Newslinks 03/14/10

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Sunday’s Newslinks brought to you by At Ease Tees

Sen. Lieberman Proposes Legalizing Bisexual Behavior in the U.S. Military
– Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) recently introduced the “Military Readiness Enhancement Act of 2010,” which would allow homosexuals and bisexuals to openly serve in the United States Armed Forces. Lieberman told that the bill would legalize homosexual and bisexual activity in the military.

Sen. Nelson: ‘Premature To Make Any Decision’ On Allowing Homosexuals To Openly Serve in Military
– Senator Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) told that it is “premature to make any decision” on repealing the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” (DADT) policy and the federal law that prohibits homosexuals from serving openly in the military. “I want to see what the military is putting together,” he said.

Timetable for U.S. Troop Withdrawal on Track, Obama Says, After Iraqis Vote
– “We will continue with the responsible removal of the United States forces from Iraq,” President Obama said at the White House on Sunday, confirming that “by the end of the next year, all U.S. troops will be out of Iraq.” At least 38 people were killed during a spate of bombing and other attacks near polling stations on Sunday, but millions of Iraqis defied terrorists’ threats and turned out to cast their ballots. Obama noted that Iraqi forces had taken the lead in providing security.

Reported Arrest of American Militant in Pakistan Could Lead to First Treason Trial in Decades
– Conflicting reports about the possible arrest of American al-Qaeda spokesman Adam Yahya Gadahn in Pakistan are focusing attention once again on the first person to be charged with treason against the United States in more than half a century. Pakistani officials told media organizations Sunday that Gadahn had been arrested in Karachi, Pakistan’s biggest city. In the years after 9/11, Gadahn appeared, sometimes masked, in a number of videos threatening violence against Americans and other Westerners. Continue Reading Newslinks 03/14/10…

Newslinks 07/05/08

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Friday’s Newslinks brought to you by At Ease Tees

Public schools condemned for wrong emphasis


A number of Americans feel that the schools are not focusing on the right things. According to a survey by the Associated Press, many think that they should be focusing on math. About a third of those surveyed said that math should be a major focus. Twenty-one percent said English should be the main focus. Smaller numbers picked things like arts, biology, and chemistry. The overall sense of the survey was that American schools are not focusing on the things that our kids need to help continue moving our country forward. While many think that we are just keeping up with the rest of the world, studies have shown that our kids rank in the middle to the bottom of the pack. The survey was split on the value of standardized tests. Half think that they are worth having while the rest say that they are wasting time that should be spent on teaching. Unfortunately, many schools are using student performance to determine what they pay their teachers.


I am of the view that standardized testing is wasting time. America already has standardized tests that they should be using to determine where the kids are. To spend much of the school year studying and preparing for tests that will determine how much money the schools get and how much the teachers get paid is ridiculous. Our kids need teachers and those teachers need to get paid for their time and effort. They spend as much as 8 hours a day, five days a week with our kids (something that some parents would have a hard time with) and they get paid a pittance. If you paid a babysitter or daycare service for that amount of time with that many kids you’d be paying a fortune! Not only that, many of them spend time during the summer break preparing lessons for the next year. If our schools are to get back to preparing the children for the future, then the teachers need the support of the parents and multiple levels of government. We need to get back to basics. If our nation wants to excel, we need to get our kids taught right. I would love to see the Bible back in schools as well to help our kids get a sound moral grounding. That’s what our nation really needs.


Bobby Jindal Signs Law Allowing Intelligent Design in Louisiana Schools


Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal has recently signed into law the Louisiana Science Education Act, which allows teachers to provide additional materials in their science classrooms. These materials include criticisms of global warming, evolution, the origins of life, and human cloning. The state’s Senate passed the bill with a unanimous vote while the House had a vote of 93-4. Under the new law, teachers will follow the curriculum but will be allowed to offer supplementary material to help students “analyze, critic, and objectively study” the issues. Supporters of the law say that this is a major step forward for the state while opponents say that this law will basically opens a backdoor for religious views. Intelligent Design proponents say that their position has nothing to do with religion and that they only present a “rationalistic philosophical” idea that is older than Christianity.


First, let me congratulate Louisiana and their governor. This is truly a hopeful day for the students of their schools. I hope that this sets a precedent for the remaining states in our country to not be afraid to pass laws like this. Those who are against this law say that this opens the door for religion. I disagree. The schools are full of religion. Through biological, cosmological, and social evolution, our schools are promoting a humanistic religion that has very little foundation in the “facts” that are often presented as “dispassionate science”. Our schools have become churches for atheism and secular humanism and most of us don’t even realize this. We send our kids to school where they learn that life came from non-living matter (supposedly), that they are nothing but evolved apes and therefore animals, and that the strong survive and the weak don’t. Is it any wonder we’re having the problems we are? As for ID, it has just as many problems as evolution. The idea that ID somehow presents a “rationalistic philosophical” view that is older than Christianity is ludicrous. They say that their belief is based on Ancient Greek philosophers. Last time I checked, those Ancient Greek philosophers lived long after people like David and Moses, not to mention Adam who was there at the beginning. Christianity holds the view that God created everything in the universe in 6 solar (24 hour) days. It also holds that mankind is created in the image of God. I know that the law says that religion will not be discussed. The consolation for that is the fact that even without “religion”, evolution has many criticisms. If we want “real science” in our classrooms and colleges, then why do many evolutionists oppose allowing criticisms of their belief system? Is it because they know that it’s based on a lot of faith and very little evidence?


