Newslinks 01/09/11

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Sunday’s Newslinks brought to you by At Ease Tees


Passion to 22,000 Students: Be Free, Fully Alive in Jesus
People want to be here. That’s the sense you get when you come to the Passion 2011 conference that opened Saturday, New Year’s Day, with 22,000 students.

Beth Moore: Control Your Mind, Focus on ‘One Thing’


American Churches Begin 2011 with Prayer, Fasting


Atheists Declare Religions as ‘Scams’ in New Ad


Global Church Body Condemns ‘Vicious Attack’ in Egypt


Islamic Extremists Protest Efforts to Change Blasphemy Laws and Free Christian

Louie Giglio Surprises Passion Crowd with Haitian Family
Attendees of the Passion conference on Sunday heard about a family that survived the Haiti earthquake that destroyed their home and killed two family members. What the crowd did not expect was to see them walk out on stage. Continue Reading Newslinks 01/09/11…

Newslinks 08/16/08

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Saturday’s Newslinks brought to you by


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 Millionaire Christian businessman walks his talkThe attention of many media outlets was focused on the founder of Chik-fil-A recently when he decided to not put three girls in jail for vandalizing his home. The damage would cost the three girls $30,000 to repair. Instead of sending them to jail for the damage they’ve done, Truett Cathy has made an agreement with the courts and the parents of the girls. Mr. Cathy has provided a list of terms that the girls must abide by to remain out of jail. The terms include 1,000 sentences, no TV or video games for six months, and reading good books. These terms must be overseen by the parents of the girls (one of whom is an “A” student). Cathy said “putting them in jail would just send them further downstream” and that it was his hope to “help them realize that they know right from wrong”.

The fact that the media were focused on this says something about how common it is. I think that this is a wonderful example of what Christianity will do not only for those who believe but also for everyone else. Mr. Cathy didn’t pamper them or remove their punishment, he just provided something that will hopefully help the girls grow and change. More Christians need to stop pushing the “love” of God while ignoring the justice of God…


Hybels Challenges Thousands to Refuse God NothingOver 50,000 leaders ended a two-day summit repeated a number of proverbs spoken by Mother Theresa. The leaders were attending the Leadership Summit, hosted by the Willow Creek Association, where Bill Hybels spoke about the Catholic nun as an example to Christians. Hybels said that the whole summit was worth it if only to study the life of Mother Theresa, who he claims is the one person who has affected his life the deepest. Hybels said that God is “still looking for a yielded heart” and has something better planned for this generation. He asked, “are you lighting up the radar screen of heaven with your yieldedness?” This was the 13th summit held by Willow Creek

Ok, the first question that comes to mind is: Why isn’t Jesus the most influential person in the life of Willow Creek’s pastor? I don’t have a problem with learning about things from the lives of others, but as a Christian, Mother Theresa doesn’t deserve the place that Hybels has given her. As a Christian, Jesus should be the one who has affected us most! Mother Theresa cannot save souls from hell…As far as “lighting up the radar of heaven”, does God not know where His people are or what they doing that He needs a radar? God may be looking for a “yielded heart”, but what He requires of Christian is obedience. Unfortunately, that is something that many in the church ignore to their peril…


 Calif. Court OKs HomeschoolingA state court in California has decided that parents can homeschool their children without having a teacher’s credential. This decision reverses a previous decision made in February that would require parents to have a teacher’s credential to homeschool their kids. When the first ruling was made, both James Dobson and Arnold Schwarzenegger protested the decision and praised the reversal as a sign to Californians that their elected officials would defend the rights of the parents. The original decision was made in response to one family and the allegation that two of the family’s kids were beaten by their parents.

I don’t say this very often and that probably won’t change in the near future, but I applaud California and the decision that was made. I understand the concern of children being hurt, but to say that this should be an excuse for not allowing children to be homeschooled is ludicrous. I would love to see more children being homeschooled. I hope that the issue is laid to rest, but that remains to be seen.


Multi-Religious Retreats Offer Variety in Faith

The Abode of the Message in New York has begun to offer retreats that cater to those of multiple faiths. These retreats are not separated by faith, but instead are all one retreat where Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Christians, etc. are worshipping together. These retreats offer the guests the opportunity to deepen their faith without converting. They are not the only ones making this offer. In other places, Buddhists at the Zen Mountain Monastery say that there is no dispute between their teachings and a person’s search for God. Reverend Tom Reese says that people are coming to realize that we don’t have a “hammer-lock on God or salvation”, that “God is bigger than us”, and that we should “respect that and other people”. Many are saying that the idea that there are many ways to God is not an evangelical belief.

This is where a wrong view of tolerance and Christianity will get us. To be tolerant of others doesn’t mean that we compromise our Christian beliefs, even though that’s the definition that is given nowadays. Jesus said in John 14:6 that He is “the way, the truth, and the life” and that no one will get to heaven any other way. The idea that Christianity and any other religion are compatible shows a lack of understanding of Christianity. I also have to disagree with Reverend Reese. We do have a “hammer-lock” on salvation. God tells us in His Word exactly what someone needs to do to get saved. God is bigger than us, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t understand Him. He has revealed Himself both in scripture and in His Son.

Saturday’s News – 07/26/08

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Saturday’s Newslinks brought to you by At Ease Tees


I know that it’s two days late, but I wasn’t able to get it up until now. I hope to have my regular Monday message up tomorrow! Thanks for understanding!

More Methodists Support Clergy Performing Gay Weddings


The number of United Methodists that support “gay marriage” is growing. The Northeastern Jurisdiction Conference of the United Methodist Church have approved a resolution that expresses respect for Methodist clergy in California who perform “same-sex” marriage ceremonies calling it “a matter of Christian conscience, spiritual discernment and prophetic witnessing”. In April, the UMC struck down a measure that would have removed the ban on non-celibate gay pastors as well as the statement that “homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching”. In response to the legalization of “gay marriage” in California last month, many of the regional conferences have promoted measures that support “gay marriage”, encouraging pastors to support these “families”. The UMC Book of Discipline – the laws of the UMC – expressly forbids its churches or clergy from performing “same-sex” marriages. Those who disagree with the recent changes have called Methodists to be faithful to biblical teaching and have expressed concern at the continuing decline of membership in the UMC.


