Newslinks 10/25/08

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Video Catches Planned Parenthood Covering Up Statutory Rape
Heartland Christian Church Demands Peaceful Pro-Life LifeChain Participants Leave
Major Shift in Faith Voters toward Obama, Survey Finds
Henry Morgentaler Receives Order of Canada Medal
Official: 3,000 Christians Flee Iraq’s Mosul
Palin Attacks Obama’s ‘Appalling’ Refusal to Defend Born-Alive Babies
Media ignores Obama’s socialist past
‘Eugenic Abortion’: With Pre-Natal Testing, 9 in 10 Down Syndrome Babies Aborted
Obama-Run Foundation Gave Millions to Liberal Groups, Including One Run by Bill Ayers
Study: Student Views Shift Left in College
Iraqi Christian: We Took Only Our Souls
Obama-Led Foundation Spent $49 Million But Had ‘Little Impact’ on Improving Chicago Schools
Bush Defends Government Ownership of Banks
Obama’s Tax Cut is Actually a Spending Increase, Says Non-Partisan Group
Spread the Wealth Around’ Comment Comes Back to Haunt Obama
Woman Says No to Aborting Down Syndrome Baby: ‘He’s a Human Being’
‘Third Jesus’ Author to Discuss ‘What Jesus Really Taught’ in Web Series
Perspective – McCain must state obvious: Obama is a socialist
15,000 Iraqi Christians Driven Out of Mosul
Palin On Faith, Prayer, Homosexual “Marriage”, and Abortion
Obama Campaign Tries to Soften Biden’s Warning — About Obama
Obama Sends His Kids to Private School But Opposes School Choice Vouchers
Report on Post-Election Carnage Rocks Kenya
Palin: My Faith, God Have Been Mocked
Flip-flop: Now Biden Supports Homosexual “Marriage”
Bishop Warns of Obama’s Promise to Implement Extreme “Freedom of Choice Act”
Political Corruption ‘Major Factor’ in Financial Crisis, Poll Shows
Obama Presidency Tested by ‘International Crisis’ Is ‘Realistic,’ Bolton Says
Pro-Life Pharmacy Opens Doors, Faces Boycott from Abortion Group
ACORN Submitted ‘Thousands and Thousands of Phony’ Voter Registrations, County Registrar Says
Atheists Run Ads Saying God ‘Probably’ Doesn’t Exist
Swing State Americans in Israel May Affect U.S. Election


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