Design of the Week – Vote Values

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This week’s featured design is called Vote Values. It is an encouragement to those who read it that they shouldn’t cast their vote because of someone’s skin color, gender, political party, or how well they speak or debate. Christians, even more than others, should be most concerned with how the views of those running for political office line up with the truth of scripture.


We should know what God says about the different issues (whether He addresses them specifically or generally) and then vote according to that knowledge. For instance, Barack Obama openly supports both abortion/infanticide and homosexuality. These things are both condemned as abominations in scripture. If I’m a Christian, then I cannot vote for someone who supports these things and not be in rebellion against God. It doesn’t matter what they say they’re going to do for the economy or jobs or energy. If they are against God’s truth, then I don’t see how I can vote for them.


As Christians, our values should be the things that guide all of our decisions and not just our vote. I am shocked at how many people name the name of Christ and say that they are going to vote for someone who is pro-choice or pro-homosexuality. It makes me wonder about their other decisions and whether or not scripture is even involved in those decisions…


We need to stand up and vote for Christian values or we will see them continue to be endangered. If we allow it to go on long enough, it will most likely lead to persecution of Christians. We cannot sit idly by and let non-believers and “Christians” decide the direction of our country.

What will you do with what you’ve been given?

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As I continue to study the scriptures, I am constantly brought back to certain thoughts. Many of those thoughts take the form of questions. This is one of the many thoughts that keep coming back to me. The question is more of a challenge to anyone who calls themselves a Christian.


The question is: “What will you do with what you’ve been given?”


To answer this question, we have to have an understanding of what we’ve been given. To understand what we’ve been given, we have to have some background. When God created everything in six solar days, he created man and woman on the sixth day. When Adam and Eve were created, they were perfect. They were not God, nor were they like Him. They are a creation while God is the Creator. They had perfect fellowship with God. They were told that they could eat of every tree in the garden except for the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The tree in the center of the garden was the only tree that they couldn’t eat from. They ended up disobeying God and bringing a curse not only on themselves but also on the rest of creation. Sin entered into the world and through sin, death. Man had become separated from God and it was to be the world’s biggest problem. God, being omnipotent and omniscient, knew that this was going to happen and had already put in place a plan to save humanity.


God’s plan included Him becoming flesh and living among His creation. Jesus Christ was/is that man who came to earth as God made flesh. He came for one purpose: to reconcile man to God. He lived a sinless life and spent the last 3 ½ years preaching that truth to everyone he met. He warned them and asked them to repent of their sins and become born again. At the end of those 3 ½ years, He gave His life as a sacrifice by dying a substitutionary death on the cross. He was then placed in a tomb owned by Joseph of Arimethea due to the Passover. Three days later, some of the women that followed Christ went to the tomb to prepare his body for burial. When they arrived, they found the tomb opened and the body gone. Jesus took God’s wrath for our sins on Himself and then rose from the dead three days later, just like the prophets had spoken hundreds of years earlier. Nothing that we do (go to church, do good things, etc.) can get us into heaven.


So, what will you do with what you’ve been given? What will you do with the sacrifice that God has personally made for you? Many will turn away from this truth in order to live their lives the way they want. But, if you’re a Christian, what will you do? Will you live your life in accordance with what God says, or will you take scripture and make it say what you want it to so that you can live how you want? Will you take every opportunity to tell others about what Jesus has done for them or will you leave that up to someone else, denying the command that Jesus gave before He ascended. Will you study the Word and allow it to change you or will you ignore what it says to cater to the world?


There are a number of churches that hold different events and other things at their church. They have concerts and retreats, they have guests and speakers, youth “rallies” and conferences and all of these things are great. But this is not preaching the gospel. These things are great for the believers in the body and need to be done, but to mistake them for preaching the gospel and witnessing is a gross mistake. I’m not saying that people can’t get saved at events or conferences. They can, but that is not the same as preaching the gospel and witnessing. We have to make a concerted effort to tell others that there is no other way to heaven but through Christ. We have to tell the people in our communities the only truth that will save their souls. It doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy witnessing. I do every time I do it (even when I get threatened). What we can’t afford to do is water down the truth of the gospel and still expect it to save people. The gospel is the power of God unto salvation.


Every day across the globe, thousands of people die and go to hell. Christians are the only ones that can prevent this by telling others the truth. This is the business that Christians need to be about!