That whirring sound that you hear is, in fact, John Wesley spinning in his grave. Once again, another denomination has begun to dismantle the authority of God and to create a God in their own image. Those who support the pro-homosexual “Christians” in the UMC call it “a matter of Christian conscience, spiritual discernment and prophetic witnessing”. I disagree. It has nothing to do with Christian conscience. If it did, it wouldn’t be an issue to begin with. It is a matter of conscience, but it’s a poor one and more of an example of ignoring the conscience. As far as “spiritual discernment”, I again have to disagree, unless they mean a lack thereof. Spiritual discernment can only come from a right understanding of scripture and the application of that understanding. Spiritual discernment is about seeing what is happening around us and using the Word of God to determine if it’s right or wrong. As far as “prophetic witnessing”, while I’m not sure what they mean by the phrase, I think that this will be a witness to others. For something to be prophetic in relation to God, it has to spring from the truth of God. The growing support for homosexuality in the Church is a witness to those outside the church. It is not the witness that God is fallible like many would have people believe. If anything, it’s a witness to God’s patience. I also believe that it will be a witness of God’s judgment. The scriptures say that judgment will start in the house of God (1 Peter 4:17). I can help but fear for those who have deceived themselves and others into thinking that homosexuality isn’t a sin and that it’s ok. There will be a time when God will judge sin and that will include the church. This is just another instance of the tragedy of the modern message and the fault of the church in not holding true to the gospel…


Anglican Head: God Doesn’t Need Violent Protection


The Archbishop of Cantebury has decided that God doesn’t need to be protected by human violence. Last fall, a group of 138 Muslims wrote a letter called “A Common Word Between Us and You” as a call for interfaith dialogue between Muslims and Christians. In his response to the letter, Rowan Williams cited John 19:36 where Jesus tells Pontius Pilate that His kingdom “is not of this world” and “if it were, my servants would fight”. He also said that the “eternal God cannot need ‘protection’ by the tactics of human tactics”. He then went to the Quran (Al-Baqarah) 2:256 and stated that it shows that there is no compulsion in religion. He said that using violence to “compel religious allegiance” is really a way to “replace divine power with human power”. He called for renewing Christian-Muslim relations that would break the “current cycles of violence, to show the world that faith and faith alone can truly ground a commitment to peace”. The original letter was sent last October. In response to the letter, 300 “Christian leaders” responded positively and signed a return letter. Some of the signers of the response letter have since removed their signatures because they feel that the Muslim letter compromises the Christian faith. In October, on the anniversary of the release of the original letter, the Anglican Communion will hold a conference for Muslims and Christians to talk about practical ways to deepen mutual understanding.


Without wanting to sound mean, it seems that every time Rowan Williams opens his mouth, he sticks his foot in it. I’ve already written a blog on the original letter so I won’t go into that much here. What it seems that Mr. Williams is trying to say is that Christians should just lie down and let the adherents of other religions walk all over them. Williams also talks about using violence to compel religious allegiance. Unless I’m mistaken, I don’t recall if I’ve ever heard any instance of Christians using violence to compel others to become Christians. I do recall having recently heard many stories about Muslims using violence to compel others to become Muslim. I have heard of Muslims killing Christian missionaries. I’ve heard of Christians being jailed for no good reason other than the fact they were Christians. The Christian-Muslim dialogue will not happen in the way that many people desire it for one simple reason. Muslims deny Christ as God. Without this foundational truth being equal, it will be impossible to have some kind of lasting dialogue. What I think that we need is for Christians to have a deeper understanding of the God that they claim to follow, the Word that He spoke (and the way that He spoke it), and the truth of what it mean to be a Christian.


California court drops charges against home schoolers


According to lawyers for the homeschooling families in California, there has at least been a cease-fire. They have said that the case against those who homeschool in the state has been dismissed. The judicial analyst for Focus on the Family Action says that the family court has decided to dismiss the case because the state either didn’t want to pursue the families or understood that they couldn’t pursue the families. He says that there is still some concern that this isn’t a complete win because the uncertainties that brought the case about in the first place still exist. He says that the best thing would be for the state to enact a law that protects the parents’ rights to educate their children as they see fit.


I think that it’s sad that the rights of parents that homeschool their kids (most of whom are Christian) are being neglected. I think that this is a great step for homeschooling, but I would still be leery of the future. Just because it didn’t happen now doesn’t mean that this won’t come back up in the future. If our nation’s public schools would put the emphasis where it needs to be and actually teach our kids what they need to know, our children would be doing much better and so would our schools. Most of the time spent in schools now is devoted to passing standardized tests, which help determine how much money the school will get. That’s ridiculous. Our kids need to be educated so that they will help to restore our nation and continue to move it forward. I am glad that there are many who have realized the failure in our public schools (which is not a reflection on the teachers in the schools!) and have decided to homeschool their kids. It is a wonderful thing and I would recommend it to anyone who can do it!


South Dakota Law Goes Into Effect: Women Must be Told They Are “Terminating the Life of a Whole Separate, Unique Living Human Being”


A law passed in 2005 has now gone into effect in South Dakota. The law requires that all doctors performing abortions must inform the mothers that they are “terminating the life of a whole separate, unique living human being”. The mothers must also acknowledge in writing that they understand what they are doing. Planned Parenthood challenged the law and an injunction was set. That injunction has since expired. Aside from informing the mothers-to-be that they are taking the life of their child, the doctors must also tell the women that they are putting themselves at high risk for suicide and depression. On July 1st, another law took effect, which required doctors to ask if the woman wanted to see a sonogram of the baby. About 700 abortions are performed each year in South Dakota and while there are many other states that have informed consent laws, the one in SD is the only one that recognizes the child as another human life.


I applaud SD for their decision to stand by the truth and not allow the monstrosity that is Planned Parenthood try to bully them into backing down. Since this article was posted, I have heard that the last abortion clinic in SD has shut down because the doctors flying in to the clinic did not want to comply with the law. Shouldn’t that say something? Shouldn’t that tell you something about the doctors? Shouldn’t that say something for the truth of abortion? I hope that other states begin to update their laws to reflect the ones in SD and that our nation is purged of the sin and death that it has been privy to for so long!


Grants to Boost Recruitment of Young Christians to Ministry


A recent announcement from the Fund for Theological Education (FTE) has said that it will be giving away grants to congregations that encourage young people to enter into the ministry. According to the announcement, the grants will range from $5,000 to $12,000 for 18 month long grass roots programs that foster a sense of Christian vocation and a call to the ministry. This is in response to the numbers that show that young people entering the ministry are on the decline. Those interested in the grants have up until Sept. 8th to apply for them.


Is anyone else saddened by this? I have to say that I’m not surprised though. Before the modern gospel took hold, pastors/preachers were actually men of God who took their calling seriously and understood that they were not dealing with ethereal ideas from a “doting daddy”. They understood the Word of God for what it was, the absolute truth given by a holy, just, and righteous God that will punish sin and send those who deny Christ to hell. The number of pastors/preachers actually continuing in that calling is falling as those who respect the Word are replaced by those who desire to play church and coddle sinners. They entertain their congregations with witty stories and comedy, preaching on the hottest topics of the day, all the while ignoring the fact that many of the people sitting in their pews (including many professing “Christians”) may die and go to hell before the day is over. They dance, sing, shout, holler, whoop, and carry on like idiots. They ride motorcycles in the church, show movie clips from films that have an “R” rating, and participate in antics that would make P.T. Barnum proud. They know very little about what it means to preach the gospel and even less about how to go about it. They have large congregations full of people who have tickled ears and stony hearts. They feel a sense of accomplishment because they’ve stood on a stage and played their part, not realizing that they are performing for a group of people who are just as accomplished at acting their own roles. It’s disgusting and it does not bode well for the future of our nation or of the church in America. Those who speak out for reform and repentance are seen as “stuffy”, “old-fashioned”, and “fundamental”. If pastors/preachers were doing what they were supposed to be doing, there would be no shortage of people entering into ministry. They would be raising up entire congregations of youth that are ready to proclaim the truth of the gospel to the world that needs it both by word and by deed. Instead, our churches are filled with thespians and “scholars” who spend more of their time receiving accolades and promoting false doctrine than they do investing in the youth in their sphere of influence. Is it any wonder why our kids are leaving the church in droves? They have no role models!


