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It’s school time and that means earlier mornings, earlier bedtimes, and homework. It also means bus rides, cooler weather (eventually), and sitting through hours of classes. One of the most dreaded things in school is the evil pop quiz. This is like an ambush to school kids (and it may be one of the few ways that some teachers get back at the kids…). The pop quiz was a way to make sure that the kids actually absorbed and understood whatever topic was being taught. Those that retained the information did well. Those that didn’t got themselves marked as needing help.

I think that it would be great if the church started giving pop quizzes. Imagine the scene: You have had a regular Sunday morning. No one got up on time because they expected someone else to set the alarm clock. Kids and parents have spent the last thirty minutes fighting over who gets the shower (and the hot water). One of the kids has been sent back to their room to change twice because they can’t seem to understand that you can’t wear the hot green top with the red velvet pants. The other kids have been told to sit down on the couch and wait for the rest of the family. This went well….for about 5 seconds. They are now getting on each others’ nerves and it is about to get ugly. Mom is in the bathroom putting on makeup while Dad is left to keep watch on the brewing storm and the one uncoordinated child. Continue Reading Pop Quiz…

How did we get here?

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Have you ever had a moment to stop and look at your life? Have you ever stopped, examined your life and where you are, and wondered: How did I get here? I’ve done that a few times and it’s always been eye-opening. I never seem to have been where I thought I was. Sometimes I was further along than I thought and other times I wasn’t as far along as I expected. As I looked back on the path that I trod to get where I was, when I began studying where I walked, I could easily see the things that had gotten me off track. Things like disobedience, willful blindness, and sin led me off of the narrow path and out into the weeds. Because of my lack of diligence or awareness I had to work harder to get back on the path. I had to push through painful thorns and cut through the vines of worldliness that were trying to hold me down and choke me out. Through God’s grace alone, I am here. I’m cut up, bruised, and worn out, but I’m here. As I was pondering these things, I couldn’t help but wonder if the body of Christ has ever done this. I can think of one time when I would say this happened, but other than that, I don’t think that something like this has ever taken place. I wonder why? Does the church not see where it is? Do they not care where they are going? Or are they afraid of what they’ll find? Regardless of the reason, I think that the church would benefit from taking a little time to look at where it is in the face of the state of the world. Continue Reading How did we get here?…

Design of the Week 08/13/08 – Pop Quiz

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This week’s design is one called Pop Quiz. The design is based on Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5. It is also a condensed version of the style of evangelism used by Ray Comfort, Kirk Cameron, and others through Way of the Master.


The design is simple text that goes through a few of the Ten Commandments and challenges the viewer to look at themselves and compare their life to God’s standard of what is good. The law is how we will be judged and not by our own standard. It basically boils down to this:


1.)    Would you consider yourself to be a good person?

2.)    How many lies do you think you’ve told during your life?

3.)    Have you ever stolen something?

4.)    Have you ever committed adultery? What about looked at someone with lust? (Jesus says that they are the same thing)

5.)    Have you ever murdered someone? Hated someone? (Jesus says that they are the same thing)

6.)    According to your own admission, you’re a lying, thieving, adulterous, murderer at heart.

7.)    If God were to judge you by the Ten Commandments, would you be innocent or guilty? (if innocent, go back through the commandments)

8.)    Would you go to heaven or hell?

9.)    Does this concern you? It should…

10.)            Do you know what God did so that you wouldn’t have to go to hell?

11.)            Tell them about the cross…


This design just asks the questions about the commandments and then says “ask me about your score!” Hopefully, this will open up a witnessing opportunity. Of all of the ways I’ve heard of and seen to witness, this has been the most effective way for truly helping people to understand what sin is, where they stand with God, and what will happen if they die without receiving the gift of salvation.

Design of the Week 04/30/08 – Pop Quiz

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This week’s design incorporates a method of evangelism into it. It will hopefully set up a witnessing encounter through the questions that it asks. The questions come from Way of the Master. WOTM is a method of evangelizing the lost using God’s law.


You may have just read that and said to yourself, “God’s law?” Yep. God’s law. The method is really simple. You start out talking to the person and connecting with them. Then, you swing the conversation to spiritual things. You might ask them about churches in the area. You might ask them what they think happens when someone dies. You might ask them if they’ve had a Christian background. Once you’ve gotten the spiritual into the conversation, you ask them if they would consider themselves to be a good person. Almost everyone that I’ve asked has said yes. Then go through some of the Commandments with them. Have they ever told a lie? What do you call someone who tells lies? (A Liar). Have they ever stolen something? A person who steals things is called? (A Thief). Have they every taken God’s Name in vain? (Blasphemy). Have they ever hated someone? (Murder according to the New Testament – 1 John 3:15). Have they ever looked at someone with sexual desire? (Adultery according to Jesus – Matthew 5:28). Then you recap what you’ve just done. If they said yes to all the above, then they are lying, thieving, blasphemous, adulterous, murders; by their own admission. That last part is important. You haven’t done anything except show them what God’s Law says about their condition. Many times, it won’t be easy to get them to admit something. You’ll have people try to explain things away or get you off track. Just keep taking them through the commandments.


If they are constantly justifying themselves and will not be honest with you, then they are not ready for the gospel. I know that that may seem counterintuitive, but it’s true. The Bible says that God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble (James 4:6/1 Peter 5:5). If they are willing to admit that they’re a sinner, then ask them if they’d be innocent or guilty if God judged them by this standard (He will…). If they say guilty, then ask them if they would go to heaven or hell. If they’re honest, they’ll say hell. Then ask them if that concerns them. It should, and they should know that it concerns you too (it should). If they have come to this point, then they are ready to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and the wonderful sacrifice that He made for them. They are ready to hear how Jesus paid the fine for their sins so that they don’t have to. Ask them if they understand what you’ve said to them and make sure that it makes sense. Ask/remind them what they need to do for salvation (repent and trust Jesus). Then encourage them to do that as soon as possible. If they want to pray, then go ahead and pray, but it’s not necessary for you to lead them in the “sinner’s prayer”. If they’re truly repentant, they will be able to say what’s on their heart. Then you can pray after them. Make sure that they have a bible at home and encourage them to read it daily.


Much more information about this can be found at www.wayofthemaster.com and www.livingwaters.com. You can also hear this in action through Way of the Master Radio (www.wayofthemasterradio.com).

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