Newslinks 07/11/10

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Sunday’s Newslinks brought to you by At Ease Tees

Atheists put billboard on Billy Graham Parkway
A statewide coalition of atheists and agnostics has placed billboards in six North Carolina cities, including one along the Billy Graham Parkway in Charlotte.

Euthanasia weighs evenly on U.S. morality scale
Gallup’s most recent “Values and Beliefs” survey shows an even split among Americans on the issue of doctor-assisted suicide.

Reformed churches merger approved
The World Alliance of Reformed Churches and the Reformed Ecumenical Council have agreed to merge into the World Communion of Reformed Churches.

When is someone brain dead?
In order to make sure doctors reach the correct conclusion in determining brain death, new guidelines that call for a lengthy examination have been developed.

Joni Eareckson Tada Not Shaken by Breast Cancer
After 43 years of living paralyzed from the neck down and recently learning that she now has breast cancer, Joni Eareckson Tada remains all smiles. Continue Reading Newslinks 07/11/10…

Sunday’s Newslinks – 01/31/10

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Sunday’s Newslinks brought to you by At Ease Tees

Brown victory prompts political tremors in California
California Republicans have joined other party faithful across the country in celebrating the Scott Brown win in Massachusetts and believe it will be the political stimulus the GOP needs heading into this Fall’s election.

Study: Sexting a growing and dangerous problem
Pew Research Center has released results of a survey on “sexting,” the practice mostly among youth of transmitting nude or semi-nude pictures of themselves via cell phone.

Airline clerk appeals UK rulings banning crucifix
A Christian woman is asking London’s High Court to force British Airways to admit it was wrong in demanding she stop wearing a crucifix at work.

Ten Commandments monument in place at Okla. bank
A Ten Commandments monument that supporters want to put on the lawn of an Oklahoma county courthouse has been installed outside a bank for the time being.
Continue Reading Sunday’s Newslinks – 01/31/10…

Newslinks – 06/27/09

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Saturday’s Newslinks brought to you by At Ease Tees

 Iranian Leaders Try to Divert Attention by Pointing at West, Israel, ‘Terrorists’
( –
Amid a weekend of deadly violence in Tehran, Iran’s leaders launched a concerted drive to deflect blame for the unprecedented post-election turmoil away from the state and towards its customary enemies – the West and Israel…  

Sotomayor Overturned Prison Regulations to Allow Santeria-Practicing Convicts to Wear Beads( – Judge Sonia Sotomayor, President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court, told the State of New York in 1994 that it must allow prison inmates who practice Santeria to wear multi-colored beads.  Santeria is a sect that combines African religious traditions with elements drawn from Roman Catholicism…  

Clerical Rumblings Reported in Iran as Opposition Figures Continue to Demand New Elections( – As Iranian opposition figures continue to demand fresh elections following the worst civil unrest in decades, reports of simmering discontent among senior religious clerics suggest that some of the pillars of the theocratic state may be facing an unprecedented challenge…

Obama’s Top Economic Adviser Says ‘Public Option’ Health Plan Will ‘Never’ Take Public Money( – Christina Romer, chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, told Congress that the government-run health insurance agency that President Obama hopes to create would “never” rely on public money after it is established…

Britain–Which White House Suggests Is Model of Single-Payer Health Care System That ‘Works’–Doesn’t ‘Work’ for Everyone
( –
White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs raised eyebrows last week when he attempted to clarify President Obama’s startling admission that he thought there were countries where single-payer healthcare systems work “pretty well.”…

‘Government-Run’ Health Care Is a ‘Buzz Word,’ Sen. Chris Dodd Says
( –
President Barack Obama has announced that he would like to create a government-run health insurance company to compete with private health insurance companies. When asked if they support this idea, Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) called it, i.e., “government-run,” a “buzz word,” and Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) called it “political talk.”…  

Suspect Raised Red Flags in Law Enforcement Circles Long Before He Allegedly Killed Abortionist George Tiller
( –
It was April 1996, just a few days before the one-year anniversary of the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City, when Sgt. Larry Crady and other officers of the Shawnee County, Kan., Sheriff’s Department were briefed on a potential threat from the Freemen, an anti-government extremist group then in a standoff with the FBI in rural Montana… 

Netanyahu: There’s ‘An American Commitment to Make Sure’ Iran Doesn’t Develop a Nuke( – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said yesterday that “there’s an American commitment to make sure” that Iran does not develop a nuclear weapon. Netanyahu was speaking on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”…


Christian Groups Highlight ‘Devastating’ Violence Against Women, Girl Refugees
Christian groups and believers around the world capped a week of refugee advocacy with World Refugee Sunday in hopes of mobilizing more churches to pray for the more than 42 million refugees and internally displaced peoples


