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Breakthrough May Help President, Congress

By Ivana Nodatruth

Tuscaloosa, AL – Researchers at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa have been working around the clock in a feverish effort to finish what could be one of the most amazing medical breakthroughs of the past century. If successful, the highly advanced research is expected to change the face of medicine and politics in America.

The researchers have been working on experimental tissue restructuring techniques that would allow them to create new organs from cell tissue cultures. While ethics issues are still being discussed, the researchers believe that the overall good that will come from the new organs will outweigh any concerns that may come from ethical issues. Dr. Ichabod M. Fulovit, the lead researcher for the project feels that the research his team is doing will be of great benefit to the United States and may possibly be brought to other nations as well. Continue Reading From the wild hair dept……

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