Newslinks 10/25/08

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Palin Attacks Obama’s ‘Appalling’ Refusal to Defend Born-Alive Babies
Media ignores Obama’s socialist past
‘Eugenic Abortion’: With Pre-Natal Testing, 9 in 10 Down Syndrome Babies Aborted
Obama-Run Foundation Gave Millions to Liberal Groups, Including One Run by Bill Ayers
Study: Student Views Shift Left in College
Iraqi Christian: We Took Only Our Souls
Obama-Led Foundation Spent $49 Million But Had ‘Little Impact’ on Improving Chicago Schools
Bush Defends Government Ownership of Banks
Obama’s Tax Cut is Actually a Spending Increase, Says Non-Partisan Group
Spread the Wealth Around’ Comment Comes Back to Haunt Obama
Woman Says No to Aborting Down Syndrome Baby: ‘He’s a Human Being’
‘Third Jesus’ Author to Discuss ‘What Jesus Really Taught’ in Web Series
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Obama Sends His Kids to Private School But Opposes School Choice Vouchers
Report on Post-Election Carnage Rocks Kenya
Palin: My Faith, God Have Been Mocked
Flip-flop: Now Biden Supports Homosexual “Marriage”
Bishop Warns of Obama’s Promise to Implement Extreme “Freedom of Choice Act”
Political Corruption ‘Major Factor’ in Financial Crisis, Poll Shows
Obama Presidency Tested by ‘International Crisis’ Is ‘Realistic,’ Bolton Says
Pro-Life Pharmacy Opens Doors, Faces Boycott from Abortion Group
ACORN Submitted ‘Thousands and Thousands of Phony’ Voter Registrations, County Registrar Says
Atheists Run Ads Saying God ‘Probably’ Doesn’t Exist
Swing State Americans in Israel May Affect U.S. Election

Design of the Week – God At Work

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God at Work is the featured design for this week. The design was inspired by Psalm 139:13-14 and the road signs that we see all over the place. When we see the road signs, we know that there is something going on. It is a work in progress and is not complete yet. The same holds true for what goes on during a pregnancy. Psalm 139:13-14 says that God weaves us together in our mother’s womb and that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. It is something that is the beginning of a work in progress that could last as long as a hundred years.


The growth and development of a child is an amazing thing that we do not completely understand. It is something that begins with conception and continues for years. The number of things that have to take place for the baby to survive and grow is mind-boggling. If one of these things is missing, it could be lethal for the baby. It is truly a wonder of God to see a child grow and it is something that we need to protect and cherish.


If you are pregnant, you are part of something wonderful, regardless of the circumstances. The life in your body is a miracle of God and should be treated that way. There are many who would kill the child because it is an inconvenience to them. Truthfully, according to studies done, that is the main reason for abortion. It’s not because of health or financial burden, but because of inconvenience.


Please, if you are pregnant and the child that you carry is an inconvenience to you, don’t kill it by aborting it. Bear it out and have the child and then give it to one of the numerous families that will take it and love it.

The fulfillment of the law

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If we break the law and then fulfill the requirements to atone for the crime (pay the fine, etc…) then we are free but the law is still in effect. It’s the same in the spiritual case. There is a law that is in place. When we break that law, we will have to pay for it. If that crime is paid for, then we are free from the punishment, but the law is still in effect. In the natural, there are law-keepers and law-breakers. In the spiritual, there are only law-breakers. All of us have broken the law. Some of you may be reading this and wondering what that law is.


The law that I’m talking about is the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments are God’s standard and each and every person that has ever lived will be held up to that standard. All of those who have broken that law will be judged and without a payment for that crime, will end up in hell. There is no amount of begging, pleading, and crying that will change the truth. Many think that they’ll stand before God and just talk to Him. They’ll tell Him that they are really sorry and actually pretty good. They don’t understand that they will be standing in front of the holy, just, and righteous God of the universe. The Bible says that we shouldn’t be afraid of man, who can kill the physical body, but that we should be afraid of the one who can not only kill the physical body but also send our soul to eternal hell.