Gay Bishop Dismisses Call to Resign


The Archbishop of Sudan recently made a call for V. Gene Robinson to step down from his position and called for those who supported his consecration to repent. The Sudanese Archbishop said that Robinson’s actions violated the “norms of the Anglican Communion”. Because of Robinson’s ordination, 300 bishops have boycotted the Anglican Communion’s Lambeth Conference. Robinson was not invited to attend Lambeth but has been at the University of Kent while the Conference is going on. Robinson said in his blog, “Those calling for my resignation seem to be under the impression that if Gene Robinson went away, that all would go back to being ‘like it was,’ whatever that was! Does ANYONE think that if I resigned, this issue would go away?! We are not going away, as much as some would like us to.” Robinson also said that many people “seem to forget” that he is not there representing himself alone, but that he “represents the diocese of New Hampshire”. He said that it is a privilege to “minister in Christ’s name with them”. He also said that calls for his resignation ignore the vows he made to his “flock”. Robinson will be attending “fringe” events where he will give his testimony. He said that it is an opportunity to “talk about my own life and journey in Christ in such a way that those who are listening will perceive that the God I know in my own life is the same God they know in THEIR lives”.


Mr. Robinson seems to be extremely confused on a lot of things. First and foremost is the identity of God. He says that his testimony as a gay bishop will help others see that the God he knows is the same God that they know. To do this, it would definitely have to be a “sell job”. All it takes is a cursory glance at scripture to see that homosexuality is a sin. To say that the “God” that he knows (who allows and approves of homosexuality) is the same God that I know (who condemns homosexuality as sin both in the Old and New Testaments) is a lie. They are not the same God. One is an idol created by someone who wants to live their life their way and still have all the “benefits” associated with being a Christian. He is compromising the truth of the Word and making himself an example of the same to others. He also seems to misunderstand the intentions of those calling for his resignation. They are not trying to get him or others practicing homosexuality to “go away”. They are trying to get them to understand that homosexuality is a sin and you cannot live in sin and be a Christian. There is no gray area there. If you are living a lifestyle that God says is a sin and knowing this continue to do so, then you are living in open defiance to God. Because of this, there is no possible way that Robinson could be ministering in Christ’s name. In Matthew 12:30, Jesus said that “whoever is not with Me is against Me, and whoever does not gather with Me, scatters”. Gene Robinson is scattering his “flock” under the guise of a false image of Christ. He asked if the issue would change if he went away. No, it wouldn’t. But, if he resigned, it would allow communion to be restored with hundreds of bishops who have separated themselves because of the Anglican Church’s condoning of sin. He says that he represents the NH diocese. Is it unanimous? Does every single person in that diocese support his lifestyle and his actions? I doubt it. Gene Robinson has become a prideful man who has put his faith in a false image of the God of the Bible and has allowed that pride and faith to fester and grow, leading many people (either undiscerning or willingly) away from the only hope they have for salvation…


Brian McLaren Challenges Anglicans on Emerging Culture


Brian McLaren made a visit to the Anglican Lambeth Conference in order to speak “on behalf of the people who never show up in your church, … who are never part of your community, the multitude of people who have been created in the image of God, but who have never known the redeeming of the Spirit of God through the Good News of Jesus Christ”. He said that religion has orphaned “emerging” culture like materialism and technology and has failed to answer the multitude of questions raised by the “hurricane of change” in the modern world. McLaren also offered his view of evangelism in what he sees as three different worlds, pre-modern, modern, and emerging. He told those at Kent, “You might say that evangelism is almost non-existent because the Christian faith is, to be very frank, almost non-existent”. He also told the gathered bishops that they needed to get rid of “internal institutional maintenance” and focus on the “outward mission” of making disciples of all men. According to McLaren, this is the only hope for “saving the church from division, diversion, implosion, irrelevance and triviality”. He applauded the Anglican Church and said that they could be a great asset to the church if they would realize that they are “in a different place, different contexts and we have different challenges”. He also said that because of this, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. He encouraged Anglicans to become part of the post-modern, emerging world and change history. He said that the church needs to “re-discover” and “re-prioritize” our “outward mission to be the hands and feet of Jesus”, to “turn that mission into the good news of hope”, and to “stir up new and unimagined capacity”. He also challenged them by asking them whether newcomers would hear the “gospel of evacuation” or “Jesus’ Gospel the Gospel of the kingdom of God, the message that brings reconciliation, hope, transformation and engagement”. McLaren said that dealing with things like homosexuality should be done with a conscious effort to consider the challenges of the person in one place by a person in another place. The approach taken by those attending Lambeth is one of more conversation and less legislation so that they can “better understand” one another. The discussions will center on biblical authority, human sexuality, and Anglican identity.


