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Report Reveals Komen Gave Over $700 Thousand to Planned Parenthood in One Year

According to a recent report from STOPP, various organizations affiliated with the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation gave over seven hundred thousand dollars to Planned Parenthood between April of 2005 and April of 2006. The report also expresses some surprise at the Foundation supporting PP due to the fact that both abortion and chemical contraception have been linked to breast cancer. For a foundation “dedicated to ending breast cancer” it seems a least a little odd that they would support things like abortion and chemical contraception. If they are truly against breast cancer, then shouldn’t they also be against those things that cause breast cancer? Why couldn’t that $700 thousand dollars have gone to the hospitals and other people that are actually trying to find cures for breast cancer?


Police Apologize After Driver of Truck with Graphic Abortion Images Ordered to Leave Town

In an incident that came close to mimicking an event from last November, a Truth Truck from Operation Rescue was forced out of the city because of the graphic images it displays of the victims of abortion. A Sgt. of the Olathe Police Department told the driver of the truck that he either had to “leave the city, cover it up, or be charged”. He was further told that if he were charged, the truck would probably be impounded. When the police chief found out about the incident, she put the Sgt. on administrative leave and personally apologized to both the driver and Troy Newman of Operation Rescue. She has also stated that she will be seeing to it that the officers of her department know what is protected under the first amendment and what isn’t. While this sounds like another case of a police officer who took the law into his own hands, I don’t know that for sure. What I do know is that the chief took the right action. I applaud the police chief for recognizing the truth of the situation and making immediate restitution to both the driver and Operation Rescue. I also am encouraged by the measures that she is planning to take to make sure that her officers know how better to handle a situation like this in the future!


Clinton Strengthens Homosexual, Anti-religious Links with Endorsement by Elton John

During a “party for a good friend”, Elton John spent time railing on Christianity and religion as a whole and promoting homosexuality. He gave a benefit concert for presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton on April 9th during which he stated that he believes Hillary trails in the polls because of America’s “hatred for women”. He also stated that he believes that “religion has always tried to turn hatred towards gay people” but “there are so many Christian people I know who are gay and love their religion”. If John had his way, he would ban religion completely because organized religion turns people into “hateful lemmings”. For someone who claims to be a Methodist, Mrs. Clinton is doing all that she can to prove otherwise. To have someone like Elton John endorse your campaign shows her true colors, regardless about what she says about her “faith”. It’s just another example of the doublespeak going on in both Democratic camps. They both talk about “faith” and how it strengthens them, but it’s not the Christian faith. If it truly were, they wouldn’t support many (if not most) of the things that they do. Elton John has tried to blame religion for the plight of the gay community. I wonder if he realizes that God’s wrath would be on anyone who is gay even if every Christian alive supported homosexuality? The standard for right and wrong is not set by man but by God. Any time we go against that standard, we are wrong, whether we think that it’s ok or not. There are many times in scripture where we see man doing something that was “right in his own eyes”. John also talks about the many Christians who are gay and “love their religion”. I hate to break it to you Elton; they may love their religion and even call themselves Christians, but it’s not the Christianity of the bible. It is a form of idolatry that comes from creating a “God” in their own image that likes the things that they like and hates the things they hate. As I’ve said many times before, God makes it very clear in both the OT and the NT that he sees homosexuality as an abomination. This judgment is from God and not His followers…John says that he would ban religion because it “doesn’t seem to work”, but I wonder if he’s actually tried real Christianity?

