The Core Message of the Bible

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It was started by a website that I came across. The website belongs to a seminary in New York City who has put much time, effort, and money into an effort to convince Christians that they can support the homosexual movement without compromising their faith. They have a website for their “Friends and Family Plan” where they’ve taken all sorts of information about the LGBT movement and how to undermine the faith of Christians to convince them to promote sexual sin that God calls an abomination. In their resources, they use the same tired canards and talking points that Christians have refuted for years and, just like those before them, they fail to listen to them. But, this didn’t surprise me. What caught my attention was one of the statements they made in their propaganda sheets: Continue Reading The Core Message of the Bible…

Real Purpose

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I’ve heard many pastors, lay preachers, and general Christians talk about how God has this amazing purpose for your life. You hear it all the time from people like Joel Osteen and Rick Warren. Sadly, you also hear it from numerous pastors who aren’t near as famous.

This got me thinking…
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