Design of the Week – Crossover Blog – Alien

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This week’s pick is a great design by Upstream Designs. It is called Alien and shows the word “alien” with an actually alien for the “I”. It also says “til heaven calls me home”. This is something that I know that I sometimes forget. The Bible says that Christians are not to be of the world.  We are not supposed to look like the world, act like the world, think like the world, talk like the world, or live like the world. I really have to wonder if  some Christians know what that means though. Continue Reading Design of the Week – Crossover Blog – Alien…

Crossover Blog – Jonas Bros. in Ninevah

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Ok, I’ll admit it. This shirt made me laugh. My daughter went to see the Jo Bros a couple months ago and the whole thing was a farce. Although they are a “Christian” group, the ticket prices were outrageous (good thing I didn’t pay for them). On top of that, the prices for a t-shirt (A T-SHIRT) were around $40 and that was for the cheap one… Continue Reading Crossover Blog – Jonas Bros. in Ninevah…

Design of the Week – Crossover – Future Soccer Mom

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Ok….Being a soccer coach with a daughter who absolutely loves soccer, I couldn’t pass this one up. This design is a simple design for all of those moms-to-be who know that they will soon be driving a mini-van and hauling their little ones to the pitch.

The design itself is crisp and well done. It is something that would be great for a gift. It also got me to thinking about something else. I don’t know if this is what the designer had intended, but in this age of “choice” and convenience, The fact that the shirt says “Future …Mom” is enough for me. Tossing soccer into the mix is just icing…

If you know of a soccer mom-to-be, this would be a great gift idea. If you don’t, I would still encourage you to go to Skeetz Teez and check out the other designs there. Surely you could find something there (and don’t call me Shirley…)!

Design of the Week – Crossover Blog – Flyball Start Dog

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Alright, I’ll admit it. I know absolutely nothing about flyball. But I know someone that does, and they have the designs to prove it! Flyball is a sport for dogs where a team of four dogs race another team to finish their task in the shortest amount of time. What is their task? Each dog on the team must jump four hurdles, catch a tennis ball launched to them from a ball box, and then go back through the hurdles. The race is run relay style where the next dog cannot start until the first dog crosses the start/finish line. It’s really cool to watch.

Regardless of whether you know anything about flyball or not(like the fact that’s it’s been around for decades!), you’ll love the designs at Weasel Puppy’s shop, including the Flyball Start Dog design.

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Design of the Week Crossover – 03/18/09 – Family Farms

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This weeks design is another in the Crossver series. This month, the design comes from Fresh Green Tees. Fresh Green Tees is an eco-friendly shop that specializes in designs that support ecology and cleaner living.

The design that I’ve chosen is called “Family Farms”. It is a design that shows support for those small town farmers who toil and work hard to grow food that the country needs. They aren’t the biggest farms and are often overlooked by locals. I like the style of the design as well as the colors used in it. It has a heavy lined style that enhances the message without overshadowing it.

If you get a chance, check out “Family Farms” and other great, green designs at Fresh Green Tees!

DOTW 12/17/08 Crossover – RMS Aquitania

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This weeks design is part of the Crossover blog. It is where a number of designers take the time to talk about another artist’s design that caught their eye.

This week, I am writing about something that I have always liked. The design is called RMS Aquitania. It is designed by labelstone and is part of a vintage art series. When asked about how she got started with vintage labels, she replied:

The love of vintage started with a fascination with art deco. I bought a lamp and then a few bowls etc. Then I started looking at the printed ads, which really caught my eye. At this point I need to add that printer’s ink is in the blood as I a from a line of printers dating back to 1879. The company closed shortly before my father’s death in 2000. His company did not print labels (sadly) but I well remember going down to the plant to watch the presses in action and smell the inks.
I now have a large collection of fruit crate labels and that is where quite a few of my images come from. I also have Victorian trade cards and postcards that I get designs from.

The design that caught my eye did so because it is colorful and there is a sense of movement and life to the image. I also like the style the art is done in and the depth of the image as well.

I asked labelstone how an image is chosen for her shop and she had this to say:

How do I chose? I have to like it, which I know is not the best way of approaching success! If it catches my eye or sense of humor, then I have a go at digitally cleaning the image. If it will not clean up, then I toss the image.

If you get a chance, check out labelstone’s shop and see if there is anything that catches your eye like it did mine!

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Crossover apologies

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I apologize for not having a crossover blog post on Wednesday. The person I was supposed to pick a design from never got back to me and it fell through! I will have one next month though! In the meantime, take a look at the other blogs participating and see what they’re blogging about!

Design of the Week Crossover – Fixin’ to have a kid

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This week’s featured Crossover design is one by ~goatlady~. I’ll admit that when I first thought about goat designs, I was wondering how many designs you can make with goats (about 4 if you slice them real thin – ba dum bum pish). When I started looking through her shop, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did she have a large number of designs, but they are done very well!


The design that I’ve chosen to write about is one about the wonder of having children. It’s the “I’m fixin’ to have a kid of my own” shirt. There are a few reasons why I’ve chosen this design. One is because I’m living in the South (which makes me a “Dern Yankee”) and “fixin’ to” is a great phrase. You just don’t see it on all that many shirts. The second reason I chose this design is because I just liked it.


The font on the design echoes both the excitement and frustration of pregnancy. I’m guessing the font is called “Third trimester”… The image of the kid (that’s a baby goat…get it?) is also well done and must have taken a long time to do.


If you know someone who is “fixin’ to” have  a baby, then I would definitely recommend this shirt. If you don’t know anyone who is pregnant, then I would still check out ~goatlady~’s shop and I’m sure that you’ll find something that will suit your needs!


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Design of the Week 09/17/08 – Crossover – Ninja

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This week, I’m going to be starting something new in the Design of the Week category. I have gotten together with a few other designers to start a crossover blog. What we’ll be doing is taking one Wednesday a month to share something about other uplifting and/or family friendly designs.


The design that I’ve chosen for this week is “Don’t Make Me Go All Ninja On You!” This design was created by BeShirtHappy designs. Ninjas have become a popular figure in literature and history. They are known for their stealth and their weapons, but most of all they’re known for their martial arts skills.


This design is a great design that is simple but not poorly done. One reason that I love it is because I can relate to it. I had to laugh when I saw it because there are times when I feel like “going ninja” but I don’t. Even as a Christian, you can find yourself easily getting angry when you are under stress.


If you get a chance, check out BeShirtHappy’s shop and the ninja design.


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