Thoughts and musings on race

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So…I have been thinking about a lot of what is currently happening in our country and it’s lead to things that leave me wondering.

I watch the video of George Floyd getting “arrested” and I grieve. I grieve for Floyd. I know the ultimate end of the video and I’m concerned about his eternal soul. I grieve for the police officers who arrested him and their murder of Floyd without any evident concern for the life of another human being. I grieve for all of the police officers that I know, many who are family (blood or not), who will now be even more on edge and will be instantly linked to those that killed Mr. Floyd even though they would never take life or their duty so lightly.

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Trump – The only sensible choice?

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This is one of the times when someone posts something so bad that I can’t help but reply. I don’t expect the author to read it and I really don’t care if she does or not. This blog is put forth as a defense of voting for Donald Trump based on the “principles laid out in the Word of God”. As you’ll see, there aren’t any biblical principles laid out. This blog isn’t just an example of pragmatic pleas to suspend your conscience to try and achieve a goal the author wants, it’s a great example of the many things wrong with modern Christianity today. With that, let’s dig in…

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Pearl Harbor then and now.

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Today, 74 years ago, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and brought the US into the war. It was a “day that will live in infamy”. Some thought that it “awoke a sleeping giant”. The generation that fought in this war has been called the “greatest generation” and I won’t argue with that for a second.

Many were high school grads and college students who were shipped across the world to fight a war that they didn’t start. They fought for their lives and their families back home. Sacrifice wasn’t a question. They did it to keep the war “over there” instead of letting it come over here. They fought so that the freedoms we have could be retained in the face of tyrants ushered in through popular election on false promises. They preserved the fabric of the American ideal with their fortitude, their stubbornness, and even with their lives. Continue Reading Pearl Harbor then and now….

Social Media Christians

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These days, finding someone who isn’t on social media of some sort is difficult. You have kids posting stuff about school and pop culture. You have adults posting stuff about politics and family events to keep others informed. You have businesses posting their next great breakthrough or the one sale that you just can’t miss. You have sports personalities, movie stars, and musicians all posting things to get more attention and expand their following while keeping their existing base. All of these people spending inordinate amounts of time posting about their lives or businesses for the world to see. Continue Reading Social Media Christians…

The Spiritual State of the Union?

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This is a post that Ronnie Floyd, the current Southern Baptist President, made on January 23, 2015. It is a response of sorts to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address. This is my response to Mr. Floyd’s response. You can find the original here. Continue Reading The Spiritual State of the Union?…

Honest questions

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I’ve thought a lot about what’s going on in Ferguson since the shooting took place. Now that the decision has been made and the reaction has happened, I’m left more aggravated than I was before. Many will dismiss what’s written because I’m white and I just possibly couldn’t understand what it’s like to be black. As if experiencing loss, poverty, pain, grief, or any number of other things was reserved for a specific people group…. Continue Reading Honest questions…

Bible “study”?

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While there are some scriptures that are difficult to interpret, the number of verses that are difficult is not as high as most Christians make it. We can definitively understand the majority of the text found in scripture if we use the proper hermeneutic, the proper history, and (most of all) the proper context. If we do this, the majority of verses found in the Bible are understandable. And, why not? If they weren’t what kind of life could a Christian live? It makes no sense for God to give His people a revelation that they can’t understand!

Here are four of the main reasons why I believe many Christians don’t intepret scriptures correctly:
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Staying warm and dry

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I’ve seen a lot of stuff on the ice bucket challenge and I posted something on Facebook about it the other day. Over the weekend, I thought about it more and, because of this, I won’t be participating in the ice bucket challenge. There are a few reasons that have led me to this decision, but it’s one in particular; and one that I haven’t heard given by most who opt out of the challenge. Continue Reading Staying warm and dry…

Platitudes, Proclamations, and Twisted Scripture

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When I see people post statuses by famous megachurch pastors talking about how we are conquerers or how we have God’s favor or how we’re blessed beyond measure: I can’t help but wonder:

Are the Christians in Mosul who are being murdered by Muslims solely because they profess Christ actually false believers? Or do they just lack the amount of faith it takes to be conquerers/have God’s favor/be blessed beyond measure. I mean, surely, if they were REAL Christians like the megachurch pastors, they wouldn’t have their houses burned down, they wouldn’t be fleeing the city that 4 generations of their family has lived in, and they wouldn’t be watching their children be slaughtered before their very eyes before being martyred themselves. Continue Reading Platitudes, Proclamations, and Twisted Scripture…

Newsbites 5/18/14

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‘I’m Not Ready to Have Children’: Activist Films Her Own Abortion to Show Women It Can Be a ‘Positive’ Experience

Emily Letts, a 25-year-old abortion counselor, decided that she would film herself going through an abortion to “show women that there is a such thing as a positive abortion story”. She found out that she was pregnant and decided that she wasn’t ready to have children. The video posted on Youtube mainly focuses on Letts’ face and also includes her thoughts about a month after having the abortion. She says in the video that she is “in awe of the fact that she can make a baby” and that she “can make life”. In an article to Cosmo, Letts gives more reason as to why she did the video: Continue Reading Newsbites 5/18/14…

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