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‘Spanking’ Bill Is Government Intrusion, Conservatives Warn

A bill against spanking was put to vote on the 15th (as of now, I don’t know that it passed but seeing how there wasn’t a huge uproar I would assume that it didn’t…). The bill would identify parents as child abusers for using things like a stick, a rod, a switch, an electrical cord, an extension cord, a belt, a broom, or a shoe to discipline their children. The parents guilty of breaking this law would be subject to jail terms, “nonparental violence classes”, and could even be ordered by the court to stay away from the child. Those against the bill say that it is unnecessary because California already defines child abuse as a crime. They say that the bill is aimed at good parents who discipline their child occasionally and equates discipline with abuse. I’ve already written on this, but I think that it’s ideas like this that have helped put America where we are today. I think that children need MORE discipline. They have somehow become the leaders of families. They have been allowed to get away with murder (literally in some cases) by parents and government officials who don’t seem to understand the importance of discipline or who need something to fight for. I will be the first to say that I whoop my daughter and I use my hand. I haven’t seen the necessity to use a stick or anything else, but I wouldn’t be against using one if I felt it was necessary. I am not ashamed to say this because of what it’s done for my daughter. She is a well-mannered, respectful young woman who knows where the line is and what will happen when she crosses it. I don’t threaten her and I don’t “beat” her. I don’t have to. She knows that I’m serious about it, but she also knows why I do it. If my disciplining my child so that she respects authority and understands that there are consequences for her actions is abuse then call me an “abuser”. Looking at where our country is, there need to be a lot more “abusers” taking the time to teach their kids the truth instead of caving in to their every whim, letting them run the show, and giving our country a generation of kids who have no concern for how what they do affects others.


New Mexico commission orders $6,000 fine for Christian beliefs

Elaine and John Huguenin, the couple that refused to photograph a lesbian couple’s “commitment ceremony” has been ordered by the New Mexico Human Rights Commission (NMHRC) to pay $6000 dollars in costs. They have appealed the decision and are awaiting the results. The Alliance Defense Fund, who defended the Huguenins, says that laws like this are being used as weapons against Christians in businesses and even in their churches to silence biblical beliefs. As also noted in the article, this squelches the right of free speech that the Huguenins have. They don’t lose any of their rights when they open a business and should be allowed to express their religious beliefs as they see fit in regards to that business. There is no reason that the “couple” couldn’t find someone else who would do it. It just seems like another attack by those in the homosexual community on the one group of people who seem consistent in their opinion of the gay lifestyle.


Could the apostasy be upon us?

This is a column written by Steve Gallagher. In it he asks a very simple question. Is the apostasy here? He uses the movie “Time Changer” as an example. In the movie, a man from the late 1800’s is transported into present day America. He is then a witness to what is going on for five days. He sees the things that we have come to take for granted as they are and openly expresses disgust and revulsion at those things. In one instance, he is invited by other Christians to go see a movie and ends up running out of the theater because the actor took God’s name in vain and blasphemed! None of this seems to phase us anymore. We watch television and movies that contain blasphemy and filthy language, scantily clad women and men (unless they’re on prime time then they’re nude…), and situations that are openly against scripture and what we say we believe in. Mr. Gallagher asks some questions that I think we all should consider:

Why aren’t we more outraged when we hear actors take the Lord’s name in vain?
How can we look upon scantily clad girls on television without blushing?
Why do we permit TV to indoctrinate our children with the world’s values?

I think that Christians in America need to answer those questions because it will give us an idea of where our heart truly is…


Students Urged to Focus on Their ‘Carbon Footprints’

As National Environmental Education Week comes to a close, it’s interesting to see what our K-12 students spent time learning about. It seems that the kids learned about their “carbon footprint” and their impact on our environment. They spent the week studying how much carbon dioxide they are emitting when they travel, eat (insert your own joke here), when they are at home, when they use something, and when they throw something away. All of this was done in order to help us reach a “sustainable society” according the spokesperson Alexandra Cousteau. Why are we having kids do this? This is an example of why our kids are behind in school. We give them silly weeklong things to do to try and “educate” them instead of focusing on stuff they really need to learn. Was it necessary to have “EE Week”? Could it not have been done at home? Is teaching kids about their “carbon footprint” really going to help them or even stick with them? I know that this may seem crass and all, but how big do environmentalists think that the “carbon footprint” of 9/11 was? That’s how silly all of this is to me. I am all for us taking care of the Earth. God says that we are to be stewards of it. But when doing so becomes an idol and takes away from other, more important things, then it’s gone too far. Sadly, many Christians are jumping on the “go green” bandwagon and are concerned about their “carbon footprint”. Instead of teaching kids about their carbon footprint, why don’t we teach them to follow in the footprints of Christ? Why don’t we spend time to show them how He walked, why He walked, and the result that it had on individuals and entire nations? That will help them a whole lot more than teaching them how much gas they emit…