Creation of 2nd Anglican Body in North America Nears Completion


LU Dismisses College Democrats’ Sponsor; Club President Resigns


Texas High Court Rules in Favor of Ex-Prisoners Ministry



Christians Free to Pass Out Leaflets at Gay Pride Event, Not at Arab Festival


Sudan Faces Permanent Humanitarian Emergency, Warn Relief Groups


Media Cheer Obama’s Golf Outings; Criticized Republicans’ Trips to Course
( –
President Barack Obama has gone to the golf course at least 11 times since he took the oath of office a little more than six months ago–three rounds were played during the late January, 12-day holiday Obama took with his family in Hawaii; one at Andrews Air Force Base; and seven at Ft. Belvoir Golf Course, including a round on Sunday, Father’s Day, with Vice President Joe Biden… 

GOP Lawmaker Wants White House to Produce Communications Related to Firing of Inspector General( – The communications between the White House and the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of California regarding the firing of an inspector general–who uncovered misuse of federal funds by a charity run by an Obama political ally–should be released and reviewed, said Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee…

House and Senate Health Reform Bills Prohibit Subsidies to Illegal Aliens
( –
Both the House and Senate versions of President Obama’s health care reform plans contain passages explicitly excluding illegal immigrants from receiving federal money to purchase health insurance from either a private or government-run health plan…

Islamic Attire Symbolizes ‘Servitude and Humiliation,’ Says French President
( –
French President Nicolas Sarkozy has launched a stinging attack against the burqa, just weeks after he fended off implied criticism by President Obama on the subject of France’s attitude towards traditional women’s attire in Islam… 

Less Than 24 Percent of Guns Seized by Mexican Authorities in 2008 Were Traced Back to U.S. ( – Less than 24 percent of the guns seized last year by Mexican authorities, mostly from drug trafficking organizations, were traced back to the United States, according to data released in a report by the Government Accountability Office… 

Massachusetts Health Care Reform Not as Successful as Lawmakers Claim, Free Market Analyst Says ( – Lawmakers are painting a rose-colored picture of Massachusetts’ 2006 health care reform, according to Michael Tanner, senior fellow at the Cato Institute and author of the book, “Health Competition: What’s Holding Back Health Care and How to Free It.”…


Anglicans Officially Establish Orthodox Body
The Anglican Church in North America was constituted on Monday, marking a new beginning for thousands of conservative Anglicans eager to get past the politics of church and on with promoting the Gospel.


ELCA Head Calls for ’50 Days of Prayer’ Amid Sexuality Debate


PETA Seeks ‘Converts’ at Southern Baptist Meeting


Survey Explores Christian Faith of Homosexuals


Luis Palau: Religion Can’t Give You Eternal Life


6 Members of Traveling Youth Choir Confirmed with H1N1 Flu


Obama Says It’s ‘Not Logical’ to Fear Government-Run Health Care
White House ( –
President Barack Obama said it is “not logical” to think that a government-run health care program competing with private health insurers would eventually drive the private firms out of business…

 New York Times Poll Showing 72% Support for Obama’s Health Care Plan Was Stacked With Obama Supporters
( –
A New York Times/CBS News poll released Saturday that showed broad bipartisan support for President Obama’s health care reform, over-sampled Obama voters compared to McCain voters, critics say…

 Physician Disputes Obama’s Claim of 46 Million Uninsured Americans
( –
An Arizona orthopedic surgeon testified in Congress on Tuesday that President Obama’s claim that 46 million Americans don’t have health insurance is not accurate because it does not reflect exactly who those people are and why they are “uninsured.”… 

Obama ‘Appalled’ About Iran, Will Not Discuss Consequences
( –
After taking flak for days from some conservative quarters for his approach to the turmoil in Iran, President Obama on Tuesday declared himself “appalled and outraged” by Tehran’s response to the post-election protests, but repeatedly declined to say whether there would be any consequences, or shifts in U.S. policy, as a result.

Obama Condemns Iranian Government’s Violent Treatment of Peaceful ProtestersWashington ( – President Obama amplified his criticism Tuesday of the violent treatment by the Iranian government towards peaceful protesters in the aftermath of the nation’s recent elections, saying he “condemns” Iran’s actions… 

More Street Protests Called in Iran in Defiance of Regime Warnings
( –
Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi, in continued defiance against the government, has reportedly called on supporters to demonstrate yet again on Wednesday, despite warnings by senior officials that those who have been arrested in post-election protests will be taught a lesson… 

Hoyer Says Obama, Congressional Leaders United in Push for ‘Pathway to Citizenship’ for Illegal Aliens—Wants Action as Early as This Fall
( –
House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D.-Md.) said Tuesday that President Obama and the Democratic leadership in both the House and Senate are united in the cause of enacting immigration reform legislation that will provide illegal aliens with a pathway to citizenship and that will create a guest-worker program for foreign workers… 

Former Bush Solicitor General Ted Olson Files Suit Claiming Same-Sex Marriage is Constitutional Right( – Attorney David Boies and former Bush administration Solicitor General Theodore Olson have filed a lawsuit in California to overturn voter-approved Proposition 8, which says only male-female marriages are valid in the state, declared unconstitutional so that homosexuals can marry…


Rick Warren Supports New Conservative Anglican Body
Pastor Rick Warren expressed solidarity with hundreds of conservative Anglicans who broke from their national churches to form their own orthodox body.



