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Not long ago, there was a meeting of over 2,000 spiritual leaders in Europe to discuss the effect of Christianity on Europe and to remind the European nations of the impact that Christianity has made on that continent. I knew from the stance of many of the nations of Europe they had a dwindling population of devout Christians, but I never realized just how small they were in some countries. In Great Britain, 33 percent of those polled said religion was “very important” in their lives, compared to 27 percent in Italy, 21 percent in Germany, 11 percent in France, and 11 percent in Czech Republic. This is compared to 60 percent of people in America saying that religion is “very important” to them.
Why the decline of Christianity in Europe? Why are so many turning away from the faith? Let’s get a little closer to home and be a little real. Why are so many in America turning away from Christianity? The numbers say that 60% of people believe that religion is very important to them, but is that accurate? And what about the ones who are leaving? Many of America’s professing atheists grew up in fundamental Christian homes.

What happened?

One of the major things that has happened is that we’ve looked to the world for the answers. When we want to do something in the church and have it be successful, we look to how the world does it. If we want a conference to be packed to the rafters with people, we do it the way the world does it. When we want our churches to be filled with people on Sunday, we look at how businesses and other secular outlets get people into their events and we mimic them. We look at numbers and schematics and we seem to chase after that “golden number”, always looking for a higher number than last time.

Another thing that has happened is that we’ve allowed people who don’t believe to rewrite the history of our nation. We have all but forgotten the true purposes of the founding fathers. We have forgotten that most of them were men who believed in the God of the Bible. We have forgotten the many speeches and correspondences that express their views and beliefs as being totally founded in Christianity. Because of this misrepresentation of both God and the founders of this country, we have allowed them to take prayer out of schools (God forbid some teenager should cry out to God for anything other than help on a test). We have allowed them to remove the Ten Commandments from schools and other public places (What a tragedy that someone might read the Ten Commandments and be convicted of sin or be reminded that what their doing is morally wrong).

They are removing God from public buildings and memorials. They are trying to remove God from our money. The Bible consistently talks about God’s people remembering Him. Not only is God being removed from public places, but those who believe in that God are constantly being discriminated against. It is getting harder and harder for Christians to get fairly treated. Our nation spends a lot of money pandering to other religions and has forgotten the faith that it is founded on. We see the opening of Muslim schools (like in New York). We have secular humanism taught in our schools in the form of evolution. There are movements to legalize “same sex marriage” and hate crimes legislature that violates the right of free speech and would make it a crime to speak out against homosexuality, even though God says it’s an abomination.

The most distressing thing that has happened is the fact that we’ve turned our back on the truth. The church has begun to seek its own instead of seeking God. No longer is it commonplace to have generations being taught from Scripture. No longer do we have people who can rightly divide the Word of truth. Instead, we are seeing whole churches and even generations who have become dependent on trusting someone else to give them the truth. They can’t study the truth for themselves and so they turn from it. They see leaders and teachers and pastors in ungodly acts, ungodly relationships, and doing things that go against scripture. They ask questions about what they hear from the world and the church no longer has an answer. We are no longer able to affect the culture for Christ because we no longer know the truth. Unscriptural doctrines are seeping into the church at an alarming rate and no one knows because they can’t tell truth from lie.

What does this mean for the future? How will this affect America and other nations? If things in this country don’t change, then we will continue to watch as our country turns from God and denies Him. As that happens, we will see violence and lawlessness increase and watch a once glorious, godly nation crumble under the weight of its darling sin. We will see an increase in those who don’t know the Lord and don’t care, which in turn will increase the persecution of those who do. We will see more violence and more disasters(natural and man-made) as God continues to remove His protection from a nation that has forsaken Him. We will become like the nations of Europe who no longer see God as holy and just, but just another “thing to do”. And America will no longer be the nation set apart. We will be just a shadow of who we were, and shadows can’t do anything…

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