Obama, Clinton Face Deep Questions on God, Bible

Both of the Democratic candidates for president spent time this past Sunday fielding questions on faith and their beliefs.

Hillary Clinton was asked questions like:

1) Why does God allow people to suffer?

2) Does God want you to be president?

3) When do you believe life begins? And,

4) What or who do you depend on to do what is morally right?

Mrs. Clinton’s responses were:

1) “I don’t know. I can’t wait to ask Him”. (applause from the crowd). She also said that whatever reason suffering exists, it is a “call to action”.

2) “I don’t presume anything about God” (she then said that she tries to put her faith into action to help others everyday).

3) She believes the “potential” for life begins at conception, and noted that her denomination the United Methodist Church has struggled with this issue. But she contends that it’s not only about potential life, but the other lives involved and the government does not have the authority to make the decision on whether a mother should keep her child.

4) Mrs. Clinton said that her decision-making processes are rooted in prayer, contemplation, study, and advice from others, which is needed because she does not know the answers to many of the questions.


Mr. Obama’s questions were:


1) Does God intervene in history and punish or reward nations?

2) The second question was one about abortion that I don’t have…

3) Did God create the world in six 24 hour days?

4) The last question was one about his reaction to growing up in Muslim dominated Indonesia.

Mr. Obama’s responses were:

1) He believes that God does intervenes, but the concept is “too mysterious” for him to grasp. He said all he can do is try his best to be an instrument to do God’s will and apply what he believes is the core value – to be his brothers’ and sisters’ keeper – then he is moving God’s agenda forward, even though he doesn’t know what the “master plan” is.

2) He believes ( “absolutely”) that pro-choice and pro-life supporters can find common ground. He said pro-choice people must acknowledge there is a moral ground in the debate and that it is a heart-wrenching choice. Secondly, both sides must admit there can be people of “goodwill” that exist on both sides of the issue on abortion. He believes that ultimately it is up to the woman, her doctor, and her family to decide.

3) he does not believe that the universe was created in 24 hour day periods although he believes the Bible’s creation story is “fundamentally” true. He also added that he believes in evolution and that it is not incompatible with the Christian faith. Rather, as he knows more about science it strengthens his faith.

4) As a result of his experience, he says most Muslims are goodwilled, trying to raise their kids the best they can.

The commentators of the forum brought up how much the Democrats have tried to broaden their view and how evangelical Christians are looking deeper into social issues like Darfu, the environment, poverty, and AIDS.

Again I’m amazed at how carelessly and easily people will throw around Christian terms in order to get their way. The statements made by both candidates are both scary and insightful. They are scary because they don’t line up with scripture and are still believed by many to be biblical responses. They are insightful because anyone who spends the time in the Word that they should be will be able to see that what comes out of the mouths of the candidates gives us a truer picture of what they stand for. I would like to respond to the same questions posed to both candidates from what I know of scripture.

1) Why does God allow people to suffer?God allows people to suffer for many reasons. There are a few things that we need to understand first though. One, there is no one on the planet that is innocent or inherently good. We are born into sin and if left to our own devices will do evil. Much of the suffering of man comes from one main cause: SIN. It was Adam’s sin in the garden that caused us to be in the condition we are currently in. We are not where we are because of God’s doing. It was Adam’s choice. The fact that God allows us to suffer could be for many reasons including the testing of our faith, our rebellion to His Word, to get our attention…all of this are perfectly legitimate for God.