The scary part of all of this is that none of us can pay for the crimes that we’ve committed. There is nothing that we can do or say that will change the outcome of our trial. There is only One person that could pay for the sins of the world. That was Jesus Christ. When Jesus died on the cross, He paid the price for the sins of all mankind. This does NOT mean that everyone is going to heaven. To have your sins paid for, the payment needs to be applied to your account. If you stand before God and claim to be a Christian and the payment isn’t applied to your life, you will still go to hell. The Bible says that Jesus didn’t come to destroy the law, but to fulfill it (Matt. 5:17). This means that the law is still in effect and that those who do not receive payment for their sins will be judged according to that law. Jesus said that not one stroke or letter would pass away from the law until all is accomplished. Until all of mankind is judged, the law will remain in effect.


But, how did Jesus fulfill the law?


First, Jesus fulfilled the law by following it perfectly. He didn’t break one commandment. He did what man was unable to do. He also fulfilled the law by doing what the law couldn’t. The law cannot save people and wasn’t made to. Jesus saved the world. The sacrifices of animals couldn’t wash away the sin of man (Heb. 10:4). Jesus’ blood cleanses us of our sins (Heb. 9:14). The law was only a shadow of Christ and cannot make perfect (Heb. 10:1).


Today, it’s still impossible for man to fulfill the law. James, the brother of Jesus, said that if you break one law, you’ve broken them all (James 2:10). Many people use Christianity as an excuse to sin. They talk about how Jesus loves you “just like you are” and how He’ll forgive you. Jesus said that there will be many who stand before Him and say “Lord, Lord” and He’ll say “depart from me you worker of iniquity, I never knew you”. Each of us (if we’re honest) knows that we are guilty of sinning against God. We know that we cannot pay for the sins we’ve committed. The only way that we can be cleansed of our sins is to accept the payment Jesus made for them. The punishment for being found guilty by the Lord is far worse than anything you or I can imagine or anything that we may have to give up to be saved.


The law is not over those who are truly converted and follow Christ (Romans 6:12-14). It does hang over those who are not Christians, whether they claim to be or not. It should weigh down those who don’t have their sins paid for and it should be up to Christians to make it clear that this is the truth and to help lead them to salvation. If you aren’t saved, then you are in a dangerous place. Every day could be your last and if you die in your sins, you will spend eternity in hell. Please consider where you are and know that there is a way to know without a doubt that you can be free from hell, reconciled to God, and have eternal life in heaven. What you must do to see this realized in your life, you must repent of your sins (turn from them and go the opposite direction) and put your trust in Jesus. If you do those two things, you will be saved (born again) and can know that you will go to heaven when you die.

Newslinks 10/15/08

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Saturday’s Newslinks brought to you by At Ease Tees


Due to time constraints recently, I’ve not had the time to write about the links below. I wanted to list the links that intrigued me (or ticked me off) and let you see them for yourself. The Newslink format will probably stay this way for at least the near future as I see things only getting busier. I apologize for the delay. Please remember that this is about a month’s worth of links! J

Obama says he was too flip on abortion question

Obama’s Tax Plan Based on ‘Neighborliness’

Obama puts heat on Palin as she boosts GOP ticket

Americans have difficulty defining ‘evangelical’

Ministers Urge IRS to Stop Politics in Pulpit Scheme

Orissa Christians: Attacks Will Glorify God, Bring More to Christ

‘Guitar Praise’ Set to Release This Month

Many View Evangelical Voters as Influential, but Complainers

College entrance still an obstacle to home schoolers

‘Spare Me the Phony Outrage,’ Obama Says

McLaren Calls World to Wake Up Amid 3 ‘Frightening’ Crises

ACLU threat returns ‘sex’ books to library shelves

Democrat compares Obama to Jesus; Palin to Pontius Pilate

Poll: Golden Rule Coaxes Evangelicals to Rethink Torture Stance

Shock: Prominent Feminist Admits “Abortion is Murder” but “I Am a Firm Supporter”

link to original article:

Report Tracks Megachurch Growth, Changes

Boltz shocks Christian community with homosexuality admission

Church of England Offers Dedication, Apology to Darwin

Change Depends on Church, Not Political Messiah, Says Evangelical Pastor

Christians Keep Faith as Big Bang Experiment Launches

Court Hears Case on Censorship of Bible Verse in Ads

Back-to-School Students Called to Use Clothing to Express Religious Freedom

Abortion Practitioner Tiller Asks for Dismissal of Charges

Author contrasts Oprah’s, Palin’s beliefs

Plant workers: Fairness at stake in prayer dispute

Congress promises quick action on bailout package

Textbooks – perpetrators of ‘classroom lies’

