What does it cost to preach the gospel?

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This is something that I’ve gotten to thinking about lately and I’ve come up with an answer.
There are many, many churches in America today. Many of these churches are small churches with small congregations. They have small budgets and few people. Others are so-called “megachurches” with budgets in the millions and thousands of attendees each weekend. Many people would probably say that the cost to preach the gospel would differ between the small church and the “megachurch”. They would say that the larger budget would allow the “megachurch” to do more and make more opportunities to preach the gospel. They would point to the huge attendance and number of potential workers as the most opportune for preaching the gospel.
It’s this line of thinking that I’ve been wrestling with for the past couple days because it doesn’t ring true to me. The more I think about it, the more I feel that it’s this line of thinking that has caused the church to drift far from where it is supposed to be (and needs to be). The idea that every church needs a bigger budget so they can preach the gospel to more people seems like it’s a no-brainer, but is this really true? After looking at it for a couple days I’m beginning to think that it’s diametrically opposed to what the scriptures say is the duty of believers. Watching church after church adopt this line of thinking (and being a part of a couple) has brought some interesting things to light.
Most church boards of pastors (or whatever the governing body of your church is called) continue to look for more money. I’ve heard many people say that “it costs money to preach the gospel”. While I don’t doubt that it does cost some money, I have to wonder if it really costs as much as the pastors are looking for. The reasons given for getting a lot of money are always the same. They want to “reach the lost” and “spread the gospel”. They often include side projects like bigger church buildings (for all of the people that will be streaming to the church), plays, concerts, rallies, VBS, and other “outreach programs”. There are a few things about this that raise flags in my mind. One, much of what churches today spend money on amounts to nothing more than entertainment thinly veiled as “outreach”. There seems to be a pervading thought that if churches can lure people into their sphere of influence with the promise of being entertained and then give them a quick five minute speech on Jesus and how He’ll make their life better if they “accept Him into their heart”, they are doing “outreach”. After this, they continue on with the entertainment and are ecstatic because they’ve “evangelized” those in the audience.
Case in point: A local church puts on an Easter egg hunt every year. They advertize with banners and newspaper ads. For months before the event, the congregation collects plastic eggs to fill with candy. For each of the past three years, they’ve gotten over 10,000 eggs, which they use as a point of attraction (even though it kind of kills the “hunt” part…). They get food and drinks, prizes (including a couple Sony PSPs and a couple Nintendo Wiis) and usually have a band or two to play music. Right before the “hunt”, they present a short skit/drama/sign art/puppet show about Jesus to present the gospel. Then, the kids go hunting for eggs in hopes of finding one of the golden eggs and getting a prize.
This is a common occurrence across America, but is it necessary? Is it effective? I know that people can have an emotional reaction to the gospel and get “saved” but are they soundly saved? Do they understand what’s happened? Could this money be spent more effectively? Is this what Jesus had in mind when He told His disciples to “Go!”? Is it worth the time, effort, and money for churches to look like the world in hopes of luring “unsuspecting” heathens to the “truth”? I put truth in quotes because I can’t help but wonder if churches that spend their time entertaining really understand the gospel. Should we be doing all we can to build a façade of “fun, entertaining, outrageous times” that will be shattered if those coming ever actually get saved?
Let’s take my example above. Just using the cost of the four game systems, I get about $620. With this money, is it possible to do something better suited to what we’ve been COMMANDED to do? For instance, I know that I can get gospel tracts in packs of 100 (from here) for about $6.00 a piece. If I buy 3 packs, that’s a total of $18. If I add shipping, we’re at about $23. Then, if I gather some like-minded people (people who know the gospel, want to obey God and see people get saved from His wrath), let’s say 6, we could each get 50 tracts. Then we could to a crowded place and walk around handing out tracts and witnessing to people. We could share the gospel with them on the spot and know that they heard it. If we spend $20 in gas and $50 for lunch, we are at $93 for the entire day for 6 people witnessing to multitudes. This is a little over 10% of what I started with.

