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September 27, 2007 at 4:11 pm | Posted in Christianity | Leave a comment
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I don’t really feel that I should spend a lot of time on this, but I wanted to just comment on a few things in the news as of late.

First is the divorce of Randy and Paula White, the former co-pastors of Without Walls church. While it saddens me to see another high profile Christian divorce (or any divorce for that matter), I’ve got to wonder what they’re thinking. I can’t say why they divorced other than what I’ve read, but it gets me thinking about something that should be commonsense and commonplace in the body of Christ. What does God say? I’ve seen some of the comments made by Ms. White and, while I admire her for her show of strength, I have to wonder where scripture comes into all of this. The article I read says that her and her ex-husband separated because of the “different directions their life was taking”…WHAT? Is that what a covenant is all about? Marriage is a covenant. It means that until death, you go through together. But what does this say about the God who Paula White preaches about? I realize that people make mistakes and that things happen, but with something like this where the reason for the split is “different directions”, shouldn’t the marriage take precedence over the ministry or the fame or the money? Shouldn’t they be more worried about what God will say when He reminds them that He “hates divorce”? No matter how much you try to tell yourself that it’s “for someone else too”, it’s still a slap in the face of Jesus. The comments that I read seemed like it was a nonchalant, ho-hum, kind of thing that mocks everything that a marriage should be. Forgive me if I sound judgmental, but it sounds rather selfish to me…

Another item that I felt the need to comment on was the eminent divorce of another TBN personality. Celebrated “prophetess” and host Juanita Bynum will most likely divorce her husband of 5 years Bishop Thomas Weeks III. She has filed for divorce for “cruel treatment” and has said that Weeks beat her when they met to try and reconcile. First, let me say that no husband should beat his wife for any reason (nor a wife beat her husband for that matter). Second, I wouldn’t condone staying in a place where you are beaten or put in danger. Having said that, I have to wonder what people in the church today think marriage really is? As I said above, according to scripture, marriage is a covenant. It is something that is not made lightly nor is it held to weakly. Before something like marriage happens, it should be well considered and thought out. I’m sorry that Ms. Bynum has suffered during this time, but what kind of thought did she give to all of this before they got married? How long did they spend looking at what the covenant entailed? The two were wed in a million dollar televised wedding…If there was more thought put into the wedding and how it would turn out than there was put into the marriage that they were entering into, then it is a sad sign of how far the church has fallen.

While my heart goes out to all involved in these happenings, I can’t help but wonder where the authority of scripture and the perseverance of those who believe has gone….

On another note…A court in PA has ruled that it’s illegal to view child pornography! In a time where images of child pornography are posted at about 20,000 a day, a court in PA has ruled that you cannot legally view child porn online at all. This is a great thing and should be spread throughout the nation, but why is this even an issue? Why do people even have a desire to look at children naked? How many of the people viewing this type of stuff are Christians?

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