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This weekend, men and women will be celebrating love on Valentine’s Day. They will wining and dining in their best clothes. They will be giving candy, flowers, perfumes/colognes, and other assorted gifts and goodies to show that special someone just how much they love them.  Love will be in the air and romance will be the word of the day. If it’s really strong, a song might be dedicated or even written.  All of this in the name of love. None of this is bad, in and of itself. If you are in love then you should celebrate that. But I want to ask you something that you may not have given any attention to. Do you know true love? Do you know what love really is (I really have to get that Foreigner song out of my head…)?   Continue Reading Love…

Design of the Week – Boog’s Corner – Rose

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Ok. This is another one from my daughter. This one took me by suprise. Boog always comes up with things that I wish I thought of. She sees things like me but then she doesn’t. She looks at them from a little different vantage point and that makes all the difference. (That and she’s still shorter than me…for now).

The poem is an original poem she created and it goes a little somethin’ like this:

Following Jesus is like holding a rose without wearing gloves. It is hard and it hurts, but it pays off in the end.

I added a few elements to the design, but she gets (and deserves) all the credit. Not only that, she’s right. Following Jesus is hard. He said it would be. He warned Christians that the world would hate us because it hated Him. It hurts too. The true gospel of Jesus Christ has separated families to the point of non-Christian family members killing those who’ve converted to Christianity.

But it also pays of in the end. Jesus said that the one that endures to the end shall be saved. If you aren’t sure that you’re saved or if you know that you’re not, then I would ask that you understand that you’ve sinned against a holy and righteous God who must uphold justice. He must punish sin because it is His character on the line if He doesn’t. The punishment for sin is eternity in hell. But, because God is gracious, He made a way for sinners to be saved. If you will repent of your sins and put your faith in Christ to save you, then you will be spared God’s wrath and will enter heaven when you die. Not only that, but you’ll receieve a new heart with new desires and life will be new!

What’s funny about this blog is that all the writing I did to explain the gospel took my daughter three lines of text. If you haven’t repented of your sins and put your trust in Christ, please do so today. There is nothing more important than you’re eternal salvation.

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