All of this led me to think about something else. A couple of years
ago, in Nashville, there was a “major event” called The Call. Christians
from all over America gathered in Titan’s Stadium to “make their voices
heard” for the unborn who are murdered through abortion. Many of those
who attended had been fasting and praying for weeks before the event.
Estimates ranged from 50-70,000 people being there for 12 hours on
Saturday. It was also televised on cable TV. There were Christian
celebrities (an oxymoron?) singing and playing music, fiery speeches,
and times of “prayer”. The event cost around $1 million to put on (not
to mention all of the pre-Call rallies and other things that took
place). Was it effective? Was Nashville changed? Did abortion stop or
even slow down because of The Call? Did it have any impact at all? I
don’t know what impact it had, but I know that thousands of babies PER
are still being killed in the name of choice.

So, let’s play “what if” again. What if those 50,000 people got together
in Nashville and decided to go witness to people about the truth of the
gospel and tell them about the judgment to come? What if each person got
a pack of gospel tracts and teamed up with others to canvas the city? If
the estimates were correct, the cost for the tracts would have been
between $300 – $420,000. If those people then canvassed Nashville for
even six hours witnessing and preaching the true gospel to people, what
would have happened? Would it have had more impact than The Call? I know
it would. Why? Because it is the gospel that is the power of God for
salvation. Salvation would bring about a change of heart and that would
reduce abortion tremendously more. Not only that, it would impact those
lives and communities in other ways as well. All of this would have been
done at less than half the cost. People would have seen the love of
Christ because Christians were coming to THEM to tell them the good
news. The hearts of countless sinners would have been pierced by the
gospel and they would have at least been given the opportunity to
receive the gift of salvation. I can’t say that this didn’t happen at
The Call, but I don’t remember anything being said about salvation at

The second flag that was raised was one the fact that if a church
decides to drift to the “fun and entertaining” method of living, they
will need funds. They will need new and better ways to bring money into
the church to keep things “fresh and relevant”. In other words, the
church will spend enormous amounts of time and effort chasing money.
They will “reach out” to people because they need people to come into
the church to finance their efforts(this has actually been said recently – at least they’re honest…). They teach this mentality to their
congregations instead of sharing the true gospel. The non-Christians who
can suffer through it will most likely have some kind of emotional
experience and get “saved”, all while being inoculated against the
truth. They will become a stat or number or notch on the church’s belt
instead of a disciple.

Having said all this, it must be made clear that there is a cost for
preaching the gospel. If you preach the truth found in Scripture, the
Lord Himself told us what to expect:

This means that you will lose friends and family. You will be mocked,
laughed at, and insulted. Many “CHRISTIANS” will attack you for being
intolerant and judgmental. If you pastor a church and preach the truth,
it most likely won’t be a megachurch. That doesn’t mean that it’s not
possible, just not likely. To be honest, I wonder if you can preach the
truth and have a huge church? There may be one or two in the entire
nation where this is happening. If you’re preaching hell, sin, and
judgment straight from the Word of God, should you expect a big church?
Should you expect that people (including “Christians”) will like it?
Knowing what it says and going on my brief experience witnessing to
people, I can tell you they won’t like it.

The cost of preaching the true gospel is loss of “friends”, “family”,
image, and popularity. But, you’ll have the peace of knowing that you
are telling people the truth and helping to warn them of what’s to come.
You will know that you are obedient to God, irregardless of everything
else. This is worth any price – even death. Are you willing to pay

Newslinks 08/30/08

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Saddleback presidential forum: How did they respond?


Rick Warren held a presidential forum recently where he interviewed the candidates on different topics important to the American people. He interviewed Barack Obama for the first hour of the forum and John McCain the second hour.