Sharia Courts Operating in England Recognised by British Law

New Book Examines Miracles of Jesus through a Doctor’s Eyes

Christian Music Artist’s Confession Shocks Believers

Reveal: Churches Aim for Disciples, Not Casual Christians

‘ViewTube’ a home-schooling resource

Israel poised for first female leader in 34 years

Bill Maher Sets Out to Debunk, Mock Faith in ‘Religulous’ Flick

‘The Shack’ Author to Face Fans, Critics via Chat

‘Everybody’ Encouraged to Watch New Radical Islam Documentary

New Bible Park Location Confirmed

Planned Parenthood guilty of fraud?

Outreach 100: Largest and Fastest-Growing Churches in America

Controversial pastor shuts down his church

Over 800 Scientists Stand Against Language Critical of Evolution

Sin – the root of America’s economic problems


Why I can’t vote for Barack Obama

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As the presidential election draws near, I felt the need to put some of my personal thoughts out there about how I see the whole deal. I am a white, Christian, Southern, middle class, 30-something male. I’ve paid more attention to this presidential race and the candidates than I ever have and with good reason. While I will say honestly and up front that I don’t agree with everything that John McCain has said, I can say that I do not agree with anything that Barack Obama stands for. There are a number of reasons that I will not vote for Barack Obama and they have a lot to do with who I am.


According to the thesis that his wife wrote, the fact that I’m white is a problem. As a white person, I am seen as someone who cannot look upon a person with a different skin color and see them for more than that. According to Mrs. Obama, I can’t get by her skin color. I could talk about this in depth and the problems with it, but that’s not the scope of this blog post. From what I’ve seen of Barack Obama, he doesn’t feel any different. He has definitely tried to play the race card in this presidential race and it seems to be working. There is even some question as to whether or not Obama is really African-American. His father was from Kenya and his mother from the U.S. If it is just DNA (nature) that makes someone African-American, then Obama could qualify. But, if it’s the environment that someone grows up in (nuture) that also contributes to whether or not someone is African-American, then Obama is on shakier ground. According to some reports, he was born in Honolulu and lived there until he was age 6 (some reports have him being born in Kenya). He lived in Indonesia from ages 6 to 10 and then moved to Hawaii to live with his maternal (white) grandparents until he left for college. Does this qualify him as African-American? While he was in Hawaii, he went to a private school that had tuition of $15,000. Is this what most African-American children are doing? While he may have DNA that is similar to most African-Americans, can he really identify with the majority of African-Americans? In a speech given in Selma, Alabama, he said that he was “coming home”, but according to all that I’ve read, he and his family had nothing to do with events in Selma…To be honest though, I could overlook this and still have a list of reasons not to vote for Obama.


From the beginning of his campaign he’s been surrounded by controversial people. He has been linked to Bill Ayers, a domestic terrorist from the Weather Underground group who took responsibility for terrorist attacks in the 70’s. His former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, has been outspoken about the different things that he believes, including a hatred for Jews, Caucasians, Italians, and America. He is known to have given $20,000 to the church. Am I supposed to believe that Obama has sat under his teaching for 20 years and has not been influenced? How is that supposed to look to me? If this was the only instance it would be one thing, but unfortunately, it’s not. As recently as late 2007, he was seen campaigning for Raila Odinga, a Kenyan man who called for ethnic cleansing because he lost the presidential race. Odinga is from the same Lhuo tribe as Obama’s grandmother and has called him a cousin. While their actually relationship hasn’t been determined, their campaigns share a lot of interesting similarities. He has also been linked to Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan has been quoted connecting Barack Obama to the Messiah, either as a herald of the Messiah or as the actual Messiah. While I have to wonder which Messiah Farrakhan is talking about, I know that it’s not the true Messiah – Jesus Christ. Farrakhan has also spouted racist views and misused scripture (Psalm 118:22 and others) in order to promote Obama. While I understand that the people surrounding Barack Obama are not Obama himself, I can’t deny the fact that they are supporting him. They call him “brother” and “friend”. Some will gloss over this and say that Obama has distanced himself from many of those controversial people, but I look at scripture and see where Paul tells the Corinthinas, “Do not be deceived: Bad company corrupts good morals” (1 Cor. 15:33), and I can’t help but wonder.