2) Does God want you to be president?

While I know what my opinion is, that’s all that it is. If God deems fit to put Hillary Clinton in as president, then that’s what He’ll do. I personally would see it as a punishment from God, but as I said before, that’s my opinion…

3) When do you believe life begins?

Life begins at conception. If we were to go by scripture, then it could start before that. God says that He knows us before we are born. If we are just a blob of tissue, then we have no identity. For us to be known by God, we have to have life…

4) What or who do you depend on to do what is morally right?

I depend on God and Him alone because I know that He is the only One that has the truth. If I were to depend on man or myself or “following my heart” I would find myself deep in darkness and sin.

1) Does God intervene in history and punish or reward nations?

This should be a question that anyone with any semblance of the Christian faith should know the answer to. From just a cursory glance of the Old Testament it should be clear that this is the case. There is absolutely no mystery about it. It also tells of the promise that God made that those who bless Israel would be blessed, and those who curse Israel would be cursed. It should be a warning for our nation…

2) The second question was one about abortion that I don’t have…

Without the question, I can’t give my own answer, but I will say that to say that there are “people of goodwill” on both sides of the issue seems ludicrous to me. This is about killing human beings legally. There are those that are for it and those that are against it. Which ones seem to bear goodwill?

3) Did God create the world in six 24 hour days?

Again, this should be a no-brainer. The fact that evolutionary thinking has permeated our culture makes this more difficult that it should be. The Bible says that God created the earth and everything in it in 6 24 hour days. Where’s the difficulty? The plainest reading of the Bible is the true one and there is no indication that this account of creation is anything but historical. To say that evolution is compatible with Christianity is to lack understanding about one or both. Evolution says that the sun came first, that plants came after the sun, and that man is at the very end of the timescale of the universe. The Bible says that the earth came before the sun, plants came before the sun, and man was created in the image of God at the beginning of a much shorter span of time. It can’t be both ways…

4) The last question was one about his reaction to growing up in Muslim dominated Indonesia.

This one I really can’t comment on other than to say that I hear what many Muslims say and see what they do and the two don’t line up…

The Christian faith isn’t about social issues, it’s about sin and judgment. It’s about the fact that man chose to disobey God and do things his own way. It’s about how God has every right to send each and everyone of us to hell and instead, He came down here to die in our place so that we might be restored to Him. That’s the Christian faith and anything else is weak at best and heresy at worst…

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Minnesota allows Islamic school to operate on taxpayer monies

A school in suburban St. Paul serves Islamic permissible (halal) food, it students spent time performing various Muslim rituals, and are required to learn Arabic as a second language. The students study Islam and the buses don’t leave the schools until the Islamic studies are over. All of this is being funded by taxpayer dollars. Those against the school and it’s taxpayer funding say that the Minnesota department of Education is being PC about everything and giving liberties to the Islamic school that would never be allowed to Christians or Jews. The school also does not fly the American flag (it’s required by state law) because the school’s executive director says that he cannot operate the flagpole. I couldn’t help but laugh at that last part for two reasons. One, it’s got to be the lamest excuse that I’ve heard in a while for why someone can’t do something. Two, if it’s really true, then I am seriously concerned for the kids are learning! As stated, if this were a Christian school being funded with taxpayer dollars, the ACLU would be all over it and clamoring about “separation of church and state”. Seeing as how this school is not promoting Christian ideals (even though it’s a church) it is ok. I wonder if anyone knows what type of Islam the school adheres to? If they are giving a strict adherence to the Quran, then St. Paul could be the staging ground for terrorism…


