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This week’s featured design is called Vote Values. It is an encouragement to those who read it that they shouldn’t cast their vote because of someone’s skin color, gender, political party, or how well they speak or debate. Christians, even more than others, should be most concerned with how the views of those running for political office line up with the truth of scripture.


We should know what God says about the different issues (whether He addresses them specifically or generally) and then vote according to that knowledge. For instance, Barack Obama openly supports both abortion/infanticide and homosexuality. These things are both condemned as abominations in scripture. If I’m a Christian, then I cannot vote for someone who supports these things and not be in rebellion against God. It doesn’t matter what they say they’re going to do for the economy or jobs or energy. If they are against God’s truth, then I don’t see how I can vote for them.


As Christians, our values should be the things that guide all of our decisions and not just our vote. I am shocked at how many people name the name of Christ and say that they are going to vote for someone who is pro-choice or pro-homosexuality. It makes me wonder about their other decisions and whether or not scripture is even involved in those decisions…


We need to stand up and vote for Christian values or we will see them continue to be endangered. If we allow it to go on long enough, it will most likely lead to persecution of Christians. We cannot sit idly by and let non-believers and “Christians” decide the direction of our country.

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