In the last debate, Obama laughed at John McCain for bringing up his lack of experience. But, he never truly replied to that question. In looking at Obama’s record, he has no real experience and even confessed his inexperience at one time. If he’s inexperienced, then why is he running for president? He hasn’t served in the military at all and has little experience in the Senate. Our country doesn’t need someone who talks pretty or is handsome. We need someone who knows how to react to and deal with the various situations that will affect the 300 million people in this country. Obama doesn’t have that experience.


The scariest thing about all of this is the fact that a large number of people are following Obama just because he gives good speeches and tells people what they want to hear, even if that changes next week. Either these people don’t care, don’t know, or choose to remain willfully ignorant of all of these things. Obama has flip-flopped his position on a number of various subjects and issues and nothing is said. Obama has also been caught in a number of outright lies. He said that union contributions to Democratic competitors was “special interest” money but changed his position when he started getting his own union contributions. In 2004, Obama said that we should end the embargo on Cuba because it has “utterly failed”. In 2007, he told an audience in Miami that he wouldn’t touch the embargo on Cuba because it is an “important inducement for change”. In a 2004 questionaire, Obama said that we shouldn’t crack down on businesses that hire illegal workers. Could that be because his wife was on the board of directors of a company that used low paid Hispanic workers? Then, in a debate early this year, he said, “we do have to crack down on those employers that are taking advantage of the situation.” Why the change? He has said that he doesn’t take money from oil companies but the truth is no one does. This doesn’t mean however that he doesn’t get money from them. They cannot give him the money directly because that is illegal, but their employees can give him money as individuals or through Political Action Committees (PACs). He’s received at least $214,000 from oil company executives and their families.


His views on Israel have changed too. When speaking to over 7,000 people at an American Israel Public Affairs Committee policy conference, he said, “Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided”; but the next day, a campaign adviser clarified that Obama meant that “Jerusalem is a final status issue, which means it has to be negotiated between the two parties as part of an agreement that they both can live with.” He’s also changed his mind on Iran being a threat (first it isn’t, then it is), and whether or not North Korea should be removed from the US terrorist sponsor list. He said that we should keep the PATRIOT Act, and then said that he would repeal it. Ultimately, he voted for it. He’s flip-flopped on whether or not he would talk with leaders of foreign nations, especially Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Although Obama’s campaign leaders denied it, one of his senior campaign leaders told the Canadian government that when Obama talked about killing NAFTA, “it was just government rhetoric”. Two different high-level Canadian officials have confirmed this. Why the lie? Obama has been linked to the non-profit organization ACORN, which has been beleaguered with voter fraud, “big stick” tactics on banks, embezzlement, and other criminal activities. His “Fight the Smears” website (if he’s an upright candidate, why does he need a website like this?), said that he was“never an ACORN community organizer; ACORN never hired Obama as a trainer, organizer, or any type of employee; ACORN was not part of Project Vote, the successful voter registration drive Barack ran in 1992”. But, other information shows something completely different. In 1992, Obama was part of ProjectVote, who’s incorporation papers show it’s parent company to be at the same address as ACORN and many ACORN affiliates reside. His website also claims that he’s never been hired by ACORN, but failed to mention that he was an unpaid trainer for ACORN. This was confirmed by Lewis Goldberg, a spokesman for ACORN.  I can’t imagine why an “agent of change” like Obama would need fraudulent voters to help him out. If he’s truly everything that he says he is, then he should have no problem getting the necessary votes without the fraudulent voters.


I have heard Obama’s speeches and comments and have not been impressed at all. I’ve not heard him answer one question with a clear, concise answer. He’s talked and talked and said nothing. America doesn’t need someone in the White House who talks the talk but cannot walk the walk. His words are empty and have no value whatsoever except where they can get him. I watched the last debate and was amazed at how little he really said and how many times he failed to answer the question asked, even though he consistently went over the time limit and broke the rules that he agreed to. Judging from his continuous flip-flopping on positions, he ultimately says what the people he is in front of want to hear and then changes his position to suit the next group of listeners. This is not the type of person we need leading our country. If someone agrees with everything, then he or she stands for nothing, and that’s exactly what Barack Obama has been doing since he’s been in office.


