Newslinks 06/20/10

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Sunday’s Newslinks brought to you by At Ease Tees

Papers Reveal Kagan’s Thoughts on Partial-Birth Abortion, Religious Freedom
As a Clinton White House counsel, Solicitor General Elena Kagan said she felt it was best to let doctors decide when a “so-called partial-birth [abortion] procedure” was necessary.

Fla. Gov. Vetoes Pro-Life Bill

Christian Health Care Sharing Requires More Than Religion

Defending Christianity’s Place in U.S. Against ‘Anti-Faith’ Attacks

Pope Ends Year for Priests With Apology for Abuse Scandal

Salem Web Network Acquires,

Carter’s method still ineffective, says analyst
A national defense analyst and former State Department official to the Bush administration says Barack Obama is on the road to re-Carterizing America.

Homegrown terrorist threats
A homeland security expert thinks Americans should be concerned with the increase in the number of U.S. citizens being radicalized” to Islam, often with a Somali connection.

Perspective: Slouching towards jihad
Why is it that Americans suffer the foolishness of political correctness that tells us we should celebrate the growth of Islam here in America? Continue Reading Newslinks 06/20/10…

Newslinks 05/02/08

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Friday’s Newslinks brought to you by



At Ease Tees


The director of movies such as “Basic Instinct” and “Robocop” has written a book on the life of Jesus. In his book, Paul Verhoeven says that he believes that Jesus was the son of Mary after being raped by a Roman soldier. Verhoeven also says in his book that Judas Iscariot didn’t betray Christ. The Dutch author is a well-known member of the Jesus seminar, a group of scholars and authors that seek to establish historical facts about Jesus. The author hopes to print the book in English next year and use it as a springboard for a movie. First, the Jesus Seminar has done nothing to find “historical facts” about Jesus. They may be “scholars and authors” but they are not Christians. They have voted against many of the events in the life of Jesus as being tales or not happening. Second, scripture says that Jesus was the result of the Holy Spirit overshadowing Mary. Jesus is the Son of God. Mr. Verhoeven can say what he wants about Jesus, but that doesn’t make it true. Scripture also clearly states that it was Judas who betrayed Christ. It doesn’t leave any room for doubt about that, and yet, Mr. Verhoeven seems to think otherwise. This is just another in a long list of attempts to discredit the Bible and Christianity. If Mr. Verhoeven really wants to find the “historical” Jesus and make a “realistic portrait”, he needs to read scripture.



Proctor and Gamble, the largest television advertiser today, has resumed airing open-mouth homosexual kissing on As The World Turns, the daytime soap opera owned by P&G. The AFA has put out an action alert once already for this and is calling on Christians to step up and boycott P&G. This is sad. P&G will not listen to its Christian consumers and seems to be pandering to the homosexual agenda. I will not be using any of their products and would encourage those of you who read this to do the same. There are plenty of alternatives to P&G products. They may not listen to our emails and phone calls, but they will listen to us when we spend our money elsewhere. I think that this is something we need to do concerning the gas companies as well. Instead of boycotting for one day, find out which companies have made the most money (in the billions!) and stop buying their gas.