“Truth Booth” Shows Fetal Development in Ohio Mall

Mall kiosks in Toledo and Cleveland are showing people the development of a fetus from 7 weeks until birth through 4-D ultrasound images. The kiosks also have booklets explaining the events. The kiosks are unmanned so that people “can debate the issue for themselves” and “just wander up to look at the images without being pressured”. A “truth booth” in New Jersey was unmanned but is now staffed in order to protect it from vandalism. I think that this is a great idea. Giving people education about life in the womb will definitely help to reach people. I only wish that the ones in Ohio were manned. I know that anti-abortionist can be “in your face” and there are many times and many issues when I feel that Christians need to be that way. The problem with not having someone there, at least to me, is this: What if you have a young pregnant girl who is considering having an abortion? She sees the video and that may be enough, but what if it’s not? What if she’s needs some biblical instruction? What if she needs encouraging? What if she needs to be saved? These are opportunities that are being missed by not having people there to man the kiosks…


Deterioration of families now a ‘legitimate gov’t concern,’ says activist

According to a study released by four different groups, divorce and out-of-wedlock births are costing the US $112 billion dollars annually. The report says that the most accepted reason for “family fragmentation” is poverty. The study looked at a lot of factors including the increased ease of getting a divorce that started in the 1970s. The study only gives information on how families have been affected by divorce and OOW births but doesn’t give any solutions. Those involved in the study say that Americans need to “band together” to find solutions for the problems and strengthen marriages and families. They also say that lawmakers should set aside money for marriage strengthening programs. NOW it’s a legitimate concern? After how many years? Sheesh. This study is one of many that shows the crumbling of America’s foundation because of one overwhelming event that continues to happen. The people who ran the study say that we need to “band together” to strengthen marriages and families by letting the government develop programs. That’s a load of rubbish. Look at the many government programs we have now that don’t work at all! What America needs is the same thing that it’s needed for a long time. We need to return to the Judeo-Christian beliefs found in scripture! They say that we need to find ways to strengthen families and marriages. How do we do that? By understanding that a marriage consists of a covenant made by one man and one woman for life! This would immediately cut down on the number of problems that we have. Then, we can look in scripture and see that God hates divorce (Malachi 2:16). If God hates it, then we should too! After that, we could add the fact that sexual immorality, adultery, homosexuality, and fornication are sins and should be repented of and thrust from our nation. We could also add the fact that men are supposed to love their wives like Christ loves the church and give themselves for her. And that wives are supposed to respect their husbands (Eph. 5:22-33). These are the reasons that it is costing us this much money, and we are having so many hurt and families are being torn apart. We don’t need another government program. What we need is for Christians to start living like God has called us to and for our nation to return to it’s Christian roots. If we do that, then many things in this nation will turn around…

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Georgia lawmakers escalate fight for water


As a drought continues to affect life in Georgia, lawmakers there have pushed a bid for the northern border of Georgia to be moved up, allowing the state access to the Tennessee river and much needed water. The Georgian House and Senate both passed a bill that would move the northern border of the state 1.1 miles north. This move would allow Georgia to tap into the Tennessee River and get water to pipe to Atlanta and other cities. There are also measures in place to file a lawsuit to force the issue if the negotiations fail. Supporters of the action say that they must “reassert our rightful claim to the border territories and the water of our shared Tennessee River”. Many are beginning to question the move and have begun to express concern for the measure. I hate it for Georgia. I know that the drought has been affecting them badly, but I don’t think that this is the answer. Tennessee’s border has been “off” for 200 years and no one felt the need to “reassert their claim” until now. This method of trying to answer the problem they’re having is shady and lowball. I see nothing but trouble for Georgia if they continue to push this tactic. The state sits next to the Atlantic Ocean. I wonder what would happen if they put as much energy into getting and purifying water from there as they are trying to change the border and steal water from the Tennessee River? No one doubts that they are facing troubles, but they need to stop trying play political games and have some common sense about this. It may be time for the leaders in the state to turn their eyes toward heaven and pray to God, which they should have been doing all along. God withheld rain from Israel for 3 ½ years by the word of the prophet Elijah (1 Kings 17-18) because of the sin that the leaders were not only allowing but also promoting. Could this be the reason for the drought? I don’t know, but I pray that if it is, someone has the guts to stand up and do something about it…