While all of these things are concerns that have been growing since this all began, the main reason that I cannot give my support or vote to Barack Obama is because I’m a Christian. Barack Obama has said that he felt God’s spirit beckoning him and that he “submitted himself to his will and to discovering his truth” (lack of capitalization was Obama’s). While I understand that there are passages in the Bible that are still hotly contested as to their meaning, there are many that are quite clear including the ones on abortion and homosexuality. Obama supports the murder of unborn children through abortion and even supports infanticide. Nurses who saw babies being left to die on soiled utility room shelves in Illinois hospitals have supported this and even testified to it in the Illinois state senate, in front of committees that Barack Obama chaired. This is not a Christian attitude. The Bible says that murder is wrong. In the last debate, he tried to show a concern for kids by attacking Senator McCain saying that he voted against an expansion that would provide health insurance to more children. Is he really concerned about kids and their health if he’s willing to kill them in or out of the womb? Sadly, many “Christians” are rallying behind Barack Obama because he wants to “reduce the number” of abortions. Unless I am really dense, this still means that he supports the murder of children. How do these “Christians” reconcile this with the truth of God? To veil it behind the lesser numbers, the right to choose, or the inability to decide when it’s still a baby is a weak-willed cop out that dishonors God, humiliates His church, and taints the view that unbelievers have of real Christians.


Barack Obama also supports homosexuality and “gay marriage”. This is clearly seen as sin and perversion throughout scripture (Lev. 18:22, Judges 19, Romans 1:26-32, 1 Cor. 6:9). For someone to call themselves a Christian and openly support a lifestyle and sin that God calls an abomination is again either ignorant or rebellious. Obama would fight against traditional marriage and further erode the Judeo-Christian foundation that our country is founded on. According to scripture, homosexuality is a sin and a choice. It is not something people are born into. The great news is that people in this type of lifestyle can be born again and not bear God’s wrath. This is not the message that Obama, who claims to be a Christian, is giving. If someone claims to be “submitted to God’s will and to discovering His truth”, should that person be aggressively for something that the Bible clearly condemns? Is that submission to the will of God? Does that show a desire to discover His truth? If you discover His truth and don’t apply it to your life, then what’s the point? His truth obviously doesn’t mean anything to you and it’s all just talk. This is all assuming that Obama’s “God” is actually the God of scripture. If it’s another “God” like Allah or Buddha, then it has nothing to do with the God of the Bible and makes his positions a lot more clear. Regardless, it shows that he’s willing to say whatever it takes to get votes, even if it means posing as a Christian.


Barack Obama has rallied his followers around a banner of hope. He claims that he is the one that America needs to bring about change. He seems full of himself and narcisstic to the point of self-delusion (an interesting article on this can be found here). The absolutely disgusting part of all of this is the comparisons of Barack Obama to some kind of political “Messiah”. He has been called by some Alpha and Omega (seen here). These are titles that belong clearly and only to Jesus Christ. Barack Obama will never be able to do enough to deserve these titles. Not to mention the fact that if he were really a Christian, he would be the first person to publicly denounce those titles being applied to him. Christ is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords. Christ is the only Messiah. He is the only true hope of America and every other nation. The truth is that even if Barack Obama could actually accomplish the things that he claims, they still won’t save Americans from their sin or from going to hell. That is America’s biggest problem. This country has had a number of leaders who have done much more than Barack Obama has (many of whom were Christians by the way…). George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Martin Luther King Jr., and many others were great leaders who helped to guide our nation. None of them were ever called Alpha and Omega or compared to a political Messiah and every one of them would have rebuked the public if they were.


