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Glenn Beck Invokes Joseph Smith, Mormon Beliefs During Liberty University Speech

Radio talk show host Glenn Beck gave a speech to the Liberty University student body in which he talked about atonement, Joseph Smith, and his Mormon theology. He told those gathered that he shares their faith and that he had been given a special message for the Liberty students. Beck talked about Joseph Smith being martyred and made a connection between Smith and the students. He told them that they had to figure out what purpose God had sent them here to accomplish.

This is saddening. The fact that Liberty University would allow a Mormon to give what basically amounted to a sermon to their students with no correction is absolutely appalling. Mormonism is not a Christian denomination. It is a completely different religion. They use many of the same terms as Christianity but those terms have different meanings. While Mormonism describes the god of this earth as “Heavenly Father” or Elohim, this is not the same God as the one revealed in the Bible. The god of Mormonism used to be a man on a planet that revolved around the star named Kolob. When this man fulfilled his Mormon obligations, he was awarded the third level of heaven and made a god. He was allowed to take his wife and form a planet of his own which he populated with his own spirit children.

The first of these spirit children was Jesus. In other words, Jesus was a created being. The second spirit child was Lucifer. Yes…you read that rightly. Jesus and Lucifer are spirit brothers. As for Joseph Smith’s martyrdom, this is not true. Smith was killed during an attack on the jail he was being kept in. Why was he being kept in jail? He had the Nauvoo Expositor newspaper destroyed after its one and only issue came out exposing Smith’s polygamy. While in jail, a mob attacked and shot both Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum. Both men died but neither was a martyr. They were not killed for their faith…

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10 Bible-Based Reasons Why Christians Should Love Homosexuality

The article is titled 10 bible based reasons why Christians should love homosexuality. It is the response of Matthew Vines, author of “God and the Gay Christian”, to the question by Queerty to present a list of reasons why Christians should support same sex marriage.

Here’s the list (without elaboration):
1. Condemning same-sex relationships is harmful to LGBT people.
2. Sexual orientation is a new concept, one the Christian tradition hasn’t addressed.
3. Celibacy is a gift, not a mandate.
4. Sodom and Gomorrah involved an attempted gang rape, not a loving relationship.
5. The prohibitions in Leviticus don’t apply to Christians.
6. Paul condemns same-sex lust, not love.
7. The term “homosexual” didn’t exist until 1892.
8. Marriage is about commitment.
9. Human beings are relational.
10. Faithful Christians are already embracing LGBT brothers and sisters.

There are many other places where this article and the book itself are addressed much more deeply than I can here with the room that I’ve allowed myself (see “Other Links”). Suffice it to say that Vines changes scripture, redefines terms, and ignores those things that don’t help his cause. Vines claims to be a “Bible-believing Christian” but ignores the fact that the Bible tells him that his lifestyle is sinful. He ignores the fact that the Bible tells him that if he fails to repent of this sin (or any others), he will end up in hell.

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Ala. Supreme Court: ‘Unborn Child Has Inalienable Right to Life From its Earliest Stages’

The Alabama Supreme Court has affirmed that the definition of the word “child” includes the unborn child and “furthers the State’s interest in protecting the life of children from the earliest stages of their development.” The affirmation comes from a case where a pregnant woman took cocaine and endangered her unborn child. Alabama has a chemical endangerment statute protecting unborn children who are exposed to chemical substances or drugs during the pregnancy. The baby tested positively for cocaine upon birth.

This is a great thing. The fact that the life of an unborn child is protected by law is something that should be common sense but in this day and age it’s not. It’s my hope that this will encourage other states to do the same.

‘The Rob Bell Show’ Starts Taping for Oprah Winfrey Network

Author and former pastor Rob Bell will begin hosting a TV show on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). Bell is known for his NOOMA videos and numerous books including Love Wins and Velvet Elvis.

