This page is for various resources that I’ve found useful for different aspects of ministry and Christian Life. If there are other resources you would like to see added, please let me know!

Bible Study:

Precept Ministries – Intense, hermeneutical Bible studies on many of the books of the Bible as well as many topics that Christians deal with. They have different levels of intensity and also offer Bible studies for children. They have great people who love to share with others.

Blue Letter Bible – This is a website that offers many different versions of the Bible online for perusal. It also offers commentaries and dictionaries. It has a search feature to make finding verses or words easier.

E-Sword – This free program offers a number of Bible versions, commentaries, dictionaries, and other interesting books for download. There are some modules that cost money, but none that are too expensive. It includes Bible versions with Strong’s numbers as well to make it easy to find a definition on the fly.



Way of the Master – One of the most interesting and amazing methods of evangelism I’ve seen. It is simple (but not necessarily easy), Biblical, and effective. They offer gospel tracts and videos to help train Christians how to share their faith with others.

Living Waters – A sister site to Way of the Master, it offers even more videos, books, and help in evangelizing to people in this day and age. Many of their videos touch on open air preaching and how to understand scripture.

Living Waters EU – The Living Waters website for Europe and the UK.

Wretched Radio – A Christian radio program that takes place for two hours every weekday. In the program, Christian topics are discussed and live street evangelism takes place. The hosts tackle tough issues that Christians face from the scriptures point of view.

Operation 513 – An Australian evangelism ministry that provides tips, photos, videos and other materials to help reach the lost.

Fish with Trish – A website dedicated to street evangelism ministry. Trish Ramos is a regular “fisher” for Wretched Radio and her husband Emilio is the pastor of Sovereign Joy Church in Keller, TX.

Change Your Campus – Another evangelical ministry devoted to evangelism on the college campuses around the US.



Answers in Genesis: This website and ministry offers a number of wonderful resources for kids and adults to help Christians and non-Christians understand the Biblical worldview. They look at science through the Bible and show how scripture and Christianity make sense of the evidence. They also show how beliefs like evolution, the gap theory, the day-age theory and others don’t make sense of the Bible and go against the Word of God.

Institute for Creation Research: This is another great ministry for learning about science and the Bible. The scientists start from scripture and show how it supports the Bible.



CARM – This is the website of the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry and offers Biblical information on apologetics for dealing with a number of heresies, cults, and other Christian topics. The ministry also offers discussion forums that are very busy on a daily basis.

Alpha and Omega Ministries – This is the website of Dr. James White. He is a Reformed Baptist elder and spends a lot of time debating Muslims, Mormons, Roman Catholics, liberal Christians, Arminians and others. He is also the author of many books on different aspects of his ministry. Last but not least, Dr. White has a free podcast twice a week called the Dividing Line.



These ministries are here because they offer many different things all in one place and couldn’t be put into just one category.

Grace to You – This is the radio/website ministry of John MacArthur. They offer sermons, articles, and books as well as a blog in the effort to help others in their walk with Christ.

Team Pyro blog – This is a blog run by Dan Phillips and Frank Turk that deals with the issues of the day from a Christian perspective. – This is the website of Albert Mohler, current president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Here you can find articles on different Christian issues as well as the Briefing podcast.

Ligonier Ministries – This is the website of R.C. Sproul. It offers sermons, books, and articles on a myriad of different teachings and topics. – This is a website devoted to Reformed Theology as well as basic Christian doctrine and apologetics. There are hundreds of articles, mp3s, and even pdf books to use in your studies.

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