Obama said that he feels that America’s greatest moral failure is “not abiding by the command of Jesus to care for ‘the least of these’”. Obama said that this applies to many things like poverty, racism, sexism, and that we should “provide ladders of opportunity for people to move up to the middle class”. When asked about the abortion issue, Obama said that he’s not sure when an unborn baby becomes a human life worth protecting and couldn’t provide an instance of when he’s voted to limit abortions. When asked when a baby should receive human rights, Obama said that he didn’t know for certain and the answer was “above his pay grade”. He said that he wasn’t for Roe v. Wade because he was pro-abortion, but because “women don’t make decisions about abortion casually”. When asked about marriage, Obama said that he believes that marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman, but that he wouldn’t support an amendment with that sort of language. He said that we have never defined marriage historically in the Constitution. When Obama “broke it down”, he said that marriage has always been a tradition of state law and that most people believe that there should be an amendment because of same-sex marriage. Obama said that while he doesn’t support same-sex marriage, he does support homosexual civil unions.


When John McCain was questioned, it started with a question about energy. He said that he believes that the US should drill offshore for oil so that we can become independent of foreign oil, a position that he didn’t hold 10 years ago. When asked about abortion, McCain said that he believes that life begins at conception. He reminded those present of his 25-year record of pro-life voting and committed his presidency to the pro-life stance. He also said that while he supports embryonic stem cell research, he is “wildly optimistic” that skin cell research will make the debate “an academic one”. When asked about marriage, McCain reiterated that he believed that California was wrong for legalizing same-sex marriage. He believes that marriage is between a man and a woman. He also said that he believed that the states should make the decision. He also said that it doesn’t mean that people can’t enter into legal agreements or have the rights of all citizens. When asked about religious persecution, McCain said that he would use his position as president to call on countries like China to stop their persecution of Christians.


While I don’t agree with Rick Warren and think that he is preaching another “gospel”, I hope that this forum helps people realize just how different the candidates are. I heard some of the audio clips from the forum and the difference is amazing. The answers that Barack Obama gave were a lot of double speak and didn’t really answer anything. He refused to give a definite answer as to when an unborn baby is a human being. He said that he believes that there is a “moral and ethical aspect to this issue” but wouldn’t state what that aspect is. He has, however, stood up for and promoted abortion for a number of years, so I think that we can readily see what his morals are. He said that he couldn’t answer when life began because it was “above his pay grade”. If that’s the case, and you’re the “thoughtful, caring, bastion of hope” that you promote yourself to be, why support abortion at all? If you have the morals that you claim you do, and you don’t know when life begins, why would you aggressively promote something like abortion? If you’re not sure, then it’s very possible that you’re killing babies right? Granted, the issue is a lot clearer than that. He said that he believes that there is common ground that our goal should be to reduce the number of abortions. Um…forgive me if I’m stating the obvious, if we get rid of legal abortions, wouldn’t that reduce them? If we stop/shut down Planned Parenthoods and abortions clinics and prosecute them as the murderers they are, and if we make abortion illegal, that should reduce them right? If we couple this with promoting abstinence and actually teach our kids moral absolutes, we’ll see abortions go down! If he can’t clearly answer a question like this, is he really cut out to be president? Obama was also asked if evil exists and how we should handle it (ignore it, negotiate with it, contain it, or defeat it). He said that evil does exist and then started naming all the places we see evil and that it should be “confronted squarely” and that while it’s God’s task to remove evil but that we can be “soldiers in that task”.


On the other hand, John McCain gave clear and definite answers. When asked about what we should do with evil, his response was “defeat it”. Period. There was no doubt where he stood. While I don’t agree with everything that John McCain has said, given the choice before me, I will not vote for Barack Obama. John McCain may not be perfect, but he is clear on where he stands and is consistent. Obama is not. He has been trying to court “evangelicals” for the past few months and this was just another opportunity to do so. I hope that Christians will see that Barack Obama has waffled on what he believes and where he stands on issues (except abortion and homosexual rights). I don’t understand how someone can support unbiblical practices that scripture calls sin and still call himself a Christian. Because of that I can’t vote for him. I pray that our nation will realize that our hope isn’t in a president (whether it’s John McCain or Barack Obama). The hope of our nation is in God and God alone. It is up to Christians to choose leaders that will obey the scriptures the way that God meant them and nothing else.