Rob Bell is a heretical wolf posing as a Christian. He denies hell, supports same-sex marriage, and twists scripture (if he even uses it at all). He is a post-modern and spends most of his time questioning truth instead of accepting it for what it is. This show will (unfortunately) most likely be a good ratings boost for OWN, at least for a while.

HS Students Say Pledge In Arabic: ‘One Nation Under Allah’

The principal of a Colorado high school is defending his decision to allow a cultural club to say the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic, including referring to God as “Allah”. He says that it wasn’t an effort to promote Islam but to “destroy barriers” and “embrace cultures”. The club is student led and initiated. The school’s communications director has said that the club cites the Pledge in numerous languages. Many of the club members said they don’t know why people are so upset. They say that it’s still a pledge of allegiance to the US, regardless of the language it’s in. Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for CAIR, said that he is dumbfounded by complaints and called those who disagree with the display “anti-Muslim or Anti-middle eastern bigots”. He went on to say that it could be a learning experience for the students teaching them that “there is real intolerance and bigotry out there”.

The fact that so many don’t see this as a big deal just speaks of the state of the country. I do have a problem with this. Actually, I have a few problems with this. First, the pledge of allegiance is a pledge to the US. As the US is an English speaking country, the pledge and anthem should be spoken/sung in English. Those who want to come and live here to try and have a better life should have no problem with that. I would expect no less if I were to move to another country. I would try to speak that country’s language and not English. I don’t have a problem with people speaking a language other than English. I do think that it should be done in the home though. My grandparents spoke Czech at home, but in public, they always spoke in English. Why? Because they were Americans and lived that way.

Mr. Hooper says that those who have a problem with the pledge in Arabic are bigots. Really? This type of “argument” is usually a good sign that the arguer doesn’t have anything substantial, so they call names. How does wanting the pledge to be said in English make one a bigot? There are a lot of things that I disagree with, but it’s only certain groups that see that disagreement as “bigotry”. I’m not anti-Muslim or anti-Middle Eastern because of this. I’m not that way at all actually. But, the fact that I disagree with this is not bigotry.

Ironically, Mr. Hooper wants the students in the club to see this as a lesson on intolerance and bigotry. I wonder if Mr. Hooper couldn’t give better examples of intolerance and bigotry from his own religion? Islam is known as both intolerant and bigoted?

Methodists approve same-sex marriage benefits

The Methodist denomination has decided to award same-sex benefits for anyone who works in the 13 general agencies of the UMC. The official UMC position on same sex marriage is that they cannot marry in the UMC. In recent years, many churches have scoffed at this and rebelled against the UMC and married same sex couples. The benefits are only allowed in states that allow same sex marriage.

This whole thing is ridiculous. The UMC doesn’t support homosexual marriage (yet) but it awards benefits to same sex partners in states that allow homosexual marriage. Isn’t this a mixed message? If the church thinks that gay marriage is wrong, why award benefits? It’s just another sign that this denomination (and others) are quickly traversing the slippery slope…

Caner Labels His Critics “Cyber Terrorists”

Ergun Caner’s attorney has labeled Caner’s critics as “cyber terrorists”. Caner came to recognition as an Islamic expert after September 11th. He has claimed many debates and has appeared on TV/radio shows, taught in seminaries and schools, and even addressed the US military because of his expertise in Islam as a former Madrassa trained jihadi. Caner has recently come under fire by some for lying about his past and his credentials. He has even sued two Christians who posted his military presentations online.

Ergun Caner has got to be one of the most dishonest and disrespectful people in recent history. He fabricated a biography after the 9-11 attacks saying that he was a teenager who trained in Madrassa and came to this country to wage jihad. When his history was questioned and his lies were exposed, Caner lashed out at those who revealed the truth while people with much clout at Liberty University (where Caner was working) tried to smooth everything over. The man needs to repent of his lies and come clean. All of those who have protected him should also repent and publically apologize for their sins.

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