Southern Baptist Head: We Have a Vision Problem


Judge: ‘Religious’ Library Policy Entangles Church, State

College Democrats Vote Off Club Sponsor; Embrace New LU Policy


Aid Group Exposes Myanmar State Violence Against Christian Minority


Relating Climate Change to Poverty ‘Vital’, Says Head of Catholic Relief Network


Two Years Later, Sustained Dramatic Decline in Casualties in Iraq Demonstrates Surge Strategy Worked

( –
Two years after the U.S. military’s deployment of additional troops in Iraq went into full effect in June 2007, a dramatic and sustained fall in the number of combat fatalities among American servicemen can clearly be tracked back to the implementation of the “surge” strategy…

Obama Not Telling Truth on Gov’t Health Care, Republicans Say
( –
Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) and Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) both said that President Barack Obama’s description of how his proposed government-run health care plan would work was not true. DeMint added that Obama apparently thinks the American people are too dumb to realize that the government will never compete fairly with private insurance companies…

Obama’s Plan to Fund D.C. Abortions Shows He Is Not Seeking ‘Common Ground,’ Congresswomen Say( – Pro-life activists and members of Congress said President Barack Obama’s claim that he wants to seek “common ground” with people who morally object to abortion and find ways to reduce abortions contrasts his actions, including his recommendation to revise an amendment in the 2010 budget for the District of Columbia and thus allow federal funds to pay for the procedure…

Electric Cars Will Not Decrease Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Says Federal Study
( –
The stimulus law enacted in February promoted the purchase of plug-in electric cars by the federal government and the broader market, but a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report released this month says that the use of plug-in electric vehicles will not by itself decrease greenhouse gas emissions…

Hoyer Slams Reagan Administration While Discussing D.C. Metro Accident
Washington ( –
House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) took Monday’s fatal D.C. Metro accident as an opportunity to slap the Reagan administration for failure to adequately fund public transportation a quarter-century ago…


New Nixon Tapes Include Phone Call with Billy Graham
A 1973 conversation between President Nixon and evangelist Billy Graham about Israel was among the secretly recorded tapes from the Nixon presidency that were made public this week.

National Association of Evangelicals Names Cizik Replacement


Breakaway Anglican Church Takes Property Case to Supreme Court


Southern Baptists Celebrate Obama Election; Decry His Policies


Appeals Court Backs Va. Partial-Birth Abortion Ban


Southern Baptists Re-Elect President Johnny Hunt to 2nd Term


Reid Did Not Have a ‘Lot of Time’ to Read Stimulus Bill; Will Not Give Public a Week to Read Health Care Bill Before Voting on It
( –
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D- Nev.) will not commit to giving senators and the public a full week to read and review the final version of a health care reform bill before he holds a final vote on it… 

Obama Suggests Health Care Reform Will Mean Rationing for Some, But Admits He Would Pay Out-of-Pocket for His Own Family
( –
During ABC’s health care forum Wednesday from the White House, “Prescription for America,” President Obama cited his deceased grandmother’s hip replacement surgery as an example of rationing care…

Angry Docs Say Proposed Government-Run Health Care Plan Will Drive Physicians Out of Medicine( – You do not have to be a brain surgeon to see that government-run health care will bode ill for doctors and medicine, says Dr. David McKalip of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons…

 Obama Joins Bipartisan Group from Congress to Begin Push for Amnesty for Illegal Aliens( – President Barack Obama met with Democratic and Republican lawmakers on Thursday to try to work out a comprehensive immigration reform package, which would include a “pathway to citizenship” for illegal aliens–a proposal that has failed twice before in Congress…

Islamic Bloc Chief Urges Appointment of New US Envoy, But Is This It?
( –
Buoyed by the presence in the White House of a president who wants to prioritize relations with the world’s Muslims, the head of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) visited both Washington and Brussels this week, and urged the U.S. to quickly appoint an envoy to the Islamic bloc…

 Muted UN Response to Iran Crackdown
( –
Two weeks after Iran’s bitterly disputed election, despite days of protests, state violence and a rising death toll, the United Nations Security Council remains silent and the world body’s Human Rights Council has not called a meeting… 

Reading Miranda Rights to Captured Terrorists ‘Most Outrageous Notion I Have Ever Heard,’ Says Republican Senator
( –
The Obama administration’s policy of having the FBI read the Miranda rights to terrorists captured on the battlefield in Afghanistan is “outrageous,” Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) told…

 Film Reveals Courage, Sacrifice of U.S. Army’s Bomb Squad in Streets of Baghdad
( –
The death toll in Iraq from Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) would be much higher if it were not for the men who spend every day in a life-and-death struggle to dismantle those destructive devices…


‘Stoning of Soraya M.’ Sheds Light on Human Cruelty, Islam
Hitting limited theaters this weekend is the true and eye-opening story of a modern-day woman who was tragically stoned to death in Iran after she was falsely accused and deemed guilty of committing adultery.


Christians Say Hate Crimes Bill Is Not What You Think


Indian Christian: Attacks Have Increased Our Faith


DCLA 2009 Kicks Off Triennial LA Gathering


T.D. Jakes Holds 15th ManPower Event After Near-Death Experience


Churches Campaign to Restore Int’l Food Aid to North Korea

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