I am fully convinced that Brian McLaren has absolutely no idea what it means to be a Christian and may not even understand what he is saying most of the time. First, I find it amusing that McLaren nominated himself to speak for the people that never show up in the church, those who need to know the “redeeming of the Spirit of God through the Good News of Jesus Christ”. I would personally say that if anyone has a right to speak for those who are at enmity with God it would be McLaren. He talks about the Good News of Jesus Christ and spends his entire “ministry” trying to water that Good News down and nullify everything that God has established through His Word. Can you have both? To say that religion has “orphaned” materialism is a lie. Look at the “prosperity preachers”. They haven’t orphaned materialism. Look at those who try to make evolution fit into Christianity. They don’t orphan materialism. Not only that, but he seems to completely miss the fact that throughout scripture God calls us to “orphan” materialism! We are to be separate from the world and its ways. So the very thing that McLaren rebukes the church for is the thing that it is supposed to be doing in obedience to God’s Word. He says that evangelism is almost non-existent (probably because saying that it is non-existent would be an absolute and we can’t know anything absolutely…) because “the Christian faith is almost non-existent”. Really? The Christian faith is almost non-existent? If this is true, then he should probably tell the millions of professing Christians that their faith is in vain. Why is he telling this to a group of Anglican Christians anyway? I will agree that there could be a lot more biblical evangelism going on, but to say that it’s non-existent is ridiculous. He said that the church should “ditch” “internal institutional maintenance” and focus on the “outward mission” of making disciples. Huh? Could it get any more wishy-washy or downright confusing? To tell the church, “don’t worry about doctrine or obedience to scripture, and definitely disregard any matters of church discipline” is just dumb. Saying that keeping the church in line with scripture and maintaining that consistent relationship with God’s Word is not important is to steal the identity of the church right out from under her! How well will the “outward mission” go if the church is not maintained? What would we be bringing the “newcomers” that McLaren represents into if we didn’t maintain the church? It would be chaos! The “only hope of saving the church from division, diversion, implosion, irrelevance, and triviality” is to get people like McLaren to stop spewing their atrocious anti-Christian diatribe and to get back to putting things right. He says that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to the problems facing the church but then offers his own! Which is it? To be honest, there is a solution to all of the problems facing the church right now and it doesn’t matter what the “setting” is, where the problem is happening, or what condition the people are in. That is to repent of the sins of the church and to return to full scriptural authority in every aspect of our individual and corporate lives. If the body of Christ were to do this, many of the “problems” that we have would disappear almost immediately. There would be no issues concerning abortion, homosexuality, or identity. They would all be taken care of. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the same as it’s always been and there is no other. Paul said that if anyone else preaches a gospel other than what he preached, they are an anathema. McLaren is doing just that and the church is soaking it up. McLaren needs to be tossed out on his ear and the church needs to get back to its biblical foundation…


Ukraine Celebrates Its 1,020th Anniversary of Christianity


In 988 A.D., Prince Vladmir the Great was baptized and instated Christianity as the state religion of what is now the Ukraine. He then had his family and the people baptized and tore down the Slavic pagan gods. Today, Patriarch Bartholomew I, Patriarch Alexy II of Russia, and other Orthodox leaders from other countries will hold a service near a statue of Prince Vladmir.


I think that this is great! I would love to see something like this happen in America. I would love to see the pagan gods that most Americans worship torn down and God restored to His rightful place. We have put everything that we can think of before God and it shows. To have our nation return to its Christian Heritage would be wonderful and it would be the beginning of lasting change in our country…

Newslinks – 07/12/08

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Saturday’s Newslinks brought to you by At Ease Tees

Nat’l A.M.E. Meeting Caps Obama’s Faith-Filled Week


Barack Obama spoke to a room of churchgoers and celebrated “active faith”. He also said that “active faith” is an obligation of religious Americans and a chief agent of societal change. Obama also urged the national meeting of the African Methodist Episcopal Church to help fix national and local ills. He encouraged parents to help with homework and to turn off the TV. He called on them to pass on a healthy self-image to their daughters and to teach their boys to boys to respect women. He also said that boys need to be taught, “responsibility does not end at conception”. The main focus of his speech was the government’s duty to address “moral” problems and that they should use religious institutions to do this. He said that we should do everything in our “individual and collective power” to solve these problems and that until we do everything our “the conscience of our nation cannot rest”.


It seems that Obama’s focus is to try and gain Christian voters. Many of the things that he is speaking of now seem to contradict the things that he says he stands for. He is one of the most pro-abortion people in America today. Oddly, he encouraged people to teach their sons that responsibility doesn’t end at conception. If a man’s responsibility as a father doesn’t end at conception, then doesn’t that mean that life would have to begin at conception? If that’s the case, then how can Obama support abortion? If Obama is really a Christian, then that’s contradictory. The “moral” problems that Obama says should be fixed are actually social issues. Things like war, poverty, joblessness, homelessness, violent streets and crumbling schools are things that Christians should be concerned about. They are things that we should be making every effort to battle. It seems to confuse biblically moral issues (like adultery, homosexuality, etc) from things that are not moral issues. There is a much greater reason that the conscience of our nation should not be able to rest. This reason is called sin. The sin of our nation should be our number one concern. The battle against sin will be the one that changes all of the other “ills” that we are facing.



German home schoolers flee to Canada


A German family that fled their country because of pressure by their government to put their kids in public school has moved to Canada in hopes that they will be able to homeschool their children. The family fled the country when the German government threatened the parents with jail and took their children into custody. The children were returned and the family fled the country and went to Austria. The German government still tried to chase the family and that caused them to flee to Canada. According to Mike Donnelly, a lawyer with the Homeschool Defense League (HDSL), says that this is an increasingly common occurrence in German. He even cited a case where a family fled from Germany to Iran in order to homeschool their kids. The Plett family is appealing to the European Court of Human Rights because of their situation while the HSDL is trying to get the US to show Germany that homeschooling is an asset.


It’s sad that homeschooling is not seen for the wonderful thing that it is. As our public schools continue to crumble and the education system seems to be unable to actually teach our kids what they need to know, homeschooling continues to grow. As our schools introduce anti-Christian ideas like homosexuality and evolution, homeschooling offers our children the truth of the scriptures to build their lives on. Is it any wonder that people are willing to flee to a place where they can do this (even Iran)? I look for the Plett family to be free to raise their kids the way that they desire.


ACLU given ‘veto power’ over free-speech rights


U.S. District Judge Catherine Perry has decided that the Gideons will not be allowed to pass out bibles to South Iron school children. The Missouri school district allows outside organizations to pass out literature to the children before and after school as well as during non-school breaks like lunchtime. The ACLU sued the Gideons, saying that because the nature of the material is religious, it should not be allowed. The judge not only agreed with that but also said that the ACLU “must have the say-so over whether religious materials can be distributed”. Matt Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel, disagrees recognizing that if the ACLU has the say-so, there will be no religious literature handed out. Staver says that the First Amendment says that no “heckler” has the right to prohibit free speech and that the Constitution requires equal treatment, even if the ACLU doesn’t like it.


It would be nice if revisionists would actually look at the Constitution. There is nothing in the writing that says anything about “separation of church and state”. If I remember right, this was a phrase used by Thomas Jefferson in a letter to the Danbury Baptists. The idea of giving an organization that is obviously anti-Christian the “say-so” to determine whether or not religious literature can be handed out is ridiculous and should be an indication of the fact that many judges are not as concerned about judging rightly as they are judging according to their own agendas…


Fmr. Science Director Sues Over ‘Neutral’ Policy on Intelligent Design


Christina Comer is suing the Texas Education Administration (TEA) saying that she was forced to resign last year after sending an email promoting a speaker who is opposed to intelligent design. The forced resignation was due to a policy that requires TEA employees to remain neutral on the idea of creationism. The suit asks that the policy be determined unconstitutional and that she be reinstated to her old job. The court papers say that the idea of requiring employees to remain neutral on creationism validates it as a scientific theory and endorses religion. The email is cited as one of the many reasons why Comer was going to be terminated, but she handed in her resignation before that could happen.


