Impounding the truth

December 12, 2007 at 11:33 am | Posted in Christianity | Leave a comment
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Bob Rothelisberger spent his Thanksgiving weekend in an interesting way. He works for the pro-life organization Operation Rescue and was driving one of their Truth Trucks through a northern suburb of Atlanta, Georgia when he was pulled over, arrested for “disorderly conduct”, put in jail, and had his Truth Truck impounded.

The Truth Truck is a small box truck that sports images of aborted babies on the sides in an effort to get the picture to the American people of just what abortion is and who it’s victims are. When Rothelisberger was pulled over, the officers ransacked the back of the truck without a warrant, he was told that the images were “vulgar and obscene” and that he needed to either change them or remove them. When he refused, the truck was impounded and he was jailed for three days. On the following Monday, the Truth Truck was then released from impound, but it showed damage that was estimated to be in the thousands of dollars, due to the officers ripping the signs off of the sides of the truck. Continue Reading Impounding the truth…

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