The worst part of it is that many Americans aren’t taking the time to research this or are just closing their eyes to it all. Even if you’re not a Christian, but are still a patriotic American, you should have plenty to be concerned about. Barack Obama is not a patriot. He has a degree in Constitutional law but doesn’t even know how many states the nation that he wants to lead has! He has no idea that Canada, the country to our immediate north, doesn’t have a president! How can he lead this nation if he lacks the information that most second or third graders know? He claimed to have an uncle who was one of the first American soldiers to liberate Auschwitz. The story, according to Obama, was that after his uncle came home, he locked himself in the attic for six months. There are two major problems with this. First, there are no records showing that Obama had an uncle who was an American soldier. Second, it was Russian troops and not American ones that liberated Auschwitz because Poland was under Russian control. How does someone not realize or recognize that? What is the point of deliberately making up part of your history, unless it’s to project a greater image than you really have and get votes? He also seemed to be confused when he spoke at the Selma Voting Rights March on March 4, 2007. In his speech (where he portrays himself to be a “brother” to those present who were in Selma during the Civil Rights issues), he stated a lot of things about his own family and tied them to things happening in the Civil Rights movement and none of it adds up. He tried to assume the mantle of a co-sufferer along with those who were actually there. He used “we” an awful lot even though he couldn’t be part of the “we” at all. He uses the story of his grandfather in Kenya. He talked about how his grandfather was a “cook and house boy” and implied that he was some kind of slave, even though there is no indication of this. Supposedly, his grandfather was inspired by the events in Selma in 1965, but he would have been around 70 years old then. He also implies that Selma had something to do with his existence. I don’t understand how that would be possible. His parents supposedly met at the University of Hawaii in the 1950’s and Obama was conceived in 1960. He was born August 4th, 1961. This is three years before the events in Selma. He was in Hawaii at the time. Was he really “experiencing” the civil rights movement? Could those things that happened in Selma really affected his dad and brought him to America when he was already here and studying at UH? Nope. It seems like Obama needed some kind of inspiring story to capture the hearts of those listening and, since he couldn’t find one in his own family history, he made one up.


With all of the controversy and questions surrounding Barack Obama, it amazes me how many people still whole-heartedly support him and will vote for him. Sadly, many of those voting for Obama will most likely do so for reasons other than the truth. Some will vote for him because he’s a Democrat and that’s how they’ve always voted. Others will vote for him because he proclaims an African-American heritage and calls himself black. Still others will vote for him because of his passionate but empty speeches and his dapper looks. Some will vote for him because he professes to be the one who will bring change. Then there are those who aggravate me the most. They are those who claim to be Christians and follow the One True God. They are those who claim to put God above all else. These “Christians” will cast their vote for a man who is surrounded by lies and suspicion, makes himself to be something that he’s not, and openly and aggressively supports things that go directly against the authority of scripture. They either refuse to study the scriptures or purposefully ignore what is written in order to soothe their consciences. Our country doesn’t need a lying, double-minded man who will make empty promises one day and then turn around and do the opposite thing the next. What our country needs is leaders who care about the people more than they do themselves and people who pay more attention to what their leaders are actually saying instead of what they’re speaking….

Design of the Week Crossover – Fixin’ to have a kid

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This week’s featured Crossover design is one by ~goatlady~. I’ll admit that when I first thought about goat designs, I was wondering how many designs you can make with goats (about 4 if you slice them real thin – ba dum bum pish). When I started looking through her shop, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did she have a large number of designs, but they are done very well!


The design that I’ve chosen to write about is one about the wonder of having children. It’s the “I’m fixin’ to have a kid of my own” shirt. There are a few reasons why I’ve chosen this design. One is because I’m living in the South (which makes me a “Dern Yankee”) and “fixin’ to” is a great phrase. You just don’t see it on all that many shirts. The second reason I chose this design is because I just liked it.


The font on the design echoes both the excitement and frustration of pregnancy. I’m guessing the font is called “Third trimester”… The image of the kid (that’s a baby goat…get it?) is also well done and must have taken a long time to do.


If you know someone who is “fixin’ to” have  a baby, then I would definitely recommend this shirt. If you don’t know anyone who is pregnant, then I would still check out ~goatlady~’s shop and I’m sure that you’ll find something that will suit your needs!


This blog post is a part of a crossover blog. Other participants in this crossover blog are:


Ten Commandments #10

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This week will be the final part of our look at the Ten Commandments. Of course, we’ll be looking at the tenth commandment:


Exo 20:17 “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife or his male servant or his female servant or his ox or his donkey or anything that belongs to your neighbor.”


Coveting is lusting after something that belongs to someone else or something that you don’t have. It is not being content with what you have to the point of constantly thinking about the object and doing everything you can to get that thing.