If she felt forced into resignation, then why didn’t she say something? Why did she resign and then sue? What is she looking for from this? She is obviously not neutral, which was what the policy required. As an employee, it should have been followed. If she had an issue with the policy and thought that it was unconstitutional, then why didn’t she speak up about it and try to see it changed? There’s more to this I’ll wager and, if I had to guess, I would say that the majority of it has to do with anti-Christian, anti-creationist stuff…


Newslinks 06/06/08

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Friday’s Newslinks brought to you by At Ease Tees

KS governor’s fete honors abortionist


The pro-life group Operation Rescue says that it is almost impossible to get anyone in Kansas to bring criminal charges against abortionist George Tiller because he has an important ally – Governor Kathleen Sebelius. While calls have increased for charges to be brought against Tiller, the governor threw a secret party for Tiller and his staff. Operation Rescue has tried to gain information on who paid for the party under the Kansas Open Records Act. They have been given very little in the way of information. They say that the taxpayers have a right to know whether or not they paid for the party. They also say that it’s become more obvious why criminal charges haven’t been brought against Tiller. Not only that, according to OR, the groups that could bring charges against Tiller are filled with appointees of the governor.


As upset as I would be to find out that my money was going to fund things like parties for an abortionist, I can’t say that I’m surprised. Like many corporations, most of those in the government follow the money. The Kansas governor received a lot of funding from Tiller. Should we be surprised if she helps Tiller when he gave her a lot of money? Tiller is an abortionist. He kills children! Why would the government advocate the killing of children and allow this? Because they’re not believers…


Countdown to Calif. confusion continues


As the day draws near, the confusion grows concerning “homosexual marriage” and its legality. The California Supreme court recently made “homosexual marriage” legal in the state. The bill is supposed to take effect June 14th even though appeals have been made to get the court to delay the ruling. The court has denied delaying the approval. Many in opposition have expressed concern for the fact that if the ban that will be on the November ballot (see below) passes, they will end up revoking all those licenses. In the state of California, for an amendment to get on the ballot, it needs 694,000 signatures. The “gay marriage” ban has received 1.1 million signatures.


This country’s judicial, legal, and legislative institutions need a severe overhaul. We have judges legislating their own values from the bench instead of those held by the majority of Americans. We have congressmen and women going to jail for improper conduct. We have governors and senators involved in improper relationships outside of marriage and other despicable acts. These are the people that are supposed to be leading our country! Is it any wonder why our country is where it currently is? Is it any wonder why our nation continues to turn its back on God to pursue its own perverted lusts? And while I want to blame the leaders of our country, the blame isn’t totally theirs. It’s ours too! WE VOTED THEM INTO OFFICE! If someone is in office and they are acting in a way that goes against our desires, then we have the say as to whether or not they stay in office! We need leaders that are going to put our nation and the American people above themselves. We need people that truly care about our country and its people. I pray that the ban passes and this issue gets decided by the people of California…


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Presbyterians Divided on Gay Ordination Ahead of Major Meeting


The Presbyterian Church is split on whether or not to ordain homosexual clergy. They will have a meeting this month where the issue is expected to be debated again. Those opposed to the ban have varied ideas on what should be done with the ban. Some want it completely removed from the constitution and other want to “soften the language” of the ban. Currently, the constitution says that to be ordained, a person requires “fidelity in marriage between a man and a woman” or “chastity in singleness”. The Presbyterian Church is not the only one that is having trouble dealing with homosexuality. The Methodist Church has also dealt with this issue when they affirmed their ban on homosexual pastors and declared that homosexual pastors are “incompatible with Christian teaching”.


I am still at a loss as to why this is an issue in the church. There is nothing in scripture that shows any “wiggle room” to allow homosexuals to be pastors. To be honest, scripture makes it clear that homosexuals are in rebellion to God and therefore can’t be considered Christians. For the church to waffle on this issue shows a lack of understanding of the scriptures, the character of God, and the purpose of the church. The PC(USA) and other churches need to make it clear where the scriptures stand on the issue and then enforce it!



Obama Quits Chicago Church Steeped in Controversy


Barack Obama recently resigned “with some sadness” from the church he had been going to for the last 20 years. Obama said in his resignation letter, released by campaign officials on Friday, that “he’s not denouncing the church” and that “he’s not interested in the people that want him to denounce the church”. He also said that this was a decision the he and his wife had been discussing since Reverend Jeremiah Wright appeared at the National Press Club in Washington last month. Between the remarks that Wright made and those made by a visiting preacher last week, Obama has been criticized for being a part of the church. Wright was Barack Obama’s spiritual mentor for the 20 years that he was attending the church. Obama said that “this was a pretty personal decision and I was not trying to make political theater out of it”.


I saw in another place someone asked an interesting question. Jeremiah Wright was Barack Obama’s spiritual mentor for 20 years. The mentor is no longer a part of his life, but what about the 20 years of teaching? I also had to laugh about one comment Obama made. He said that this decision was “a pretty personal decision and I was not trying to make political theater out of it”. If it was so personal, why did his campaign leaders release the letter to the public? If it wasn’t supposed to have anything to do with politics or improving his image to the public, then why was it released? It just seems awful fishy to me… I also have to ask why he didn’t denounce the church? If they are teaching falsely, why shouldn’t he denounce the church? If they are being controversial and saying things from the pulpit that Christians shouldn’t be saying, why wouldn’t he denounce the church? Also, why wouldn’t he want to be involved with the people that expect him to denounce the church? Is it because they’re the same people that are against abortion and homosexuality? Is it because they are solid in their beliefs and understanding of scripture and would have to disagree with Obama himself? I can only hope that those Christians who support Obama will pay attention to what he’s saying and whether or not it lines up with the scriptures…


China Crackdown Hits House Churches Hard


China Aid Association says that house churches have been hit hard with a wave of arrests and detentions. House churches have been disbanded and two people have even been arrested as “separatists”. The government has even put up signs saying that local citizens should report “evil cult activity”, which includes house churches. A Bible school was closed on May 13th and two days later, the Public Security Bureau broke up a prayer meeting being held for the earthquake victims and the Olympics. The government also turned away or arrested house church members who volunteered to help the victims of the earthquake.


This is sad. All that the Christians in China want is to be able to worship God freely. To turn away help from volunteers when your country has just suffered a HUGE tragedy and need all the help that they can get, it’s ludicrous. Do the Christians have “cooties”? Why would you turn away the help? Christianity is “evil cult activity”? Are they that afraid of Christianity? It’s sad to see this kind of thing happening in China. I can’t help but wonder if this is where America is headed…



UK Officer Tells Preachers: Converting Muslims to Christianity is “Hate Crime”


Two Christian preachers were threatened with arrest for preaching the gospel to Muslims. The threats came from a Muslim community support officer who heard the preaching. The officer said that the preaching of the gospel in the Muslim area was equal to a “hate crime”. After the threatening, the officer and a few others called in for help said that the preachers couldn’t count on the police for help if they found themselves in trouble. The pastors expressed their outrage at the lack of support from the police, who refused to apologize for the actions of the officer. They said that they were surprised that the police were so “nonchalant”, considering that Britain is a free country and what the pastors were doing was perfectly legal. To the pastors, this is an example of the “no go” areas that have been said to exist even though they have been denied by the government. The pastors have initiated a legal action against the West Midlands Police, saying their treatment violated articles 9 and 10 of the 1998 Human Rights Act, which guarantees freedom of religious expression.