52 girls removed from Texas compound


By the end of the day Friday, 18 of the 52 girls taken into custody from the religious retreat owned by polygamist Warren Jeffs were put into state custody.  The girls ranged in age from six months to seventeen years old. The event occurred when a sixteen-year-old girl from the compound complained of physical abuse. Those put into state custody were the ones believed to have been abused or in risk of being abused. The event started on Thursday night when police searched the compound. They returned with a search warrant looking for records of the 16 year old giving birth and being married to a 50-year-old man. Those listed on the warrant were not named, but they were not found as of Friday night either. The religious retreat is on a 1700-acre former exotic game ranch. It belongs to the 150 members of the FLDS church who split from LDS church when the latter renounced polygamy in 1890. First, I hadn’t realized that the LDS church had renounced polygamy. Second, what were they thinking? While polygamy takes place in the Bible, God never condones it. From the beginning God made one man for one woman. Period. There are 150 people on this 1700-acre ranch and no one is concerned? This 16-year-old girl has been physically abused and supposedly married to a 50-year-old man. What is the deal?  This is a sad example of people making God into whatever they want and not following what He’s made clear. I pray that those girls are placed into homes where they will be raised as Christians and be taught who God really is…


Ultrasound making in-roads in pro-life arena; So. Dakota latest to join


There are now 12 states that give a woman seeking an abortion the ability to see an ultrasound and hear a heartbeat (if possible) before going through with the procedure. South Dakota passed into legislation a bill making it a requirement for abortion facilities to show the ultrasound and listen for a heartbeat before going through with the procedure. The other 11 states that have this requirement are: Mississippi, Idaho, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Michigan, Oklahoma, Utah, Wisconsin and Louisiana. I see this as a wonderful thing! I hope that this movement gets more and more support from other states as well. This is the right thing to do. If these women see the baby and hear its heartbeat, they are much less likely to want an abortion. This doesn’t solve the problem of teen pregnancy nor does it address those who kill their children because they are “unwanted”, but it is a start in the right direction. The church needs to stand up and support these issues loudly. They also need to be looking for ways to offer biblical guidance and counsel for those in this situation. They also need to be more pro-active in teaching abstinence and fidelity.


Congressmen Waffle on Dr. King’s ‘Moral Law’ View


The Cybercast News Service recently asked some congressmen what they thought of the statement Dr. Martin Luther King made in his “Letter from Birmingham Jail”. In the letter, King states, “A just law is a man-made code that squares with the moral law or the law of God. An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law”. He also said that he agrees with Augustine and Thomas Aquinas that an ‘unjust law is no law at all’ and an ‘unjust law is a human law that is not rooted in eternal law and natural law’. When asked about whether he agreed or disagreed with the statement, Senator John Kerry said that he believed that morality was relative and that we all have the right to make individual decisions about our laws because that’s ‘what the Founding Fathers essentially did’. Republican Danny Davis said that he agrees with the statement and believes that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, so if we find something unjust, we have to change it”. He said that he believes that our laws should reflect God’s moral law, and that if something is immoral, then it certainly cannot be just. However, when asked if laws allowing same-sex “marriage” and abortion were immoral and should be disobeyed, he, too, said that morality was relative. THESE are the men that are helping to lead our nation? Senator Kerry says that he believes that we all have the right to make individual decisions about our laws. Ok, then next year, I decide not to pay taxes to the government. Let’s see how that goes over! To try and pull the Founding Fathers in as support for this is ridiculous. Our Founding Fathers overwhelmingly made it clear that our country was/is built on Judeo-Christian beliefs, including those based on God’s moral law. To say otherwise is to deny the history of our country. Congressman Davis says basically the same thing. He tries to throw in words about God and morality. He talks about if something is immoral, than it certainly cannot be just, but then goes on to say that morality is relative! How is that possible? If morality is relative, then nothing is unjust because, while it may not be morally correct for you, I may find it to be ok. And that’s what is happening in our nation today!!!! Our leaders are living their lives and guiding this nation down the path that states that “all things are relative” and at the same time calling for some semblance of morality because of the gross depravity of America. You can’t have it both ways! If you want “all things to be relative” then you will have anarchy and no ability to enforce laws because they’re all relative. If you want morality and justice, then you need to have absolute laws that are based on morality. To find those laws, you have to look in the Bible. There is no other religion or belief system that can supply morally sound laws that will provide justice to our nation. But, I have a hard time seeing this happen in Congress because it would mean that many of them would be jailed for doing immoral things! Our Founding Fathers knew what they were doing when they built this nation on the moral laws found in the scriptures. If our country is to ever see some semblance of hope and morality again, it will HAVE to come from our return to God and His standards!


