Newslinks 08/15/10

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Sunday’s Newslinks brought to you by At Ease Tees

Obama backs ‘gay’ group at U.N.
A homosexual activist group has side-stepped normal procedures to gain a non-government organization status at the United Nations.

GOP: Obama developing ‘backdoor amnesty plan’
The Obama administration is considering ways it could go around lawmakers to let illegal immigrants stay in the United States, according to an agency memo.

Another Democrat facing ethics charges
A second House Democrat, Rep. Maxine Waters of California, could be facing an ethics trial this fall, further complicating the midterm election outlook for the party as it battles to hold onto its majority.

Amish communities growing rapidly
A new study estimates the number of Amish in North America has doubled since 1992 and increased nearly 10 percent in the past two years alone.

Baptist World Alliance Confirms New President
Virginia native John Upton was elected Saturday to lead the Baptist World Alliance as its new president. The long-time Baptist succeeds David Coffey of the United Kingdom. Continue Reading Newslinks 08/15/10…

Newslinks 05/23/08

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Friday’s Newslinks brought to you by At Ease Tees

California Court Strips Children of Right to Mother and Father


In what will be a hotly contested decision, the California Supreme Court has legalized same-sex “marriage”. While the contention will be heated over the definition of marriage, the court’s decision has basically stripped children of their rights as a result. The court sees children as objects to be controlled. They also see same-sex couples as identical to infertile heterosexual couples, which will allow them to adopt and artificially conceive children. This is due to the idea that biological parenthood is an accident of nature in the eyes of the court. This means that two homosexual men could have a child artificially conceived, born, and then handed over to their custody, which would fit under the “liberty and personal autonomy” of the men. Of course, this would completely erase the rights of the child in the process. The court said “having children and raising them with someone you love that can share the joys and trials of parenthood is one of the dearest components of liberty”. The court also used phrases like “opposite-sex couples” and “same-sex couples” to turn a blind eye to the fact that all children have a mother and a father. The court said that the decision doesn’t harm or impinge on the rights of heterosexual couples but gives those rights to homosexual couples and their children.


The idea that homosexual couples have a right to children is definitely not scriptural and, in my opinion, doesn’t seem to be very logical either. Scripturally, the institution of marriage happened in Genesis 2:24. God ordained marriage to be between one man and one woman for life. There is no other method of union that God ordains in scripture. He clearly condemns homosexuality in both the Old and New Testaments (Gen. 18-19, Lev. 18:22, Rom. 1:20-32, 1 Cor. 6:9-10, Gal. 5:16-18, Rev. 21:8). When we look at marriage, we often just think of the man and woman who are married, but God went beyond that. Marriage wasn’t just for the man and woman, it was for the children they would have together. Children need a loving mother and a father to grow in the way God intended. This is something that homosexual couples can’t offer children. I’m not saying that homosexuals can’t love children, but they can’t offer the same things that heterosexual couples can.


The homosexual “right” to have children doesn’t seem all that logical to me either. If God had wanted homosexual couples to have children, He would have created us differently. He didn’t. To have children, you have to have a man and a woman, although now, the man doesn’t have to be physically present for conception to take place. This is a new development over the last few decades though. In the thousands of years of history prior to this, two homosexual people demanding the right to have children would have been thought to be ridiculous. While some may try to use infertile heterosexual couples as an equal example, it’s not. With infertile heterosexual couples, there is still a possibility (however small) of childbearing. Scripture gives many examples of women who were barren and ended up having children (Sarah, Hannah, Rachel). With a homosexual couple, there is absolutely no chance of them having children without artificial means. Ever. To offer “marital” rights to homosexual couples under the guise of helping “families” is very weak. I think their agenda is showing…



Christian Leaders Launch ‘We Get It’ Green Movement


A group of evangelical leaders launched a campaign last week to bring the truth about “global warming” in front of Americans and other nations. The group’s goal is to remind others that, as Christians, while we are to be good stewards of the environment, we are to do so according to biblical standards. They say that those who promote global warming have misrepresented many Christians with their “faulty science” and they need to get “theology, science, and economics right”. The group says they want “real science so we can get real answers, not supercilious answers built on political platforms”. The global warming “catastrophe” being pushed by many is anything but according to numerous scientists. Those who push global try to show that scientists are unanimous when it comes to the issue but that’s just not true. Many scientists are not seeing the same thing that those who promote global warming see, and there are many who see the exact opposite.


I wanted to ask one question before I give my thoughts on this. Where are all the scientists who are doing real science? I know that there out there. Maybe we don’t hear from them because they’re actually busy working on something people need instead of supporting something that hasn’t even been proven to be happening. I applaud those scientists who actually use the money they’re given for endeavors that will help the rest of us. For those who would rather speculate and stir up issues that have no (or very little) scientific support, you can do that without the taxpayer’s money. Science has changed for the worse over the last few decades. This whole global warming issue is the result of bad science and someone needing a leg to stand on. Science is supposed to be about actually looking at the data and making sense of it before declaring a “global catastrophe”. I don’t have a problem with science. I think it is wonderful and that it points to God’s glory. I also don’t have a problem with taking care of the environment. We need to do that not only for ourselves, but also for our kids. But putting measures in place to stop something that we’re not even sure exists (some data shows the earth is actually cooling down) is not only bad science), it’s bad stewardship.


