Pearl Harbor then and now.

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Today, 74 years ago, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and brought the US into the war. It was a “day that will live in infamy”. Some thought that it “awoke a sleeping giant”. The generation that fought in this war has been called the “greatest generation” and I won’t argue with that for a second.

Many were high school grads and college students who were shipped across the world to fight a war that they didn’t start. They fought for their lives and their families back home. Sacrifice wasn’t a question. They did it to keep the war “over there” instead of letting it come over here. They fought so that the freedoms we have could be retained in the face of tyrants ushered in through popular election on false promises. They preserved the fabric of the American ideal with their fortitude, their stubbornness, and even with their lives. Continue Reading Pearl Harbor then and now….

Social Media Christians

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These days, finding someone who isn’t on social media of some sort is difficult. You have kids posting stuff about school and pop culture. You have adults posting stuff about politics and family events to keep others informed. You have businesses posting their next great breakthrough or the one sale that you just can’t miss. You have sports personalities, movie stars, and musicians all posting things to get more attention and expand their following while keeping their existing base. All of these people spending inordinate amounts of time posting about their lives or businesses for the world to see. Continue Reading Social Media Christians…

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