Design of the Week – 09/24/08 – Holier Than Thou

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This week’s design is called Holier Than Thou. It is a simple text design but I think that it’s very important. The idea for the design came from something that I’ve been studying and thinking about a lot lately.


As Christians, those who believe in and obey Christ, we are called to be holy (Lev. 11:44, 1 Peter 1:16). To be holy means the same as being consecrated or set apart. We are to be different. We are to look, act, and think differently than the world. We don’t live like others. From the beginning, God set man apart. When man fell and rebelled against God, he and his descendants separated themselves from Him. God judged the world with a global flood because of man’s wickedness. He spared one family because of their righteousness. From this man, the entire world was repopulated.


As mankind grew in number, they again rebelled against His command to fill the earth. Instead, they got together to build a tower to heaven. God came down to confuse the languages of the people so that they couldn’t complete the task, forcing them to spread across the earth. From these people, God selected a people to be His. They were to be set apart as an example. These people were the Hebrews.


Today, the church is called to be holy. Unfortunately, it looks like most of the church has no idea what that means and even less concern about whether or not they are really living that way. In today’s church, the main focus seems to be love. It seems that if anyone speaks out in favor of scripture and it goes against popular culture, that’s intolerant. If someone speaks about being holy and it makes others uncomfortable, then that’s not fair.


But, what if some people are holier than us? What if we aren’t living your life like we’re supposed to be? If someone else is more obedient to scripture than we are, then who should we be upset with? We are called to be holy according to God’s standard, not our own. If we aren’t living up to that standard, then we have ourselves to blame. Living up to God’s standard will not save us, but God has made it clear that if we are truly Christian, then our lives will bear certain fruit and there are other things that will not be in our lives. If we don’t consistently bear that fruit, then we have to make a reality check. If we constantly have things in our lives that God has said shouldn’t be there, then we need to make a reality check. We need to be honest with ourselves and be willing to admit that we aren’t holy. We need to understand that we are supposed to be holy. We are supposed to be set apart. If we’re not, then we mock the cross and make it harder for others to come to Christ.


I encourage you to look at your life and compare it to God’s standard. If the two don’t line up, then don’t change God’s standard, search the Bible to find out if you are saved. If you are, then see what scripture says you need to do to grow in holiness. We need to be holy, not only for ourselves, but for those who are lost.

A tool of what???

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There is a new TV show called “Reaper” on the CW television network that urges others to “be one of Satan’s tools”.

 Can I just say something before going on? HOW ASININE!

 Does this network (A collaboration between CBS and Warner Bros.) think that this is something worthy of watching? What happened to all the shows that were family friendly during prime time? The network says that it is the only network that targets the 18-34 year olds. Um…I’m in that range and it doesn’t appeal to me at all. Am I in the minority on this? Are there hoards of 18 year olds out there seeking for a way to become a tool of Satan? How many people need that kind of  encouragement?

 The premise of the show is that a “20 something slacker” finds out that his parents sold his soul to the devil (THAT’S family friendly) and he then has an encounter with the devil on a neighborhood street. In this encounter, Satan tells the young man that instead of taking him to hell, he wants him to be a bounty hunter for souls that have escaped hell. He even gives the man powers to help him in his duty. Oh yeah…and if the slacker doesn’t do it? Satan’s going to take his mom… Continue Reading A tool of what???…

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