News Bites 04/27/14

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Palestinian leader denounces Holocaust as ‘heinous crime’,0,2695104.story

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas spoke out against the atrocities of the Holocaust and talked about having sympathy for the victims. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu thinks that the claims were just an effort to get public opinion on his side. Abbas said that the world should “safeguard the oppressed and weak wherever they are found”. He then spoke about his own Palestinians are oppressed and “denied freedom and peace”. Abbas used the comments to continue to push for a two state solution to peace. Netanyahu said that peace will not happen while Palestinians remain connected to Hamas.

The push for a two state solution is really a pipe dream. I find it really hard to believe that Palestinians will stop with their own state. For all that has happened, I don’t think that Israel will find peace if Palestine gets their own state. I think it will just make it easier for Palestine to be a pain in Israel’s butt. As a Christian, I believe that Israel has a right to the land that God promised them. The arguments that are often made to support Palestine are weak at best. God promised Israel their land and they shouldn’t have to give it up for any reason… Continue Reading News Bites 04/27/14…


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I cannot help but marvel at the propensity for professing Christians to cling on to something because it has the look of Christianity or mentions some minute snippet of the Bible in some way. Many in the professing church are quick to point to a celebrity or popular leader as an example of Christianity. Oftentimes, these icons of Christianity betray their weak profession and the professing church is left with egg on its face. Just think about Miley Cyrus or Justin Beiber if you don’t believe me. The same goes with arts and entertainment as well. Many Christians are quick to support something that bears a Christian name, regardless of the substance of that endeavor. Continue Reading Pragmatism…

The Core Message of the Bible

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It was started by a website that I came across. The website belongs to a seminary in New York City who has put much time, effort, and money into an effort to convince Christians that they can support the homosexual movement without compromising their faith. They have a website for their “Friends and Family Plan” where they’ve taken all sorts of information about the LGBT movement and how to undermine the faith of Christians to convince them to promote sexual sin that God calls an abomination. In their resources, they use the same tired canards and talking points that Christians have refuted for years and, just like those before them, they fail to listen to them. But, this didn’t surprise me. What caught my attention was one of the statements they made in their propaganda sheets: Continue Reading The Core Message of the Bible…

Real Purpose

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I’ve heard many pastors, lay preachers, and general Christians talk about how God has this amazing purpose for your life. You hear it all the time from people like Joel Osteen and Rick Warren. Sadly, you also hear it from numerous pastors who aren’t near as famous.

This got me thinking…
Continue Reading Real Purpose…

It doesn’t matter?

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I saw this blog posted on my Facebook page by a friend and the title caught my attention:

What you believe about homosexuality doesn’t matter

I read the blog and it left me with many more questions than it did any good answers. As a matter of fact, it presents a perfect image of modern American Christianity and what’s wrong with it. The blogger identifies himself as a youth pastor which just makes it worse.
The author says that it “doesn’t matter what you think about homosexuality because people are dying”. He says that we are long since past the time for debate because “the stakes are too high”. He cites stats that say that 1 in 3 gay teens will try to kill themselves.

This youth pastor says that if he’s given the choice to be theologically correct or morally responsible, he’ll choose morally responsible every time. Sorry, pastor, but that’s a false dichotomy that makes a terrible mess. Not only that, but it absolutely avoids scriptures teaching and commands. It also seems to be implying that God’s not really sovereign the way He says He is. Continue Reading It doesn’t matter?…


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Today is the day, in the United States, set aside for people to spend the day giving thanks for the many blessings they have. More and more, it seems to be the day where many women frustrate themselves to no end to prepare a large meal for family and friends. The men help when possible (if allowed) and then eat themselves into a coma and spend the rest of the day watching college football. Then, Christmas decorations are brought out and set up and plans are made for all the Black Friday deals the next day. It is a day where many profess thanks for what God has given them and many more don’t. It got me thinking. Continue Reading Thankful…

Sermon Sunday – C.H. Spurgeon – Hypocrisy

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A Sermon
Delivered on Sabbath Morning, February 6th, 1859, by the
REV. C. H. Spurgeon
At the Music Hall, Royal Surrey Gardens.

“Beware ye of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.”—Luke 12:1. Continue Reading Sermon Sunday – C.H. Spurgeon – Hypocrisy…

Replacement Theology

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All it takes is a quick glance around to see that we’re not in Kansas anymore Toto. In the matter of a few decades, the American landscape has changed to the point that it’s almost unrecognizable. The shift in morality and political agendas that has taken place makes it clear that something is definitely wrong with the nation. The degradation of society is blaringly obvious. Worldviews that directly oppose the statues of God are violently attacking the truths and followers of Jesus Christ. We see this and we complain, grieve, and moan. We can’t understand what’s going on. Tragedies are growing in number and magnitude causing the deaths of more and more people in more grotesque and horrifying ways and we’re left asking why. Church membership continues to decline for the major denominations in the U.S. and we seem flummoxed by what could be causing it. Meanwhile, liberal denominations and false religions are growing in number, as is the number of unchurched who just don’t care. All of these things just befuddle us, when we even think about them…Most of the time, we’re too busy participating in church events and “ministries” to notice. So what is the real problem? Continue Reading Replacement Theology…

Two Reasons

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I’ve been thinking today and wonder if I haven’t found two reasons the church in America looks like it does. Both reasons go hand in hand and seem to be becoming the norm across the nation.

The first reason is a disregard for the Word of God. For some, this is apathy period. They don’t read it, they don’t study it, and they don’t care. But they still call themselves Christians. It seems that their church membership/attendance and the menial “outreach” events they participate in are enough. While this may be a large group, I don’t think that it’s the biggest group. That moniker goes to the group made of those who “study” scripture but don’t live by it. They do read it and they do study it (even to the point of looking at Greek and Hebrew!) and yet, their lives don’t reflect that. Some even go so far as to boast and brag about their studies or look for ways to show off their quickly learned “wisdom”, but those verses have done nothing to actually impact them or change them. Scripture says “Do not lie”, but in action or deed many professing Christians do just that. Ananias and Sapphira died because of only ONE LIE. They sit under teaching that is more about social justice or community agenda (we have to knock on doors and have all these different events!) but there is nothing in the teaching to drive those same Christians to the cross or to understand themselves and others the way scripture portrays them. Continue Reading Two Reasons…

Fear and Anxiety

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With the constant threat of a government shutdown, a default on payments, or any other crisis the U.S. government can manufacture lurking around every corner, it is really easy to be concerned, fearful, or anxious about the future. Even without the manufactured crises, the state of the economy, the lack of jobs, the growing debt, and the rise of crime are just as scary. It seems that there are no end to the number of new (and existing) pills and medications coming out to combat stress. Continue Reading Fear and Anxiety…

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