The increase in child prostitution can easily be linked to the availability of child pornography on the Internet according to Pat Trueman, an attorney for the Alliance Defense Fund. Trueman says that people see it on the Internet and then go looking for it on the streets. He says that many of the people looking for children to have sex with see it as a novelty and believe that there is less chance of them getting a disease. He also says that while those looking for sex with children are to blame, they aren’t the only ones. The pimps who put children on the streets are just as much to blame. They often use threats and violence to control the children or offer a type of “love” to those who have been thrown out of their house by giving the shelter and clothing. While the article talks about child prostitution in Oakland, California, it also says that it’s happening in Atlanta, Chicago and other places in the US. This is both sad and disgusting and is another reminder of the reality of the heart of man. The Bible says that there is no one that is righteous and that no one does good. It says that the heart is “deceitful above all things and desperately wicked” and this shows it. To use children as young as 11 on the streets as prostitutes is abominable. Those kids should be playing with dolls or playing baseball and having the ability to be children. Instead, there are people that are using them to make money and (just as bad) there are people out there that are looking to have sex with them! The state of America continues to plummet and it’s people turn away from God with vigor. To stop this, the church needs to be reaching the children, the seekers, and the pimps with the truth of the gospel. Not the “feel good” gospel or the “prosperity” gospel, but the truth; that those who die in there sins will find themselves cast into hell for eternity. And that those who hinder a child from coming to Christ would be better off having a millstone tied around their neck and being cast into the sea. As far as the Internet pornography problem, I’ve often wondered why they can’t make it easier to block? Why can’t they require porn trafficking sites to have a specific address (like .xxx instead of .com) to help filter them out? It would be easier for parents to block a large percentage of porn like that. I don’t think that that’s a permanent solution, but it would be a start and would allow Christians to reach the kids while they also reach out to those who run the porn industry…


Renowned scholar encourages scientific debate

According to David Berlinski, author of The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions, science tries to squelch any type of healthy debate, especially where intelligent design and creation are concerned. Berlinski, who makes an appearance in Ben Stein’s move Expelled, says that people like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris spend all of their time pretending that they have some kind of standing when they do not. He says that it’s time that people look at the scientific community the way that they do the political community. “We look at a politician and we can certainly say we regard anything a politician says with a certain measure of well-deserved skepticism. We need to start doing that with our great scientists and the scientific theories they are advocating”. Berlinski also believes that the state should not regulate what can and cannot be taught in the classroom. My hats off to Mr. Berlinski. I believe that he has definitely said something that Americans need to hear. One of the major problems for most people is confusion between operational science and origins science. We turn on our computers and they work, we drive our cars and they work, we see the medical breakthroughs and they work, and we instantly assume that when some scientist talks about something that may have happened 140 million years ago that they must be right. That’s not true at all. Operational science, the kind that makes our computers and cars work, is something that can be repeatedly tested in the present. We can test our cars and computers and make them better, and we can do it repeatedly. We can’t possibly test something that supposedly happened millions of years ago. To be honest, nothing happened millions of years ago. While scientists keep spouting millions of years, there is plenty of evidence that suggests that the earth is only thousands of years old. Not only that, a plain reading of the account of Creation in Genesis 1 and 2 as well as the genealogies in scripture give us something around six thousand years old. I was listening to Way of the Master Radio the other day and Todd Friel shared a story that illustrates this. In the story, the scientists presented one of their many hypotheses on what happened millions of years ago. Todd then talked about how he saw a show on Adolph Hitler. In the show, scientists were discussing whether or not it was really Hitler that died in the bunker. They talked about the different evidence that they had (including a piece of his skull with a bullet hole in it and the fact that his dentures – verified by his dentist – contained glass from a cyanide capsule) and how they still weren’t sure it was Hitler. If they can’t be sure of something that happened in the late 1940’s with that much evidence, how can they be so sure of something that they think happened millions of years ago with no evidence for it at all? The truth is, they can’t. The reason they do it is because to admit that they don’t know is to allow the possibility of the divine and that goes against their naturalistic beliefs.


TIME defends altered Iwo Jima photo

TIME’s managing editor Richard Stengel recently defended a cover photo used for the magazine. The cover photo is an altered image of the raising of the American flag on Iwo Jima during World War II.

