins, they are so convicted and grieved, they repent and then they keep growing and living. When a false convert sins, they may or may not repent and they may not be grieved.


Repentance is necessary for salvation. It’s not a feeling or emotion. It is a knowledge of the reality concerning where your life is in respect to God’s law and His Word. If you haven’t repented for your sins, you aren’t saved. If you have been calling yourself a Christian and living a lifestyle of sin, then you’re not a Christian. Please repent and truly turn from your sins. It may be the last chance that you have…

Are there any honest politicians?

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It seems that there is an increasing number of officials who will say whatever they think that people want to hear to get elected and then do what they originally intended anyway. Now, I realize that this is nothing new, but the boldness and the outright lack of concern for the way these things are happening is just unreal.

Take, for instance, John Tory of Ontario. I will admit that I know absolutely nothing about Canadian politics (or anything else Canadian for that matter), but his statements reflect the growing trend that pervades modern politics. He made a promise to faith-based schools that he would help them get public funding. He also was quoted on a radio program as saying that the schools would ‘have to teach the Ontario curriculum…but would be allowed to let the children know that there are opposing ideas to evolution that are part of some Christian beliefs’. Now that he’s been elected, he has said that creation will not be allowed in those schools and that evolution will be taught as fact. Not only that, there is speculation that his plan could force faith-based schools to teach the mandatory sections of the curriculum that deal with homosexuality and graphic sex education. Is this the leader that Ontario needs? Continue Reading Are there any honest politicians?…

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