I am truly saddened by the decay that Britain has seen in its Christian culture. I know that things are not altogether gone yet, but it seems to be heading that way. The preaching of the gospel is always going to offend those who don’t believe (as well as those who do at times), it is a freedom given to Americans and others and should be upheld, regardless of what the police think. The police are public servants and need to be serving the public regardless of whether or not they agree with the public. They are to uphold the law, and not to enforce their own beliefs. This is seen in America as well, but I pray that it will change.



Tenn. ‘Bible in Schools’ Act Awaits Approval


A bill that has passed easily through the Tennessee legislature is currently awaiting signature by the state’s governor. If signed by the governor, the bill would allow Tennessee public school students to have the option to take non-denominational classes on the Bible. The bill’s sponsor, Senator Roy Herron, says that he wants “students to study the greatest and most popular book in history” and “to understand how the Bible has enormously impacted literature, art, music, culture, history and politics”. He also said that he believes “a Bible course will help students understand our culture and our highest and best values”. The bill wouldn’t force schools to teach Bible classes, but it would protect those who do and allow those who don’t to have the option to. 78 of Tennessee’s 95 counties offer Bible courses and that 35 states offer the option of enrolling in elective Bible classes.


I hope that this is a growing trend and that it ends up being true in all 50 states. I think that it is necessary for our kids to understand that evolution is not the concrete theory that it’s made out to be and that there are many problems with it even from a scientific standpoint. When you bring scripture into it, it is clear that evolution and Christianity don’t jive. Unless you were to take scripture and “adjust” it to fit evolutionary ideas, it just can’t work. I think that it is wonderful that Tennessee’s students have the option to take classes that actually spread truth of the gospel.


Home schooling labeled ‘anarchy’



The California Teachers Association has filed a brief in the courts that says that parents should have no right over the education of their kids, should have no right to homeschool their kids, and that homeschooled kids should be forced back into public schools. The union said that allowing kids to be homeschooled by uncredentialed teachers could result in “educational anarchy”. Those in support of homeschooling say that there are over 200,000 kids being homeschooled in California and that they are continually scoring higher than public school kids as well as kids from traditional private schools.


This is a thinly veiled argument for the schools. If I had to guess, this is a tired attempt by the public schools to get money. Because homeschooling is growing, and because the students are doing better than public schools, and because the public schools are having so much trouble with the kids, the public schools have to try and force the state government to force the parents’ hands. The only alternative would be to overhaul the public school system and that’s not going to happen because it would mean that they have to admit they’re wrong. It’s not just California that is seeing problems in public school. Even here in rural Alabama, our schools are seeing troubles. Teachers are being laid off, testing scores are not good, and no one wants to do anything to change it. I’m praise God everyday for my daughter’s mom homeschooling her. It is the most wonderful thing that she could do for our daughter and it has had an amazing effect on her. I would recommend it to anyone who is considering it, as long as you are prepared to pour yourself into your children and work really hard. It’s definitely worth it!



Habitat for Humanity Ends Land Deal With Planned Parenthood


This is just an update on the article that I posted last week. Habitat for Humanity of Sarasota has decided to end the land deal with Planned Parenthood.



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Pastors Weigh in on Proposed Tenn. Bible Park

 SafeHarbor Holdings LLC presented their plans for a 282 acre Bible theme park in Rutheford County Tennessee last April and have continued to meet with pastors and ministers in the area to show them what the theme park is all about. Some who have met with the non-Christian owners of SafeHarbor have expressed belief that the park will be “good for the economy” and “boost local businesses, raise values of surrounding properties, create new jobs and build lasting infrastructure such as roads for the county”. Those opposed to the park say that it is wrong to have non-Christian builders making money off of Scripture. The park would be named Bible Park USA when completed and, according to the Jewish owners would be “a family-friendly place” that would be “open for anyone who wants to come, including those who do not believe in the Bible. No one will be made to feel unpleasant because they have a different belief system”.  This is probably one of the most ridiculous things that I’ve heard of in a long time. Here you have non-Christian businessmen who propose a bible “theme park” that won’t make people feel uncomfortable if they don’t believe in Jesus Christ. I have to agree with the pastors that are opposed to this. The whole purpose of the scriptures is to show mankind how they are lost and headed straight for hell due to sin. They will be responsible for every idle word they speak (Matt. 12:36) and will be required to pay for those sins unless they accept the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ on the cross. No matter how you look at it, for someone who doesn’t believe in Jesus (and that includes many who profess to follow Him), that’s uncomfortable. Having a theme park dedicated to the “stories” found in the Bible without presenting the truth of the gospel is ridiculous… 


Girl Once Comatose and Scheduled for Euthanasia Will Testify against Attacker

 A young girl who had been severely beaten by her adoptive parents may be well enough to testify in court against them even though she was not supposed to live through the ordeal. The girl’s stepfather beat her into a coma. When she was taken to the hospital, she was found to have new and old bruises, cuts, and weeping wounds. When the adoptive parents were arrested, the mother committed suicide. The girl then became a ward of Massachusetts. Not long after the state took her in, they had planned to cut her off of life support. Ironically, the stepfather that beat her pleaded to leave her on (possibly to avoid murder charges…). Days before she was scheduled to be removed from life support, she started breathing on her own and responding to others. She is now at a Franciscan School, communicating with others through a keyboard and computer.  Personally, I think that the state of Massachusetts should be on trial right along with the father. What criteria are used to determine whether or not someone may live? This is just another example of how little we really know about life and how little we care.  Why was the state so quick to dismiss the little girl’s life as of no value? It’s things like this that show that the government does not need to control every facet of life like a “big brother”.

