Are there any honest politicians?

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It seems that there is an increasing number of officials who will say whatever they think that people want to hear to get elected and then do what they originally intended anyway. Now, I realize that this is nothing new, but the boldness and the outright lack of concern for the way these things are happening is just unreal.

Take, for instance, John Tory of Ontario. I will admit that I know absolutely nothing about Canadian politics (or anything else Canadian for that matter), but his statements reflect the growing trend that pervades modern politics. He made a promise to faith-based schools that he would help them get public funding. He also was quoted on a radio program as saying that the schools would ‘have to teach the Ontario curriculum…but would be allowed to let the children know that there are opposing ideas to evolution that are part of some Christian beliefs’. Now that he’s been elected, he has said that creation will not be allowed in those schools and that evolution will be taught as fact. Not only that, there is speculation that his plan could force faith-based schools to teach the mandatory sections of the curriculum that deal with homosexuality and graphic sex education. Is this the leader that Ontario needs?

Looking closer to home, there is the case of Bob Casey Jr. During his run for the Pennsylvania senate, Casey made claims that he was pro-life and was against gay marriage. He was lauded for his “conservative views” and was put up by the Democrats to run against Rick Santorum, a conservative Republican who was true to his views. Since his election, Casey has made it clear that he will support homosexual “marriage” and the adding of sexual orientation as a group in the hate crimes legislation (which violates the first amendment rights of Christians!!!!).

There is something about all of this (these aren’t the only cases of things like this happening) that really aggravates me. I would say this slowly if you were listening, but since you’re not, I’ll make it as clear as I can:


The above statement in bold leads me to what really aggravates me. Where were the people at when they voted for these men? What were they thinking about when they voted?

“Wow, he really talks nicely, and his accent is kinda neat. I think that he may have said something about faith. I’m voting for him.”

The people who voted for Casey were obviously not looking to deeply. Casey was funded in large part by the HRC (Human Rights Campaign), which is openly pro-homosexual. What are the American people thinking??? We gripe and complain about the people that are in office and what they are doing and the scandals that continuously go on and on, but WE PUT THEM THERE!!!!!!

Not only that, but we seem to forget that we can take them out again just as quickly by NOT VOTING FOR THEM THE NEXT TIME.

I realize that I’m shouting a little bit, but something like this should be obvious. If we vote these people into office, then do we really have a right to complain?

All of this comes to bear on next year’s presidential election. I read that 60% of Americans say that religion is very important to them. I’m assuming that this was Christianity, but it doesn’t really say. We have been watching for the last year or so who has stepped up to try and become the next president of the United States, and I’ve got to be honest, it doesn’t look all that good. There are some that I wouldn’t trust if my life depended on it. There are some that I know are lying because their lips are moving. There are some who are telling the American people what they want to hear so they can get the power and the office only to do what they want when they get in there. Is there anyone who is willing to be honest about what they believe anymore? Is there anyone who is willing to put their life and their beliefs out in the open so that Americans can see who they truly are? Is there anyone who is willing to look at the presidency as a position of servanthood to the American people? Is there anyone who is willing to put their concern for the direction our country is headed above the pride, prestige, and power of the presidency? Where are the godly men and women? Not only those running for office, but those voting! Where is everyone and why aren’t they speaking up? I have seen one man that I really believe is trying to do something for our country. I won’t call him by name yet, but I may later. Other than that, those running for election just seem to be another crop of wannabes and hopefuls trying to get the majority of votes by lying and cheating their way into the hearts of the people they’re supposed to be serving.

Bible believing Americans need to make their voices heard in the elections at every level from city/county elections to nation elections. Only by continuously speaking up will our country change direction and return to where it once was….

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