What has God done for me?

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Many people today, inside and outside the church, have become focused on self. They are all about them and what they can do. They often don’t know or care what God has done for them. Those who aren’t professing Christians can’t see that their very life is a gift from God. Sadly, this affects the gospel. When people don’t understand what God has done for them or why He did it, is cheapens the gospel and lessens the effect the good news can have in a person’s life. When pastors don’t preach the true gospel, the people listening don’t receive what they need to hear to help them understand who God is and what He’s done for them. Continue Reading What has God done for me?…


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This Thursday, Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving. I can only wonder how many will actually know that it is a Christian holiday. I am guessing that the numbers are few because most people are thinking about being with family and watching football. Then, they will get up at some unGodly time in order to be the first to have some new-fangled device that they don’t need and probably can’t afford. They will gorge themselves on food and then take naps before their favorite teams play.
Our nation owes everything to the God of the Bible. The Christian God is the source of everything that this nation is and has. When the people came over here so that they could worship Him the way they desired (instead of the way the king – and church – said) He protected them. When they fought for their freedom against the tyrannical power of the British throne, He saw them through. When they came together to be united States and founded the country on clearly Biblical principles, He prospered them. The founding fathers feared God and gave thanks to Him because they knew He was worthy. If our country would let go of its pride, self-righteousness, and arrogance and begin to give thanks to the Almighty God who created the universe, things would change. If Americans feared God again, and understood what He has done for them, they would rejoice to see the moral fabric renewed.
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Design of the Week – This I Know

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This week’s focused design is called This I Know. This design was actually created by my daughter. It is something that she places her faith in. She knows that Jesus loves her and she stands in confidence that this is the truth. Recently, while doing her Bible study homework on the book of John, one of the questions was: “Would you be willing to die for Jesus?” She answered with a simple “Yes.” While I don’t know that she understands everything that it means, I don’t doubt her answer one bit. It is because she knows that Jesus loves her that she can answer that at all.


The love of Christ isn’t what many people seem to think that it is. It is so much deeper than the shallow representation that it is given by pastors, preachers, and other “Christians”. When most people talk about the love of Christ, they talk about it like a human love. Either it’s the “breathless” eros love (which has no place describing Jesus) or it’s the unbiblical notion of “blind love” that overlooks everything bad and forgoes truth and justice for us. There is no love like this in the Bible.


The love of Christ is contained in two acts. The first is His Incarnation. Think about it for a minute. God the Son gave up His place in heaven to come down and show us God. He became a part of His creation. He poured Himself into a fleshly body in order that He might reveal Himself to us. The second thing that shows Christ’s love is His Passion. He lived a life under human limitations. He allowed Himself to be ridiculed, mocked, spit upon, beaten, scourged, and eventually crucified. He did it all motivated by love. But it wasn’t a love that was focused on Himself. It was a self-sacrificing love that gave all. It was a love that was focused on God and His glory.


Please make sure that you understand the truth about the love of Christ. It is more than what most make of it. A misunderstanding of Christ’s love could result in the belief that someone is saved when they aren’t. It’s not something that you should wait on…

What will you do with what you’ve been given?

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As I continue to study the scriptures, I am constantly brought back to certain thoughts. Many of those thoughts take the form of questions. This is one of the many thoughts that keep coming back to me. The question is more of a challenge to anyone who calls themselves a Christian.


The question is: “What will you do with what you’ve been given?”


To answer this question, we have to have an understanding of what we’ve been given. To understand what we’ve been given, we have to have some background. When God created everything in six solar days, he created man and woman on the sixth day. When Adam and Eve were created, they were perfect. They were not God, nor were they like Him. They are a creation while God is the Creator. They had perfect fellowship with God. They were told that they could eat of every tree in the garden except for the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The tree in the center of the garden was the only tree that they couldn’t eat from. They ended up disobeying God and bringing a curse not only on themselves but also on the rest of creation. Sin entered into the world and through sin, death. Man had become separated from God and it was to be the world’s biggest problem. God, being omnipotent and omniscient, knew that this was going to happen and had already put in place a plan to save humanity.


God’s plan included Him becoming flesh and living among His creation. Jesus Christ was/is that man who came to earth as God made flesh. He came for one purpose: to reconcile man to God. He lived a sinless life and spent the last 3 ½ years preaching that truth to everyone he met. He warned them and asked them to repent of their sins and become born again. At the end of those 3 ½ years, He gave His life as a sacrifice by dying a substitutionary death on the cross. He was then placed in a tomb owned by Joseph of Arimethea due to the Passover. Three days later, some of the women that followed Christ went to the tomb to prepare his body for burial. When they arrived, they found the tomb opened and the body gone. Jesus took God’s wrath for our sins on Himself and then rose from the dead three days later, just like the prophets had spoken hundreds of years earlier. Nothing that we do (go to church, do good things, etc.) can get us into heaven.


So, what will you do with what you’ve been given? What will you do with the sacrifice that God has personally made for you? Many will turn away from this truth in order to live their lives the way they want. But, if you’re a Christian, what will you do? Will you live your life in accordance with what God says, or will you take scripture and make it say what you want it to so that you can live how you want? Will you take every opportunity to tell others about what Jesus has done for them or will you leave that up to someone else, denying the command that Jesus gave before He ascended. Will you study the Word and allow it to change you or will you ignore what it says to cater to the world?


There are a number of churches that hold different events and other things at their church. They have concerts and retreats, they have guests and speakers, youth “rallies” and conferences and all of these things are great. But this is not preaching the gospel. These things are great for the believers in the body and need to be done, but to mistake them for preaching the gospel and witnessing is a gross mistake. I’m not saying that people can’t get saved at events or conferences. They can, but that is not the same as preaching the gospel and witnessing. We have to make a concerted effort to tell others that there is no other way to heaven but through Christ. We have to tell the people in our communities the only truth that will save their souls. It doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy witnessing. I do every time I do it (even when I get threatened). What we can’t afford to do is water down the truth of the gospel and still expect it to save people. The gospel is the power of God unto salvation.


Every day across the globe, thousands of people die and go to hell. Christians are the only ones that can prevent this by telling others the truth. This is the business that Christians need to be about!

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