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Church-Hosted Forum Reveals Hearts, Minds of White House Hopefuls



Georgia’s Church-Aided Refugees Ask ‘Where Was God?’


Christian organizations and local churches are helping the hundreds of thousands of refugees that are fleeing the Georgian conflict. Those helping say that many of the people that come to them for help are there only with the clothes on their backs. The convents and churches of the area are taking in the refugees to give them shelter. One of the convent directors, known as Mother Nonna, said that she’s never seen so many kids with fear in their eyes. She said that the most difficult question to answer was “Where was God?” The fighting in Georgia started when the province of South Ossetia chose to secede from Georgia and unite with North Ossetia.


The question is one that all of us have asked in times of trouble. The answer is always the same. God is right where He’s always been. He is on His throne in heaven and is still sovereign. He is not surprised by the events in Georgia; or Darfur, or India for that matter. He not only knows they are happening He allows them. There is nothing that happens that He doesn’t know about. This is not the same as Him being the cause of those things though! Man has been given the free will to choose. The choice he has made has put him in the position he’s in. This isn’t just for things like war; it’s for money problems, marital problems, and so on. If you’re struggling with something, God knows! There are many things that make it seem like God isn’t with us though. The main one is the fact that the church has done a horrible job of rightly dividing and teaching the truth. If they did, there would be many more who know that God is there and would understand their times of trouble. Another reason that this is so hard for us (even Christians) is the fact that man likes to be in control. I do and so do you. We like to know exactly how things will be; we like to have complete control over the tiniest details. Unfortunately, we don’t have that control. Ever. We may think that we do, but how many times have we been in a situation where we thought something was going to be a certain way and then something happened that just completely destroyed all of our best laid plans? We don’t have control over anything, but as Christians we know who does. It’s God. We know that He loves His children, even when we go through trials. We may not understand why we’re going through our trials, but if we understand what the scripture says about God, we have to know that He will do what’s right. God is holy, just, and righteous. Everything that He does is right, whether we agree with it or understand it or we don’t. To those in Georgia, God is there. He sees your struggles, He knows what you’re going through, and He will do what is right.



Thousands Fast, Cry Mercy for America


Founder Lou Engle says that the cry for change in America is louder than the cry for mercy. Engle said this during the 12-hour TheCallDC event that was held last weekend at the National Mall in Washington, DC. Mike Huckabee, one-time presidential candidate, joined Engle on the stage to cry out for mercy for the millions of babies that have been murdered through abortion. Huckabee said that while it’s easy to point fingers, the blame squarely falls on those who “claim we know the Lord but have not lived it and not been faithful”. While the event happened just months before the election, the founder said that it’s not about the election but about a “spiritual awakening”. He said that many people, including Christian leaders, aren’t putting their faith “in politics or anywhere else”. Because of this, Engle said that the time was right for corporate fasting and prayer. Engle said that he was “moved” to see so many young people. He also said that the main issue for young evangelicals is abortion, even though studies have shown that that’s not necessarily the case.


I went to TheCall that was held in July of last year. At the time, I thought it was a wonderful thing and that having all of those people together praying together, I was sure that something was going to change in this nation, and in my own life. A little over a year later, things have changed, but never like I they thought they would. I look at what goes on at TheCall now and shake my head. They promote some great things, but I wonder what they really expect. In the year since the last Call, what’s changed? Will this get some people’s attention? Of course. Whenever you get thousands of people it is going to draw some attention. But what is the Call really doing? The motive of the Call is a “spiritual awakening”, but is that what our country needs? They talk about fasting and prayer, but what about repentance, righteousness, and holiness? Is twelve hours of not taking in anything than water and juice going to change our nation? Is 50,000 people gathering at the National Mall going to change the hearts of the entire nation? Even if it gets the attention of the people of America, does that justify it? There is a lot of money going into these, and I wonder if it couldn’t be spent better. Instead of gathering together the thousands of dollars needed to put on the Call wouldn’t it be better spent teaching and preaching the gospel? If I remember correctly, I never heard the gospel being preached. They say it’s not about fame, but why the gathering at all? Why the TV cameras? It would have been less expensive to send out an email and get everyone to fast for 40 days up to the day and then pray and fast all day, wouldn’t it? Our nation doesn’t need a “spiritual awakening” and it doesn’t need a “Call”. What it needs is a group of people who call themselves Christians and actually live it out. It needs a church that stands on the authority of the Bible instead of helping the enemies of God destroy it. It needs the gospel of Christ going out to the entire nation. If this happens, then our nation will see change…



