Design of the Week 12/10/08 – Half Right

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This time of year, many people are focused on the “Christmas rush”. They run around from store to store to find the perfect gift for those they love. The big attraction this time of year for the kids is getting their picture with Santa and telling him what they want for Christmas. One of the most famous phrases from Mr. Claus is “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

The sad part about this is that Santa is only half right. Unfortunately, many people are happy with that. See, what we should be saying this time of year is “Holy! Holy! Holy!” These three words are known in scripture as the trihaggion. The only time they are used is to describe God. Holiness is one of God’s characteristics. He is holier than everything else.

We should be focused on God and His holiness instead of gifts and Santa. It was God who came to earth to save us. While many people know this, they seem to forget that He didn’t have to. He is perfect and holy without us. He doesn’t need us or depend on us. And yet, He still came and lived as a man in order to provide us the opportunity to be reconciled with Him. The Christmas season is the beginning of something that God had planned before the foundation of the world. It ended on Resurrection Sunday when Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

This season, when you find yourself caught up in rushing around to get your shopping done and everything just seems to be pressuring you, stop for a minute and put your focus back on Christ. It is His gift that we should be receiving. It is His gift that we should be most happy with and most grateful for. It is His gift that is the only thing that can save us from an eternity in hell. Being half right is the same as being all wrong when your eternal life is on the line…

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