News Bites 04/27/14

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Palestinian leader denounces Holocaust as ‘heinous crime’,0,2695104.story

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas spoke out against the atrocities of the Holocaust and talked about having sympathy for the victims. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu thinks that the claims were just an effort to get public opinion on his side. Abbas said that the world should “safeguard the oppressed and weak wherever they are found”. He then spoke about his own Palestinians are oppressed and “denied freedom and peace”. Abbas used the comments to continue to push for a two state solution to peace. Netanyahu said that peace will not happen while Palestinians remain connected to Hamas.

The push for a two state solution is really a pipe dream. I find it really hard to believe that Palestinians will stop with their own state. For all that has happened, I don’t think that Israel will find peace if Palestine gets their own state. I think it will just make it easier for Palestine to be a pain in Israel’s butt. As a Christian, I believe that Israel has a right to the land that God promised them. The arguments that are often made to support Palestine are weak at best. God promised Israel their land and they shouldn’t have to give it up for any reason… Continue Reading News Bites 04/27/14…

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