It doesn’t matter?

December 22, 2013 at 10:26 am | Posted in Christianity | 2 Comments
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I saw this blog posted on my Facebook page by a friend and the title caught my attention:

What you believe about homosexuality doesn’t matter

I read the blog and it left me with many more questions than it did any good answers. As a matter of fact, it presents a perfect image of modern American Christianity and what’s wrong with it. The blogger identifies himself as a youth pastor which just makes it worse.
The author says that it “doesn’t matter what you think about homosexuality because people are dying”. He says that we are long since past the time for debate because “the stakes are too high”. He cites stats that say that 1 in 3 gay teens will try to kill themselves.

This youth pastor says that if he’s given the choice to be theologically correct or morally responsible, he’ll choose morally responsible every time. Sorry, pastor, but that’s a false dichotomy that makes a terrible mess. Not only that, but it absolutely avoids scriptures teaching and commands. It also seems to be implying that God’s not really sovereign the way He says He is. Continue Reading It doesn’t matter?…

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