Design of the Week 03/05/08 – Equip Yourself!

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This design comes from the desire that I have to see those who profess to follow Christ actually know what the Bible says about different things that we face today. It also comes from the love that I have for studying the Bible on a daily basis. For us to truly understand what God is trying to teach us through the Word, we have to study it. For us to protect ourselves and those we love from the numerous false doctrines that are running rampant through the church right now, we have to study it. For us to reach out to the lost effectively with the gospel of Jesus Christ, we have to study it.

Many people in the church often complain about this or that, but they don’t know what the Bible really says. Many preachers often take scriptures out of context to support their “vision” or purpose because they lack the ability to study the Word properly. Many people are being deceived into thinking that God approves of things/lifestyles that people are involved in because they don’t study or have not studied well enough.

Thousands upon thousands of churches across the US and around the globe are misleading their congregations and misusing scripture to fulfill their own agendas, but until the people of God put in the time necessary to gain an understanding of the Word and honestly look at how that Word applies to their lives, they will continue to be deceived and many won’t even realize it. They will continue to perpetuate lies and false doctrines because that’s what they were told. they will be swayed by every wind of doctrine because they have no foundation in the truth…

For an amazing and indepth method of studying the scriptures go to : Precept Ministries International


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