Covetousness is a subtle sin that is often the basis of many other sins. Coveting after someone’s wife often leads to adultery. Coveting after something that someone else has can lead to theft. Coveting a lifestyle that goes against scripture can lead to idolatry. The problem with covetousness isn’t just the fact that it’s subtle (most of the time), it’s the fact that our “modern” society has been conditioned to think that covetousness is ok. Our advertising companies and media outlets make everything from TVs to movies to beauty to cars to houses things that we “can’t live without”. We are trained from a young age to not be happy with what we have. If we don’t have the newest, most up-to-date model car/computer/look, then we are “out of touch” and “behind the times”. Covetousness is basically the “grass is always greener” syndrome. We are driven by the technology and society to be instantly gratified. If we can’t get it now, then we get frustrated and mad. We can’t wait for anything anymore. Not only that, but in many churches the same thing is taught. More and more, “pastors” and “preachers” are telling their congregations that it is our “right” to be blessed. We should be healthy and wealthy and have more than enough. This is not only unscriptural, but it’s ridiculous…

Covetousness can be glaring at times and I think that the current situation in America is evidence of this. Today, many companies are being lead by men and women that don’t care anything about anyone other than themselves. They are in it to get the money and that’s all. There is no loyalty and no concern for others. CEOs are selling out their companies to get millions of dollars and don’t seem to give a rip about the people that are working for them. It’s becoming more and more common to hear things like this. The whole government bailout that just took place is based on covetousness. I am not an economic whiz and I’m not a big-money businessman, but it is my understanding that if you have a business and you don’t what needs to be done to make sure that your business stays afloat, it goes under. That’s it. No bailout. The US has just decided to pay 700 billion dollars to bailout the floundering economy. The funny thing is, I saw an article from Dave Ramsey that had a solution for the current problem that would only cost 50 billion dollars. While that is still a lot of money, it leads me to wonder something. If one Christian man can come up with a solution that only costs 50 billion dollars, then why can’t 100+ men and women who are leading our country do the same? What is that extra 650 billion dollars for? I can’t help but think that it will not be going to the things that it’s supposed to. I don’t think that any of the companies being bailed out by the government should be getting a cent. The reason is more than just the fact that it will be the American people that have to pay for it. The current situation that the US finds itself in is based on covetousness. The real estate problems are due to the fact that the government wanted to “make housing affordable”. What it did was to make it possible for people who couldn’t afford a house to buy one. That’s a great idea. The problem is that this made it possible for people who couldn’t pay for a house to get a house that was well over what they can pay. When the rates went up, they could no longer afford it. People coveted houses that were bigger and more expensive than they could get. That’s covetousness. It didn’t just happen with housing either. It’s happened with cars and other items. It happens with credit cards as well. People buy things they can’t afford on credit because they have to have it. Then, because of the interest rates, they end up paying three to five times as much for the next 5 to ten years. That’s covetousness.


So, what does God say about covetousness?


Eph 5:3  But immorality or any impurity or greed must not even be named among you, as is proper among saints;

Eph 5:4  and there must be no filthiness and silly talk, or coarse jesting, which are not fitting, but rather giving of thanks.

Eph 5:5  For this you know with certainty, that no immoral or impure person or covetous man, who is an idolater, has an inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God.


1Co 6:9  Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals,

1Co 6:10  nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.


Covetousness is just as bad as any other sin and will be something that will send someone to hell just like adultery and thievery will. To stop the growing covetousness of our nation and our personal lives we need to have a biblical understanding that everything we have is given to us by God. We need to understand and be grateful for what we have. That doesn’t mean that we can’t want new things or that we can’t buy the newest, hottest things. What it means is that we cannot make those things so important to us that they become a “god”. We need to study the Word and teach our kids what the biblical point of view is and then live by it.

Design of the Week 10/08/08 – Family Loves Me

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This week’s design is called Family Loves Me. This is a design that I came up with to allow people to express their love for family members. This design makes it clear that the reason the wearer loves their family is because they told them about Jesus. This is the greatest love that one person can show another. If we tell someone about Christ, we have done the most amazing thing that we can for that person.


To tell someone about Jesus means letting them know what sin is and helping them to understand that those sins will keep them from entering into heaven and send them to hell. When they understand this, then you can tell them about how Jesus gave His life to pay for those sins. You can tell them how it is His sacrifice that removes the punishment for their sins and allows them to be seen as righteous in the eyes of God.


If you love your family, you will take the time to tell them about Christ.

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