Unchurched Prefer Cathedrals Over Contemporary Church Buildings


In a poll taken by LifeWay Research, a majority of unchurched people preferred the Gothic looking style of older churches and cathedrals to the modern looking churches that are being built. The study showed that this preference was almost 2-to-1 and was very high among the younger (ages 25-34) unchurched people. One person even said that modern churches look “cold”. The survey was conducted recently and considered unchurched people those who had not gone to church in the past six months except for holidays or special events. To me, this just reeks of one of the problems of modern Christianity. We spend so much time and effort building “appealing” buildings for nothing. All the modern looking, “high-tech” stuff just doesn’t mean anything to many people. Something else that strikes me as odd, but totally on par with modern Christianity, is the fact that this survey was asking unchurched people what they liked about church. This is the “seeker sensitive” movement in action! We ask non-Christians what they want out of church and then give it to them. I wonder how much money has been spent to get the church looking “just right” so that it will somehow “draw people in”. It’s like they have the “Field of Dreams” mindset. How about spending that money where it will actually help the “unchurched”. Spend the money on getting the truth of the gospel to them! Not just on Sunday morning or Wednesday night, but all the time! Not with “outreach events” or special “rock out, wild and ‘holy’” services. I’m talking about teaching the congregations to reach the lost with the truth of the gospel so that they don’t go to hell. THIS is what we should be spending money on, but unfortunately, the church seems to be so busy chasing the world and its fads that it doesn’t seem to care that hundreds and thousands of people are getting tossed to the curb. I can’t help but wonder if the people taking the survey actually tried to witness to the people they talked to…


Black Baptist Leaders Call for Religious Tolerance for Presidential Hopefuls


The leaders of the three largest African American Baptist churches in America have stated that the personal faith, church attended, and pastors associated with shouldn’t affect how Americans vote for presidential candidates. They say that by using these attributes to determine our vote is to infringe upon their religious freedom. They also condemned the media for bringing the presidential candidates’ faith into the spotlight. They said, “Where Sens. Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Barak Obama or any other candidate worships, how they interpret sacred Scripture, who they listen to preach the Good News of the Gospel, and their choice of denominational affiliation should not be at issue.”  I don’t see how this makes any sense. If they are truly people of faith (whether that faith is Christian or atheist – professed or otherwise), that faith is going to determine their decisions. If they are atheists, their atheistic views will color their decisions on the direction of the country that I live in. That DEFINITELY means something to me when I vote. Being a Christian, I’m not going to vote for people that are actively opposed to the morals and truth that I hold dear, even if they profess to be Christians. Not only that, if they are connected to someone who makes comments that are outrageous and offensive and don’t line up with the truth that I hold to, I would be apprehensive about voting for that person. Proverbs tells me that the companion of fools will suffer and that when I associate with people, they will affect me. Second, to say that I can’t vote for someone based on their religious beliefs is to infringe on my rights as an American. To have something like this come from those who lead churches just astounds me. These are men that are supposed to look at the Word as inerrant, infallible, and perfect. The Word is holy and is the first and final authority. They are the ones that are supposed to be leading others to the cross and teaching them the Word. What are they doing? To say that Christians shouldn’t look at whom presidential candidates associate with or how they interpret scripture (!!!!) is to ask the Christian to leave their beliefs at the door when they go to vote.


