Claiming honor in the presence of the king

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Many Christians today talk about the freedom, power, and authority they have. They talk about being bold and aggressive in their prayers. They demand things from God as they pray and command everything to obey them from the human body to the weather to demons and evil spirits.

Not only that, they talk about how they’re “anointed”, “called”, or “gifted” for the “ministry” they are doing. They use this prestige and “anointing” to lead people “into the throne room of God”, “storming the gates of heaven” to get their “vision” accomplished. They shout, yell, whoop, holler, and get red-faced when they preach or pray. Many of them strive to pack “megachurches” with thousands of seats. They preach whatever is necessary to keep people there and love to be looked on as leaders. They are happy to be sought out for advice and always have an opinion to give. They maneuver themselves into places of “power” and gain greater degrees of fame as their notoriety grows. But is this biblical? Is it right? Continue Reading Claiming honor in the presence of the king…

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