Did I just see that on TV?

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For the first time in history, a video of an abortion was shown on live national TV. Of course, it wasn’t here in the US, but I’ll get to that.

The video was shown on Spain’s Intereconomia TV network and is a hidden expose of the illegal abortion industry in Spain. The reporter who made the video went to El Bosque de Madrid posing as a doctor who was looking for a job with the clinic. He was immediately rushed into the owner’s office and was told in a nonchalant way, the procedure and what to do and what happens if the placenta doesn’t come out.

The video shows two abortions. The first shows a doctor injecting the fetus with poison and then immediately covering the dead fetus when it is born. When asked why the fetus is immediately covered up, she replies, “I never, never, never look at them”. When asked why, she says, “Because I don’t like it”. The doctor told the undercover reporter that there is no valid reason that most of the people come in to have an abortion and that the clinic has an in-house psychiatrist who signs all the papers and takes care of everything.

The second video shows the same procedure. The voice over says that all of the patients are over 5 months old, a time when the fetus has all of it’s senses and is completely formed. It also notes that one of the patients was only fifteen years old. Continue Reading Did I just see that on TV?…

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