Groundhog Christians

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On February 2nd (today) of each year, many Americans will celebrate Groundhog Day. On Groundhog Day, people watch with baited breath as a groundhog comes out of his hole. If the groundhog sees his shadow (how do they know?), he runs back into his hole and there will supposedly be six more weeks of winter. If the groundhog doesn’t see his shadow, then spring is around the corner. In Pennsylvania, they have a special groundhog named Puncsatawny Phil who is something of a celebrity. Forgive me if I am just missing something, but how can whether or not a groundhog sees his shadow determine how long winter will be? It can’t.


Sadly, all this thinking (I had some extra time) got me to thinking about a lot of Christians I’ve seen. Like the groundhogs, they enjoy their comfortable religion and would rather remain there than step out to work for God. It is much easier for them to feel comfortable in “worship” or hearing “preaching” than doing the weightier things. It is estimated that no more than 2 per cent of all Christians share their faith regularly. Many of the preachers who stand before congregations on Sundays rarely preach about sin, hell, and judgment. It is almost impossible to find someone who will say that something is wrong.


If they do come out happen to step out and try to do something more, they shrink back in fear when they meet resistance and run back to their comfort zone. In scripture, Jesus promises us that we will be persecuted, hated, and possibly killed. Jesus said that they would hate our message and us. If they don’t, can we honestly say that we’re preaching the right message? While these Christians run back to their comfortable places, they don’t realize that they are abandoning the lost to the wintry conditions of a life without God and a destiny in hell. They neglect those who are perishing because they’re afraid of rejection and discomfort. Meanwhile, the lost could be born-again and see real change in their lives. In a way, they’re playing God by withholding the only hope man has from those who need Him most…On the other hand, if these Christians actually stand up and preach the truth, those around them will know what it means to be born-again.  They will also be an example of true Christianity.


One major problem many Christians seem to have is a false sense of celebrity. They drop the name of Christ wherever they think that it will bring them attention or an advantage. They use it to license to sin. They wear designer clothes, shoes, etc, and talk about how “blessed” they are. The problem is, no matter how nicely you dress a groundhog; it’s still a giant rodent. They seem to forget that it isn’t about our skill, wisdom, or our idea of Christianity. It’s not about how we have “authority” (Jesus said that all authority was given to Him –Matt. 28:18). It’s not about us being “blessed”. It is the Lord who gives and takes away. When you actually read the Bible, you can easily see that we merit nothing of God’s blessing. Many groundhog Christians act like God owes them something because they’ve accepted Christ! They don’t seem to understand that we don’t accept Christ, He accepts us!


We are not celebrities! We are wretched, filthy sinners who have been rescued from an eternity in hell by a holy, just, merciful God. We are like groundhogs that are afraid of our own shadow. We need to stop living by sight and live by faith instead; spending our time preaching the truth regardless of anything else…

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