Evangelist to U.S. Christians: Don’t ‘Snipe’ Muslims with Bible Verses


Dr. John Azumah recently spent time telling Christians gathered at the Inside-Out conference in Long Beach, California. He is an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church in Ghana and spoke to those gathered about not “sniping” Muslims with Bible verses. He said that Muslims are not just “nameless, faceless creatures”. He said that many Christians don’t know Muslims and that they are “strangers to us”. Azumah said that Christians should be salt and light and not “flashlights or fires”. He said that many Christians are like flashlights, shining in people’s eyes and causing them to turn away from the truth. He said that we should “engage them and show them that you love them” before you show them verses. He said that Christians should be lanterns because lanterns shine their light in non-imposing ways. He said that we should be like Barnabas and use our testimony to help people see Jesus like the woman at the well did. He said that Samaritans were to Jews as Muslims are to Christians. He said that Christians should wait on the Lord and wait for the Holy Spirit to come to you.


With all do respect, this is ridiculous. It seems that Mr. Azumah doesn’t understand Christians or Muslims. It also seems that he doesn’t understand some of what scripture says about the life of a Christian. The Bible says that we will be hated because of the message we carry with us. It says that the world will not like us because we follow Christ. This doesn’t mean that we can do what ever we want and aggravate people. But it doesn’t mean that we should water down the message or “wait” for the “perfect chance” to share the “gospel”. This makes no sense. If we understand scripture, we know that none of us are promised tomorrow and this means that it is up to us to get people the gospel as soon as possible! As far as Muslims are concerned, if they truly follow what their version of “scripture” says, they hate Christians and Jews. The idea that Christians hate Muslims like the Jews hated the Samaritans is not even close. It’s a generalization that he’s using to try and make his point. If Christians really hated Muslims like he says they do, why are so many spending their lives (many giving those lives) to reach them with the truth? To say that we are “sniping” Muslims by not spending weeks, months, and years getting to know them and instead giving them the truth of the scriptures is a gross misunderstanding of evangelism. It is not necessary to get to know people for weeks or months before we present the gospel to them. I can get to know someone in three minutes and then present the gospel to him or her and I’ve done it. The Muslims that I’ve spoken to this way have not reacted any differently than the non-Muslims have. The bottom line is that Muslims are just like anyone else who hasn’t received Christ for their salvation. They need to hear the truth of the Word of God because THAT is the power of God to salvation. It isn’t “getting to know them” or trying to be their friend first. I’m not saying that Christians shouldn’t be friends with Muslims or that we shouldn’t “get to know” them. What I’m saying is that it’s not necessary to get to know them in order to tell them the truth…


America’s Greatest Need

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In light of the presidential race and the focus on America, I’ve been hearing a lot about what America needs. Issues like jobs, the economy, tax reform, the environment, and abortion are all over the news with each candidate putting their spin on the issue in hopes of gaining the most votes and the presidency. All of this got me thinking about something…

What is America’s greatest need? Is it one of the issues listed above or is it something else? In the church, there might be a somewhat different response (although many churches today seem to be caught up in the same social issues that the world is). With spring comes buds on the trees and beautiful flowers, but spring also heralds the season of revival for many denominations. From now until the fall churches across the nation will be holding weeklong revivals in an effort to stir up the hearts of God’s people. There will be fiery sermons and exhortations. There will be songs of praise and worship. All of this will be done in an effort to please God and to “get Him to move” in the lives and cities where His people dwell.

