Design of the Week 1/21/08 – Cover Up

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 This is the first of a new weekly feature I’m hoping to start. In it, I’ll present a featured design from my shop and just explain a little about where it came from and what it represents.

 The first featured design is the “Cover Up” design. This design shows sin as a black pill. It is being coated by a bright orange liquid representing compromise. The idea came from the fact that it seems more and more that the church and those preaching the message want to sugarcoat sin and make it “okay”. No one seems to want to speak out against sin or stand up against what the bible says is wrong.

 Instead, we just want everyone to come to church and feel good about themselves and the fact that God loves them. We want to coddle them and pet them and tell them that everything will be okay, even though they are living in sin. We have come to the point where the church’s message is no longer effective in changing the lives of the lost. I believe that this is because it hasn’t been allowed to change a lot of the lives of those going to church! If the Word truly had made a difference in the lives of many of those who profess Christ, what would the church look like? Would it look like it does now? Wouldn’t whole towns and cities be radically changed? There are twenty or so churches in my hometown, which has a population of about 7-10,000 people. If there are an average of 100 people in each church (there are some that have much more than that), that’s 2000 people that profess Christ and claim to know who He is and live for Him. How long should it take for the entire city to be reached and changed? A month? Two months? Surely it shouldn’t take longer than that!

 It is my desire to see the church stand up and stop using man’s ideas of how God should be and what it means to be a Christian. It’s time we went back to using what God said He is like and what He said a Christian is…

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of the design or the message behind it!

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