The image (seen right) has been altered to replace the American flag with the picture of a tree. Many veterans, including those who were at Iwo Jima were outraged that TIME would do something like this. In the issue itself, TIME called “green” the new red, white, and blue, saying that the war on global warming was just as important a battle as World War II. This idea seems to coincide with Al Gore’s ad campaign. When defending the photo, Stengel said that he “doesn’t think journalism should really be objective anyway because he thinks objectivity is a fantasy”, which is a huge shift from the idea that journalism should be unbiased. I think that this, like the story above, should be a warning to Americans. If the managing editor of TIME magazine doesn’t think that journalism should be objective, I would just keep that in mind when (if) you read TIME. Understand that you’re not getting the truth; you’re getting someone’s idea of what the truth should be. Sadly, journalism isn’t the only place that this happens. As far as the doctored image goes, this is deplorable. To compare the “battle on global warming” to World War II is ludicrous! How many people died because of global warming? More than the millions of others that died in events leading up to the war and the war itself? Nope. Add to this the fact that “global warming” still hasn’t been proven and you’ve got a liberal propaganda machine. Instead of focusing on things that this country needs, we have a number of people promoting war on an issue that doesn’t even exist and wasting time and money that could be spent elsewhere to much better results. My heart goes out to the veterans and I apologize for the photo even if TIME won’t. I truly appreciate what you have done for me and for our country. I may not be old enough to have been around then, but what you did has allowed me to be around now. Thank you!


Huge Christian Ministry to Disabled Fined $23,000 For Rejecting Homosexual Employee

A Canadian Christian ministry has been fined $23,000 and told that they need to pay 2 years wages and benefits to a woman after she was dismissed from working there. Connie Heintz signed a morality statement when she applied for work at Christian Horizons. The statement says that employees are “not to engage in homosexual relationships, extra-marital sexual relationships (adultery), pre-marital sexual relationships (fornication), viewing or reading pornography, and lying”. She claims that when her employers found out that she was involved in a homosexual relationship, she was subjected to a poisoned work atmosphere and threatened with the loss of her job. She quit in 2000. Those who support the decision say that it’s important because it helps to let faith based organizations know when they are infringing on the rights of others and moving outside of serving the communities needs. This is another exercise in lack of common sense on so many levels. The company is called Christian Horizons for crying out loud! I realize that that may not mean as much as it should, but shouldn’t that be a clue as to what their standard will be? Not only that, Miss Heintz signed their morality statement when she got hired!!!! Wasn’t there something on the statement that said something to the effect of “I acknowledge the above and understand that if I engage in any of this I will be subject to termination without legal recourse”? If that isn’t on there, it should be. On top of all of that, she quit! The employer isn’t required to do anything for her are they? The fact that she knew that being in a homosexual relationship was against company policy (and rightly so for a Christian organization) and that she signed the statement before being hired should clear Christian Horizons from any legal requirement to pay her anything…


Middle School Student Punished for Silent Protest Plot Against Abortion

Janelle Bushnell, a 14-year-old at James Monroe Middle School, was given a silent detention during lunch for planning and advertising a silent protest against abortion involving red armbands and duct tape. She was inspired to do this when she found out that her biological mother was encouraged to abort her before foster parents stepped in. School officials said that this would inhibit students involved in the protest from answering questions. She is not the first to face this sort of thing. In an interesting development, even the ACLU agrees that students should have the right to engage in silent protests and that they do not lose their privileges and rights as Americans when they enter school. I can’t help but wonder if this would have ended differently if it was tied into the “Day of Silence” in support of homosexuality. I wonder if the school would have paid for the tape and made it mandatory? This is ridiculous. I think that the initiative Janelle shows is something that is lacking in so many young people today and the fact that her school leaders (those people who should be encouraging and developing this sort of thing) are standing against her and her rights only goes to show how indoctrinated even adults have become to issues like life and truth. I hope that Janelle doesn’t get discouraged by the lack of support she received from her “educators” and that she will continue to stand for the truth.