New Oregon Law Requires Hospitals to offer Sexual Assault Victims “Emergency Contraceptives”

 A new Oregon law puts Catholic hospitals in a moral dilemma. The new law requires all state hospitals to inform patients about “emergency abortifacients”, their right to receive them, and to offer them when requested. The pope has stated that any Catholic that “directly cooperate” with the distribution and use of abortifacients are “morally responsible” for the abortions themselves. According to bishop Elio Sgreccia, President of the Pontifical Academy for Life, this would include cases of rape. “Emergency contraceptives”? What other type of politically correct terms will they use to deny the truth? When is needing a contraceptive an emergency? In cases of rape? I disagree. I know that rape is a horrible thing to happen to any woman. I agree that it is a sin and that rapists will be judged. But, I don’t believe that this horrible tragedy is an automatic excuse for adding two more tragedies – one being the death of a child and two being the trauma of an abortion being added to the trauma of the rape. Instead of providing the states with money to distribute abortifacients, how about putting that money to better use? If the gospel were preached and lived out by Christians, it would provide many with the opportunity to turn from sin and the “need” for “emergency contraceptives” would disappear… 


Forensic Report Indicates Manslaughter at Florida Abortion Mill – Baby Was Born Alive

 A forensic report on an abortion clinic in Florida may show that the staff committed manslaughter when they stuffed a baby born alive into a biohazard bag and put it on the roof. The worker who performed the botched abortion has been guilty of practicing medicine without a license before and could be convicted of manslaughter. Many of the assistants, as well as the lawyer representing the clinical worker, have also been convicted of practicing medicine without a license. What kind of person are you when you can take a moving, living, breathing HUMAN BEING, toss them into a biohazard bag, and leave them on the roof? This is the kind of cold-hearted attitude that develops when the value of life is erased. Those who are involved in this case should be convicted of manslaughter. Sadly, they are no different than any of the other abortionists in the country who do the same thing to a human being in the womb. For those of you who say that man is inherently good, this is good proof that man left to his own devices and methods is the most disgusting, evil, uncaring creature there can be… 


Brazilian Government Prosecutes Homeschooling Family, Threatens to Remove Children

 In Brazil, a family is being threatened with criminal prosecution for homeschooling their children. The government has also warned that the family could lose their children for the “crime”. The Nunes children were removed from public school two years ago by their parents because of the growing influence of immorality and the low education standards. The children showed great improvement since being removed from public school, including passing entrance exams for law school. Unfortunately, because the children are only 13 and 14 years old, they are too young to be allowed admission into law school. This plight is shared by others in Brazil who have had their children ridiculed, beaten, and summarily ignored by students and teachers. They have been told that prostitutes “are professionals like any one else”. The end result has been that some of the Brazilians have fled to neighboring Paraguay. Sadly, this is happening right here in the US as well. There have been increased attacks on those who decide to homeschool their children with the government trying to take control away from the parents of homeschooled children. Our country is often heard talking about respect and diversity, but this is not the truth. There are many in the US that are not respectful of those who hold traditional Christian values. They like diversity, as long as there is nothing to do with Judeo-Christian values and morality. And one of the saddest things about all of this is the fact that the government that is supposed to be “by the people, for the people” is often at the head of the pack in regards to removing the rights of parents to raise their children as they see fit. What is the government worried about? Are they really worried about “the children” and “the future” or are they worried about not getting the money for their state funded public schools because they don’t have as many kids? If you look at statistics, homeschooled children fare just as well, and often better, then those in public school. IF the government truly cares about the children and the future of this country, then they will support homeschooling efforts. They will stop trying to force kids to stay in a public school that has increasingly grown more and more immoral at the same time that it has decreased in it’s actual education of children. I am proud to say that my daughter is homeschooled and would encourage anyone considering it to gather as much information as you can about it, pray, and if it is something that you feel the need to do, GO FOR IT! 

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Parents encouraged to keep students home on ‘Day of Silence’

 On April 25th, more than 4000 schools are participating in the “Day of Silence” in an effort to make their students aware of the homosexual lifestyle. Many Christian leaders have supported parents keeping the kids out of school that day.  To find out if your child’s school is participating, go to and click on the Day of Silence action alert. This is the kind of “education” our children are getting at public school? And the government wonders why more people are homeschooling their children… ____________________________________________

Capitol Hill legislation would try to remove ‘pork’ from lawmakers’ diet

 A few congressmen have introduced a bill that would put a one year moratorium on “pork barrel” spending earmarks that would allow reform of the process.  Those supporting the bill say that the current process is “too secretive, too many earmarks are benefiting campaign contributors, and they are funding too many personal projects — like the Woodstock music festival and museum in Upstate New York”. Personally, I think that all pork barrel spending should be gotten rid of. What need is there for funding projects like those being hidden in needed bills. We are spending millions of dollars a year on unnecessary efforts and events while our economy continues to falter and we’re told that we need to be more frugal. What if those in Washington who are supposed to be looking out for all of us actually took care of the money and handled it like they were supposed to? Would we be fearing a recession? If the millions of dollars that were going for personal projects were going toward defense, security, and the economy, would we be in the shape that we’re in right now? Would we be needing to rush to pass a tax cut to boost our economy? Would we be so dependent on other countries? Why can’t the government let us see what they’re spending the money we give them on? Are they ashamed of what they’re spending it on? Do the know that the American public would be outraged if they knew what millions of dollars of their money was being spent on? I think that they would. I think that it would severely anger the American people who actually WORK for their money to know that that money (which the government seems to say is never enough) is going to such wasteful things. It’s really sad that the American government is basically sponging off the people and then saying it’s not enough. Retired congressmen and presidents get an enormous salary while people who have given their lives in service to the country are forced to eke out a meager existence on what little Social Security they can get…Tell me again why “pork barrel” spending is necessary? ____________________________________________

Bush: Jewish seminary attack ‘barbaric, vicious’

 President Bush called the attacks on a Jewish seminary a “barbaric and vicious attack on innocent civilians” and Condoleezza Rice called the attacks an “act of terror and depravity”. President Bush talked with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and told him that the US stands with Israel. The US stands with Israel? Really? Is that why our countries leaders are trying to tear Israel apart? Is that why President Bush is trying to pressure Israel into giving up land that was given to them by the God that the president supposedly believes in? It’s amazing how the president can “stand” with Israel with there is a terror attack and offer condolences, and then turn around and be part of a political “terror attack” by trying to divide Israel. If the US truly supports Israel, then we will support her 100% and not try to divide the country! We will truly stand with Israel then…


The World’s “Most Dangerous” Spiritual Guru: Oprah Begins 10-Week Online New Age Class

 Oprah Winfrey has added another in her long list of New Age recommendations when she recently began a 10 week online course with New Age author and guru Eckhart Tolle. Winfrey, who has been identified as one of the most dangerous woman in the world by Bill Keller, has invited many of the New Age movement’s leaders onto her talk show and has supported them through broadcasts and having their products on her book list, even though she is a self-professing Christian. Eckhart Tolle’s new book, “A New Earth” is basically a mixture of religious relativism. It is also sprinkled with scriptures and references to Christ. In response to a caller who said that she had trouble reconciling Tolle’s view of spirituality with her Catholic beliefs, Oprah responded by saying that “While Christianity is a valid way to achieve high states of spirituality, it must not be considered a unique way, or a ‘correct way’” and that she didn’t believe that “Jesus came to start Christianity”.  She stated that she believed in the “new spirituality” where you are your own best authority as you work to know and love yourself, you discover how to live a more spiritual life”. Oprah says all of this and still claims to be a Christian?!?!?!?! How do you reconcile her beliefs with the truth of the Bible? Oprah says that she believes that Jesus is just one way to achieve “higher consciousness”. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man comes to the Father but by me” (John 14:6). She says that you know best how to live and love yourself and in doing so, you learn to live a “more spiritual life”. The bible says that the heart is deceitful above all things and desparately wicked (Jer. 17:9). It says that the times that Israel was in it’s sin the deepest is when they disobeyed God and did what was right in their own eyes. And yet, there were 500,000 people logged on for the first installment and many are trying to reconcile the truth of the Bible with the “spiritual teachings” of man. When will we realize that the Bible is enough (2 Tim. 3:16-17)? When will we STOP TRYING TO REDEFINE JESUS AND TAKE HIM AT HIS WORD! God has given us everything that we need through His Word, but we turn instead to the teachings of sinful man who is just as desparately wicked as we are! WAKE UP CHURCH!!!!