But, is this America’s greatest need? Do we need revival? Should the body of Christ spend a week at a time clamoring for God’s attention, emotionally and spiritually whipping themselves into a frenzy? Should they put off everything else to spend an entire week of nights in the building called a “church” hearing a sermon that they may or may not remember a month from now? Is revival really America’s greatest need?

I don’t think so. I have nothing against revivals and have heard some wonderful sermons preached during these events, but that’s all they are: events. I don’t think that America’s greatest need is revival and I think that the church needs to realize that as well. In the book Downpour, author James MacDonald says what should be common sense to the church and yet seems to be ignored so many times. He says “to be revived, you have to be vived in the first place”. For revival to take place, those who profess to be Christians have to be “vived” to begin with. Sadly, that’s not the case. There are many in churches across the country living in sin (many openly) and no one is saying anything about it. There are people (including pastors!) committing adultery and they just keep on preaching “the Word”. There are people lying, stealing, cheating, and lusting after others and they are all professing to be Christians!

I don’t think that America’s greatest need is revival. You may disagree with me, but America’s greatest need is repentance. America needs to repent before we can ever be revived. So many talk about God bringing revival to the land, but many of those same people haven’t repented. We want our country to be free from the plagues that we face from every side, and we cry out for revival but to no avail. Why? Because we need to repent.

I’m not talking to the pagans and heathens either. I’m talking to the “Christians”! I’m talking to all of those pastors who are preaching a different gospel whether it is the “prosperity” gospel, the “feel good” gospel, the “you are god” gospel, the “social gospel” or any gospel other than the one that Jesus preached. REPENT! I’m talking to those “Christians” who think that they can live in adultery or sexual immorality and no one will know. REPENT! I’m talking to all of those youth who are sexually active or secretly pregnant. REPENT! I’m talking to all of those “men of God” who spend hours on the Internet looking at pornography. REPENT! I’m talking to all of those women who smile all pretty and talk sweet to people’s faces and then turn around and talk about them like nobody’s business. REPENT! I’m talking to all of the “Christian” men who need to be husbands to their wives, leaders in their houses, and examples to their children. REPENT! I’m talking to all of the women who profess to be Christians and have no problem at all killing the child that’s inside of them. REPENT! I’m talking to all of those “Christians” who claim that they can live a homosexual lifestyle and still be obedient to God. REPENT!

Is it any wonder why our country is in the shape that it’s in? We sit back and allow the world to fill our heads with lies about everything (and we believe it!). We chase the world and it’s ways in an effort to be “relevant” so that we can “reach out to the lost”. We spend all of our time and money on entertainment and events and the things that are “popular” in the world’s culture to draw people into the church, even though we know that Jesus said that we were to GO into the world! Our children run rampant (I’m talking about the ones from “Christian” families), they get into just as much trouble (if not more because they think they’re immune), and they are just as sexually active as those in the world. The divorce rate in the church is just as high as that of the world, even though we have scriptures that tell us how much God hates divorce and how it’s a permanent covenant that “no man” should separate.

Many will read this and say that the answer is 2 Chronicles 7:14:

2 Chron. 7:13-14:”If I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or if I command the locust to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among My people, and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

My first post was on the event last year called “The Call”. In almost a year since The Call, I’ve looked back to see very little impact from that event. The verse from 2 Chronicles was used extensively during the pre-Call time as well as during The Call itself. But is that really what happened? Is that what’s happening now? I wonder if those who profess to be God’s children really know how to do what’s quoted? First, do they know if they are His? If they’re living a life of sin, they are not His. Do they know how to humble themselves? I have seen a lot of false humility in the body of Christ lately. Many act like they are humble and contrite, but they don’t live it out. Do they know how to pray? I’m not talking about shouting to the heavens so that God might hear you better, and I’m not talking about rocking back and forth speaking in tongues. I’m talking about praying, spending time with God talking to Him, and interceding according to the truth of His Word. Do they know how to seek His face? From the looks of the modern church they don’t. They seek His hand or they seek His Name but they don’t seek His face. They look for “the blessing” and they talk about how they are glorifying God but they lack the substance that should accompany their efforts. Do they turn from their wicked ways? I can say with confidence that the answer is NO. They don’t turn from their wicked ways; they look to twist scripture to justify them. They seek for “loopholes” in scripture that they can make use of to suit themselves and lead others astray. They turn a blind eye to the truth of God for their own lives but seem to be quick to point out the troubles in the lives of others.