Court Order Permits Christian Handouts at Homosexual “PrideFest”


Recently, a court order against the city of St. Louis was allowed for Apple of His Eye. The Christian ministry sought to hand out Christian literature at the city’s annual PrideFest, a celebration of homosexual behavior. A lawyer with the Alliance Defense Fund requested the injunction and got it approved just days before the festival took place. The ministry expressed their happiness at being able to exercise their First Amendment rights.


I’m glad to hear that AHE got the injunction and were able to share the truth with those who need it. It never ceases to amaze me that people who are against Christianity always clamor about “equal rights” and “free speech” unless it’s for Christians. If Christians try to exercise the same rights, we get threatened with arrest. I shouldn’t be surprised but I am. I guess it’s just an indication of where our country is headed…


Presbyterian Assembly votes to drop homosexual clergy ban


The Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) has decided to remove the ban that requires ministers to live in “fidelity within the covenant of marriage between and a man and a woman, or chastity in singleness”. The ban is still required to pass a majority of the 173 US presbyteries before it’s truly dropped. The PCUSA did choose to keep the definition of marriage as a covenant between a man and a woman. The PCUSA allows ministers to bless same-sex unions but the ceremonies cannot mimic marriage ceremonies. Some have expressed concern about how the church will move forward in a time of large diversity of opinion. Those who support the decision said that they’ve been waiting a long time for this and hope that the church members can move forward together. Another advocate of the decision said that the vote came from “faith and not fear” and that it was a vote for “a vibrant future”.


This is just sad. It is a wonderful example of people wanting to live their own way and still deceive themselves that they are going to heaven. They want the promises that the Bible offers, but without obedience. Many of the supporters talk about serving Christ, but it’s not the Christ of the Bible. Just because you say that you’re serving Christ doesn’t mean that you really are, especially if you’re disobeying His commandments! As I’ve said a number of times, homosexuality is a sin and an abomination to the Lord. If you are living in direct disobedience to God, how can you be serving Him? And how can a denomination talk about being a part of the body of Christ when it disregards much of what He says? Are we truly that deluded that we think that God is not going to judge our sins because we’ve given Him some sort of weak lip service? Do we think that He will just let us in because He’s loving? That’s not what scripture says! The PCUSA needs to stop messing around and actually stand up for what the scripture says, regardless of how many may not like it. They are too worried about the “diverse opinion” of man and not about the opinion of God, which is the only one that really matters…


Obama’s for Equal Pay, Yet Pays Female Staffers Less Than Males


Barack Obama spent a lot of time praising himself as a supporter of equal pay for women. He also recently talked about his support of the Fair Pay Restoration Act. All of this was to a large crowd of voters in New Mexico. He also criticized John McCain for not putting more emphasis on the working woman saying, “when you look at our records and our plans on issues that matter to working women, the choice could not be clearer”. When a study was done of the pay of those women working for him, it showed that the women were outnumbered and out-paid by men. The average pay for the non-intern male employees on his staff was $59,207. The average pay for the non-intern female employees was $48,729.91. For John McCain, the women made an average of $59,104.51 while the men made $56,628.83 on average.


I don’t like writing too much about political stuff, but I couldn’t pass this up. It seems that Barack Obama thinks that Americans are stupid. It seems like he thinks that we won’t do any research on what he says or does. To some degree I’m sure that he’s right. I’m sure that there is a group of people who take what he says at face value and don’t look at anything else. That’s sad. What’s worse though is that people will look at what he says and vote based on that without seeing that his actions don’t line up with his words. To talk about fair pay for women and criticize your opponent for a lack of concern only to have the media report that you pay the women who work for you an average of $11,000 less is shameful.


Obama to Expand Bush’s Faith Based Programs


Barack Obama said recently that he plans to expand President Bush’s current faith based programs and supports some ability to hire and fire based on faith. The announcement came as Obama unveiled his plans to get religious charities more involved in government programs. According to an anonymous senior staff member for Obama, he does not support requiring religious tests for recipients of aid nor using federal money to proselytize, according to a campaign fact sheet. He also only supports letting religious institutions hire and fire based on faith in the non-taxypayer funded portions of their activities. Obama also planned on talking about how he became a Christian and its current importance to him.


Did I mention how I don’t talk much about political stuff? This is another instance of Barack Obama talking out of both sides of his mouth. He talks about expanding faith-based programs, but it’s all social stuff. He also talks about supporting limited hire/fire ability for religious organizations but what will happen if that person is a homosexual? Obama is strongly supportive of the homosexual agenda. Sadly, it seems as if Obama is just pandering to conservatives in hopes to get their vote. In all honesty, I don’t see Obama doing any of this. For him to talk of his “Christian faith” and his “commitment” to Christ while standing for what he does is hypocrisy of the highest level. As I’ve said before, I don’t believe that Barack Obama is a Christian. I just hope that this latest attempt to engage Christians on issues of faith isn’t taken seriously…


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