Just what Africa needs?

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After a yearlong hiatus, pastor T.D. Jakes will be taking his MegaFest conference to South Africa. MegaFest is a two to three day event where there are conferences, concerts, and speakers. It started in 2004 in Atlanta and went until 2006 with attendance dropping each year. The return of MegaFest and its location in South Africa are due to the fact that Jakes sees the event as an international one, where he can “go beyond traditional walls and minister to the world”.

Is this what South Africa needs? Is this what anyone needs? Do they need the concerts and the seminars or do they need something else? And who will they preach to? The minority middle and upper class or the majority who are impoverished and need something substantial in their lives?

I cringe more and more as I see many of the pastors of “megachurches” go about promoting concerts and events. To me, it’s like saying, “the gospel of Jesus Christ and the radical truth that He preached won’t bring people to God, so I’m going to help Him by putting on concerts and seminars, because that’s what the unsaved people respond to”.

I wonder what pastor Jakes hopes to accomplish in South Africa? Will he tell them about sin and hell? Will he tell them about the judgment to come? Or will he tell them how to “Live Life Without Limits” and have their “Best Life Now”? Continue Reading Just what Africa needs?…

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