If none of what’s in 2 Chronicles 7:14 is happening, is it any wonder why God can’t hear us? Is it any wonder that our land isn’t being healed?

As I said above, I believe that the thing that America needs most is repentance. Those who profess to belong to Christ and follow Him need to actually start doing so. They need to stop living out “their best life now” or living Christianity out their own way and start living the Christian life the way that scripture says to live it. We are called to be holy. We are called to be set apart and different than the world. We are called to be a royal priesthood. If God were to treat us like He did the priests in the Old Testament, He would consume us with fire (Lev. 10) or have the earth swallow us up (Num. 16) because of our disobedience!

I can’t help but wonder something else as I write this. Why would we not want to repent? Ultimately, I know why. Think about it though. We have been given the greatest gift ever given! We have been given freedom from our sins and reconciliation to God! Not only that, but we have been offered the chance to be used by God to share that gift with others by telling them the truth of the gospel! Why are we not doing this? Why don’t we repent? Why aren’t we be rushing to God to ask for forgiveness, aligning our lives with His Word, and then doing everything that we can to go out and preach the gospel to the lost? Are we that happy with living our lives in the flesh? Are we so proud of ourselves and our accomplishments that we would rather rest on those than in the Savior of our souls?

What is our problem?!?!?!

To be honest, our problem is the same one we had in the garden. A friend of mine and I were talking about the Fall. She made a good point about Eve eating the fruit. In Genesis 3, when Satan questions God’s Word to man, Eve replies that she can’t eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil or touch it or they would die. God only said that they couldn’t eat it. So, when Eve allows herself to be carried away and enticed by her own lusts (James 1:13-15), she reaches for the fruit. When she takes the fruit and it doesn’t kill her, she may have thought, “Well, I didn’t die then…”

THAT’S what’s happening today too. We sin against God and it doesn’t kill us on the spot so we delude ourselves into thinking that it’s ok. We begin to feel comfortable with that sin so we commit another one. That one doesn’t kill us either and in time, we are ok with it too. Eventually, we are miles away from God, but we are comfortable with it because we have fooled ourselves into thinking that we’re still His, still doing His will, and nothing is wrong. I mean, if it were really as bad as it sounds, God would have done something about it by now right? I bet the Amorites said the same thing, until Israel came out of Egypt millions strong and decimated them…

Our greatest need here in America (and from the sounds of it everywhere else too) is not revival. It’s repentance. We need to truly repent of our sins and trust in Jesus. We need to live out our lives according to the way He has said. We need to study to show ourselves approved and to equip ourselves to do every good work. We HAVE to do this if we want to see America restored!

America, it’s time to repent!

The Call

July 20, 2007 at 3:26 pm | Posted in Christianity | 2 Comments
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I have been praying about how to respond to this for about 3 weeks. It’s been three weeks since the Call took place in Nashville. On 7-7-07, 40 – 70,000 Christians (it depends on who you ask) met at LP field to pray and intercede for our nation. Those who went were of one mind and many of the attendants there had been fasting for forty days prior to arriving in Nashville. Those who led the Call said that it was to “turn the church and the nation away from immorality”.

I was there. I went up to Nashville on the fourth of July to help prepare for the Call. Some friends of mine and I were at LP field on the fourth to spread the gospel. I remember the people that I met that night. I was at LP field Thursday and Friday to help prepare the stage and the stadium for the service that took place on Saturday. I remember the people there too. I remember Pedro and Tom, who were two of the main people setting up the stage area. I remember leaving Million Dollar bills at every drive through. Continue Reading The Call…

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