T.D. Jakes Calls Christians Back to the Bible


At a three-day conference that start way back in 1983, T.D. Jakes, called on Christians to return to the Bible. The senior pastor of The Potter’s House in Dallas TX, Jakes said, “it is because of the state of this world – natural disasters, personal failures, a sagging economy, injustices, and more – that we need to get back to the Bible”. He also said that believers need to get back to the “real, proven Word of God to draw strength from it and use it as our guide for day-to-day living”. New studies have shown that many people are leaving the church. Jakes says, “It’s never too late to return to the Bible”. According to the pastor, the Bible has proven itself “relevant” and is “rich in instruction in how to live the peaceful, productive, and righteous life that God designed for us”.


While I agree with the sentiment, I have to wonder which Word of God that T.D. Jakes is talking about. Is it the scriptures that we call the Bible or is it something else? The reason I ask is because Mr. Jakes is talking about returning to the scriptures but if I understand correctly, doesn’t agree with all of them. From what I understand, T.D. Jakes believes in Modalism. This is the idea that God is not three persons. In Modalism, God is one and He existed as God the Father until Jesus came. Then, when Jesus ascended, He existed/exists as the Holy Spirit. It denies the scriptures of the Old and New Testament that say that God is a trinity. So if he’s calling believers back to the Bible, which one is he talking about? Which parts are the ones, in his eyes, that are “real” and “proven”?


I also have a problem with some things he’s quoted as saying. According to the article, he said we need to get back to the Bible “because of the state the world’s in”. I disagree. We need to get back to the Bible because the Bible tells us that God’s Word is something we shouldn’t be doing without. To be honest, the state of the world shouldn’t be driving us back to the Bible to begin with. We should have a love for God’s Word. We should want to be in it all the time. The state of the world should not only give us a desire for God’s Word, but it should also give us the desire to go out and preach the truth of the gospel to others. There have been thousands of people killed in the last month between earthquakes and cyclones. How many of those people died and found themselves in hell because the truth isn’t being preached? It’s the same in America. There are people that will die today. How many of them are ready for that? How many of them know without a doubt that if today is their last day, they’ll die with the assurance of being in heaven?


I also have a problem with the “peaceful, productive” part of life that he seems to think “God designed for us”. Is this true? Should we really be expecting that God designed a “peaceful, productive” life? What about the many times that Jesus promised trials and tribulations? What about when Jesus promised that people would hate us when we live in obedience to Him? Tell the people in China and North Korea that are being persecuted for having Bibles about the “peaceful, productive” life. Tell that to the 13-year-old daughter of the pastor who was gang raped by Muslims. This whole idea that when you become a Christian God is going to shower you with peace and riches, that you’ll have no trouble and life will be easier than it’s ever been is a load of manure. It may be easier when you’re preaching that kind of message to people who desperately want to hear it and getting them to send you thousands of dollars in “love offerings”, but that’s not the life of the large majority of Christians. As a matter of fact, I have a strong suspicion that it may not be the life of a Christian at all…



Survey: 70 Percent of Americans Find Divorce ‘Morally Acceptable’


In a telephone survey of 1000 adults, 70 percent of them said that they thought divorce was “morally acceptable”. The results come from the Gallup Values and Beliefs poll and show an 11 percent increase from 7 years ago and a 3 percent increase from 2 years ago. The majority of those who agreed that divorce is morally acceptable also said that they were “liberal”, “independents”, or “non-religious”. Those who were “conservative”, “religious”, or over the age of 65 believed that divorce is not “morally acceptable”. The study showed that while divorce is morally acceptable to many, many of those polled still see suicide, cloning, marital infidelity, and polygamy as morally unacceptable.


While I understand that this is just 1,000 people that are supposed to be a cross section of America, I am still boggled by the results. Many of the people polled said that polygamy and adultery were not acceptable but divorce is? This flies in the face of the statistic that says that 90-something percent of Americans believe in God. Obviously, this isn’t the God of the Bible. The God of the Bible says, “I hate divorce” (Malachi 2:16). Jesus confirms this in the New Testament saying that the only “legitimate” reason for divorce is adultery, which (oddly enough), many of those polled still found unacceptable. To think that a majority of Americans find divorce ok tells me where our country is. It tells me that someone’s word is no longer enough. If someone tells me something, I can no longer take his or her word for it. Not only that, what am I supposed to think of the word of someone who’s been divorced? Is it really going to be different this time? In Hollywood, marriages and divorces happen all the time. It seems like a leading actor will marry his actress co-star and be “happily married” until the movie is over and then they get divorced until the next movie is being shot. Marriage is a covenant that is to be taken seriously. In bible times, if you didn’t hold up to your end of the covenant, you were put to death (“till death do us part”). This is not an attack on those who are divorced. If you’ve been divorced, there is healing. Many people are unwillingly divorced. If you are one of those people, then understand that this is not about you. This is directed at those who see no problem with getting a divorce for any reason, including “irreconcilable differences”.


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