UMC officials expected to address issue of ‘transgendered’ clergy at upcoming meeting

 The United Methodist Church is facing a meeting where they will have to decide whether or not a minister who has had a sex change operation should be allowed to continue their duties as a minister. The debate seems to revolve around whether or not gender is determined as a fixed thing by God or that it’s something that man determines. Should this discussion even need to take place? COME ON! When I was born, I was born a male. When my daughter was born, she was born a female. God determined both of our genders when we were conceived. Because God determined them at conception, there shouldn’t be any question as to gender. God determined that I should be a man. If that’s what He chooses, then who I am to put myself above Him and say that I should be a woman? When will the church start to use the common sense that God has given us and stop all of these meetings over ludicrous issues that should be no-brainers!

Presbyterian Candidates Protest Affirmed Ban on Gay Ordination

 28 candidates for Presbyterian ministry have voiced their disapproval of the affirmation of the ban on the ordination of homosexuals. They purport that the decision is “demeaning to the lives of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer persons by again reducing our lives to sexual acts. It fails to recognize God’s ability to choose whomever God wills to serve the Church. It perpetuates the mythology that sexual orientation is simply a matter of behavior. It says that we are not filled with God’s grace.” Many, however, support the church’s resolve to keep hold of the biblical standards. The signers of the letter expressed that they hoped that “our sisters and brothers in Christ will know us, in the fullness of how God creates us, and affirm our gifts and call”. My question (once again) is why would God call someone to preach the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ when they are living in open rebellion to that truth? How can someone who is living an openly homosexual lifestyle, which the Bible states is an abomination (whether it’s open or hidden), believe that they would be blessed by God to minister the truth when they themselves reject it! If you are a homosexual and you truly feel that God has called you to be a minister of His, then why won’t you obey Him? Why do you continue to insist on living in sin and being an example of compromise by trying to minister the gospel? Why won’t you admit the sin, repent of it, and be free from it? There is nothing in the Bible that shows that God calls to ministry anyone who continues to live a lifestyle that He abhors…

“Idol Gives Back” Project Supports Abortion


American Idol once again has started it’s “Idol Gives Back” program which raises money to “raise awareness of the effects of poverty on children and young people”. The money raised from the project is funneled into the organizations Save the Children and UNICEF, both of which are pro-abortion.  A study released by the International Organizations Research Group shows that UNICEF is tied to abortion and radical feminism. UNICEF has made numerous contributions and endorsements including “good quality abortion services” and raising their contributions from $2 million to $5 million for the UN’s support of China’s “one child” policy. Save the Children has connections to many openly pro-abortion organizations including, Better World Fund, Center for Reproductive Rights, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Population Action International, and the U.S. Committee for UNICEF.

Human Rights, Liberty Are Values Practiced by Most Muslims, Says Rice

 As Washington appointed it’s first special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference, Secretary of State Rice said that Muslims practice the values of human rights, liberty and the rule of law, and that these values are universal. This seems to be an effort to smooth over any issues that arise from the actions we take in the “War on Terror”. While there are certainly Muslims who practice these values listed, they are sadly in the minority, especially outside the US. In the OIC, only 6 of the 57 members are actually considered “free”. Many of the Islamic ruled nations do not hold to human rights for women or Christians, there is also no liberty for anything that goes against Islam. They do believe in the rule of the law, as long as that law is Sharia law.

Vatican Releases New List of Sinful Acts

 The Vatican supoosedly released a new list of sinful acts that include drug abuse, environmental pollution, and social injustice. The Vatican responded by saying that this was not a new list or a list to replace the “old” list, but a commentary on “new forms of social sin”. The original interview stated that while sin used to be individual, it is now taking on a more social aspect. Huh? First, where in scripture does it say that men, whether they go to church or lead a church, can decide what sin is and is not? Second, I was under the impression that God had already clearly defined what sin was in the Word that He gave us. I didn’t think that we needed to add anything to the list that He gave us already…Third, when has sin not had a social effect? If you look at Achan and his sin in the book of Joshua, it was the sin of one man that caused hundreds to die in war the next few days. If you go back further and look at Adam’s sin in the Garden of Eden, it definitely had a “social” effect. While I think that the “new, social” sins listed above need to be tended to, I think that the church would be a better steward of its time if it went ahead and focused on actually living like it should and avoiding the list of sins that God already gave us. More likely than not, that would take care of these new, social sins as well…  Related Articles:

No “New Deadly Sins” – Media Perpetrating Massive Distortion

Study: Behaviors Americans Consider ‘Sinful’

 According to a new study by Ellison Research, Americans believe in sin whether they are religiously involved or not. Sin was defined as “something that is almost always considered wrong, particularly from a religious or moral perspective”. The study asked 1,000 people whether or not they considered 30 different behaviors to be sinful. Adultery was identified by the most people to be sinful. After this, in order of highest response were racism, use of “hard” drugs, not saying anything when the cashier gives too much change, abortion, and homosexuality. Those who attend religious services weekly were more likely to believe things to be sinful. There were differences between Catholics and Protestants. Evangelicals also had some differing responses. I don’t really know that this study proves anything other than the fact that most people (including many Christians) really don’t care about what God says. The fact that 81% of Americans think that adultery is sinful doesn’t keep those kinds of things from happening and it doesn’t keep it out of television and movies. There are a few things in this article/study that stand out to me. First is the fact that even though 81% of Americans see adultery as sinful, only 43% see having sexual thoughts about someone you’re not married to is sinful. This comes in spite of the fact that Jesus said, if you look at someone with lust you commit adultery with them in your heart! The study seems to also show that even though many “Christians” profess things as sinful, it doesn’t keep them from doing those very same things. This shows a lack of the fear of God and not concern for how their sin affects them or others. We are becoming a nation that professes God with its lips but whose hearts are far from Him. If we are Christians, the things that God considers sinful are what we should consider sinful. If God considers something sinful, then we should not do it. If we are doing it then we should STOP! Only when Christians start truly being obedient to what God says, the way that He said it, will we truly see change in our country.

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