‘Expelled’ Correct on Darwin, Hitler Link, Says Christian Group

Ben Stein’s Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed spends a lot of time on the link between Darwinism and the atrocities committed by Adolf Hitler. According to Richard Weikart, “there’s really not much debate about whether or not Hitler was a social Darwinist. He clearly was drawing on Darwinian ideas. It drove pretty much everything that he did. It was not just a peripheral part of his ideology”. He also said that Darwinian theory was popular in Germany and Hitler was drawing from what German academics were teaching in the early 20th century. All it takes is a little common sense and even the most basic definitions and teachings from evolutionary theory to see that this is true. When Darwinism teaches that we’re nothing be highly evolved apes, and that life is all about “survival of the fittest”, is it really hard to see the correlation? If I think that my race is more highly evolved than yours and that I can better ensure my survival by eliminating you, what’s to stop me from doing it? Not only that, Darwinism leads to things like population control and euthanasia as well. “If we can control the number of children people have, it will better help ensure our future survival”. Blah. Ask China how well this is working. To be honest, it raises an interesting question though. If evolution is supposed to be all about survival, why would life develop to the point where animals take care of their offspring? Isn’t that just creating more mouths to feed? Why would life have the desire to procreate and create other organisms that will compete for the food and other things that it needs to survive?

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‘Expelled’ Filmmakers Sued Over Lennon Song


Theologians: Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Recently, two theologians have been engaging in a debate over why God allows suffering and evil in the world. Bart Erhman, a professor of Religious Studies at UNC, was a professing Christian who is now an agnostic. “Suffering increasingly became a problem for me and my faith.” “How can one explain all the pain and misery in the world if God – the creator and redeemer of all – is sovereign over it, exercising his will both on the grand scheme and in the daily workings of our lives?” Erhman also questioned why God didn’t stop droughts, help hunger victims, or answer the prayers of Holocaust victims. N.T. Wright, who represented the Christian viewpoint, said, “I read the story of Israel as a whole (not merely in its individual parts, which by themselves, taken out of that context, might be reduced to ‘Israel sinned; God punished them,’ etc.,) as the story of theodicy-in-practice: ‘this is the narrative through whose outworking the creator God will eventually put all things to rights’”. The debate has been going on over the last few weeks in a blog on BeliefNet. What I don’t understand is why the cause of suffering wasn’t even brought up? God allows suffering because of SIN! It is sin that has brought about the suffering and death in the world and that is not God’s fault; it is man’s fault. When Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, they disobeyed God. God had made it clear that if they disobeyed, they would die. When they disobeyed, their sin separated them from God and brought death into the world. Sin and death have caused suffering ever since. The fact that God didn’t kill Adam and Eve immediately shows that He has mercy and His killing of the animals to make skins to cover Adam and Eve shows it as well. Not only that, in the midst of their punishment (Genesis 3:14-19), God gave them the promise of redemption through the seed of the woman (a foreshadowing of Jesus Christ – women don’t have seed!). To say that God doesn’t care about what’s going on is ridiculous. He was willing to let His Son die on the cross (even though He had no sin) in our place so that we could be reconciled to Him. To be honest, God has every right to destroy each and every one of us for our sins. He could have done it at any time and been fully justified in doing so. Instead, He’s been extremely patient with all of us and given us the time to accept our sinful, wretched state and come to Him in repentant fear. He’s giving you the time right now to do the same. If you will repent of your sins and put your trust in Jesus Christ, you can know that you will go to heaven. That will not erase the suffering you may face here, but it will promise you a place in heaven where there is no death or suffering ever. That seems very caring and merciful to me…


When is a Christian school not a Christian school?

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Here’s a question: When is a Christian school not a Christian school?

Answer: When the ACLU and other anti-Christian groups try to take away the rights of Christians.

There are many things going on right now that could change how Christians are allowed to act and even speak.

Two families have sued a California private school because the school expelled two girls in 2005 for engaging in homosexual behavior. They parents are suing for damages and for prevention of the school from doing that again in the future. Ok, I know that this is obvious to me, but: This is a private, CHRISTIAN school! What did the parents expect would happen? Did they not read the handbook that told them the beliefs and rules of the school? Did they think that if something like this happened that the school would allow it even though it goes against their beliefs? If your kids are going to a private Christian school, then they should be Christians, or at least understand that if they do anything that goes against the Christian doctrine of the school then they are going to be punished accordingly… Continue Reading When is a Christian school not a Christian school?…

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