If you love me…

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With Valentine’s Day coming up, the eyes of many people will be focusing on love. They will be planning their “date night” with flair and pizzazz. They will dot every “i” and cross every “t” so that they can “set the mood”. Why are they doing all of this? It’s because they love their spouse. They will rush out and by the most outrageous things, break their necks to get this item or that item just right, and fret or worry about the smallest details for that one night. While I suspect that for most people this is more or less done out of selfishness (“what’s in it for me?”), I wouldn’t be surprised to find a few who truly do it for somewhat non-selfish reasons.

All this flurry of preparation brought to mind something that hit me hard. Watching the people line the shelves with stuffed monkeys and chocolates, watching the people carefully pick out the best flowers or the most appropriate card; it all made me wonder about something. As I got to thinking about it, I realized that it was a personal thing too. Continue Reading If you love me……

Design of the Week 04/08/09 – Eggs

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This weekend, many children will wake up on Sunday morning and spend at least some of the day hunting colored hard-boiled eggs and little baskets (and not so little ones) full of goodies that the “Easter Bunny” brought them. They will then proceed to eat as little of one egg as possible and every last piece of chocolate in their basket and possible some of the chocolate in another basket. How do I know all this? Am I a prophet or psychic? Nope. I just remember being a kid…

The problem is that the children that are doing this are missing out on the real gift that has been given to all those who will receive it. The true meaning of “Easter” is not bunnies, eggs, or chocolate. It’s something much more important and lasting that all of that. If you truly want to find something this Sunday, then look for Jesus. Not only is it worth the time you spend, it is guaranteed to happen! On top of that, He will make sure that you find Him! Sure, it’s not eggs, chocolate, or cheap plastic toys, but the novelty of all of that wears off when the sugar rush goes away. On the other hand, when you have received the free gift of salvation through repentance and faith in Jesus, you will have something that lasts forever.

The problem that seems to be occurring more and more often is that many people look to those who call themselves Christians to find Jesus and see people that are no better (and many times worse) than they are. They lie, cheat, steal, hate, and pretend that it’s all ok. They preach a false gospel and no one blinks an eye. They neglect to tell people the truth of what’s coming and warn people of the wrath of God, instead settling for a lack-luster gospel that will bring people into the church only to make them false converts.

This weekend, have your fun and spend time with your families. Spend time telling them what they need to hear whether they want to hear it or not. Enjoy the eggs, chocolate, and gifts. Instead of hiding eggs why not reveal Christ?

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