“It’ll be ok…God will forgive you…”

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I was looking through some of the news emails that I get and came across one that I had to write about. In it, there is an article about a now 22 year old young woman who had an abortion at the hands of George Tiller. The young woman was 18 at the time of the abortion and was pressured and coerced into the abortion by her parents, who were horrified that their daughter was pregnant.

 They got lost on the way and were two hours late for the appointment. When they finally arrived, she was put into a room with others who were watching a video on late term abortions. After the video, she was immediately taken into a room where abortionist Shelly Sella came in and lethally injected the baby in the heart(which instantly killed it). She spent a total of three days in the clinic where she was told that she did the right thing. The young woman refused to deliver the baby into the toilet like she was told and instead delivered it on the floor next to her.

The entire thing happened with no regard for the laws that are already in place in Kansas. There were many things that were done illegally(see the link at the end for a more thorough report of the incident).

 One of the things that sickens me(it all does but…), is the part where a “minister” from the Unity Church came in after the procedure and told her that “God would forgive her of her abortion”.

Where was the “minister” before the operation? Why wasn’t he telling her the truth about abortion being murder? The young woman said in her testimony that the minister didn’t even ask her how she was doing or show any concern for her. Is this the picture of the church today? “We don’t care who you are, how you’re doing, or if you’re in any pain; and we won’t try and tell you that something that goes against the Bible is wrong before you do it; but, we’ll be there when you’ve already sinned or fallen apart to tell you that God will forgive you and that will make everything all better” This “minister” was no representative of the church of Jesus Christ. They were a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. Condoning murder and then telling her that God will forgive her? If abortion isn’t murder, if it’s just a lump of cells in there, then why would God have to forgive her to begin with?

 This is a disgusting but, unfortunately, honest look at where some in the church have fallen too. How can we say that we truly believe in Christ and allow the slaughter of innocent unborn children. We wonder where the next generation is and why we’re not seeing cures and advancements in moral and social issues. We’re not seeing them because we’re killing the people that would have brought them about. How many Einsteins have we killed? How many Billy Grahams have we allowed to be slaughtered? Which one of the millions (MILLIONS!!!!!) of aborted children would have cured cancer? Which one would have brought about the change that our country needs?

 How can we allow this to continue? Where is the church in all of this? There are people that are standing up for the cause of the unborn, but they are much fewer than they should be. There are many that say that they support the cause but do nothing in their power to make a difference. They talk the talk, but don’t back it up. There is an organization called Bound 4 Life that stands in the gap for the unborn. There are many local chapters, so find one and become a part of the cry for the unborn.

 There are two other links that I wanted to leave with you. The first is a YouTube video of Hannity’s America highlighting the truth about the largest Planned Parenthood in the US. The second is the unedited testimony of the young woman who inspired this blog.

Hannity’s America:


Michelle’s Testimony:



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  1. WOW, what crap you posted. I had a late term abortion performed by Dr. Sella. There was not ‘injection to heart’ and absolutely no abortion in the toilet. Where do get such stories..?I guess u all have to create such lies to forward your fanatical cause because if the truth came out, nobody will stupport ur rubbish.
    I was treated professionaly and with respect.

    • Ah…another woman who espouses the joys of killing their child and ignores the thousands and thousands of others who are suffering because they have a conscience and realize what they’ve done. I get “such stories” from people who have been through them. I don’t recall saying that an injection to the heart is the only way to have an abortion. I know that it’s not. But it is a way to have one and it is done. What’s amazing is that you call me a liar when you have failed to show that I have indeed lied. On the other hand, I can honestly and truthfully call you a murderer because you’ve killed your own child. Who’s the fanatic? The one who is trying to share the truth of abortion by relating the stories of many women who have been through it, or the one who chooses to ignore their conscience and revel in the murder of their defenseless, unborn child so that they can keep their choice?

      Many people support my “rubbish” because they are Christians who understand what God says about life and when it begins. They recognize abortion for what it is – murder. Second, it is precisely because the truth of abortion is so heinous and wicked that many people are pushing harder and becoming more vocal about stopping it.

      The fact that you were treated professionally and with respect doesn’t remove the fact that you killed your child. It just means that you had professional, respectful killers help you to destroy your child. Great choice…

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