Focus on the Family Adapts Programming Due to Canadian Sexual Orientation “Hate Crime” Laws


Because of a Canadian law that added sexual orientation to its list of groups protected from “hate crime speech”, Focus on the Family has been editing its programs before being broadcast to the Canadian listeners.  The Canadian Human Rights Commission, an rabid pro-homosexual group, has used this law to remove anyone who would speak out against homosexuality. Pastors have been fired for writing letters to the editor that promote the Christian view of homosexuality. Those who have refused to print pro-homosexual material have been fired also. A Bishop was taken before the council for speaking out against homosexuality, and a Catholic Magazine is also under scrutiny. Is this what America has to look forward to if the pro-homosexual agenda gets its way? They are already attacking anything that is openly against their views. They send death threats to those who speak out against them. They whine to lawmakers about the “unfair” treatment they receive and then use that same kind of treatment on Christians. America needs to take a good hard look at those nations who have no moral standard. Many of the European nations are like this. They have no standards and it shows. Look at the UK. They started out as a God fearing nation, and now, their church attendance is down to maybe 14%. They are passing laws that make absolutely no sense. Canada is the same way. They have very little moral thread to go by and it shows in who is allowed to do what with free reign. America has been an example to other nations for years. If we are to remain an example, then it’s high time we started obeying the moral laws that God laid down and live out our lives as examples of the truth of scripture!


Blasphemous Works Removed from Atheist’s Exhibition in Vienna Cathedral Museum


As Marxist and self proclaimed atheist Alfred Hrdlicka recently celebrated his 80th birthday, his homoerotic portrayal of “The Last Supper” as a homosexual orgy was exhibited in a museum connected with the Catholic Church. The museum’s curator said that he saw no blasphemy in depicting Christ as a homosexual. In response to the flood of calls and expressions of outrage, the museum removed the offensive artwork. The office of Cardinal Christoph Schönborn said that the removal has nothing to do with censorship, but with “reverence for the sacred”. The office also said, “It is also an act of respect towards those believers who feel this portrayal offended and provoked them in their deepest religious sensitivity.” I know that I’m not the only one who is flabbergasted by this, but I have to wonder what those in leadership in Vienna were thinking. They haven’t really spoken out against the artwork. Instead they’ve just mildly placated those who take their faith and their Savior seriously. The fact that it was even allowed in the first place leads me to wonder what kind of view they have of Christ. The man who painted the works is an atheist, so why were they shown in a Catholic museum? I’m sure they didn’t just keep everything covered and hang it up and then unveil it, so they had to have seen the disgusting images beforehand. Were they not offended? Were they not disgusted? Obviously not. Instead, having seen the works, they still decided to show them to the public. How deep is their “religious sensitivity” if they can go through all of that and still be ok with it? What kind of Jesus have they created that would allow them to have no conviction against hanging up artwork that portrays the Son of God as a homosexual? They obviously do not follow the Jesus of scripture. If they did, then this repulsive work would never have been considered in the first place. If they did, they would have honestly and truthfully apologized for allowing it to even be shown at all. What is Jesus to them if they will do something like this? This just boggles my mind…


PTC applauds NBC for returning to ‘family hour’


The Parents Television Council recently applauded NBC for determining to promote the “family hour” from 8:00-9:00 PM each night. They have given a partial list of the programs that will be available at this time, including Chuck, Biggest Loser, Knight Rider, and Deal or No Deal. The PTC applauds NBC for recognizing the growing hunger for family-friendly programming and movies. The PTC believes that NBC’s profits will increase during the family friendly hour. Are any of the programs listed actually family friendly? Do they promote family values and moral tenets that we desperately need in this country? I don’t think they do. When I think of family friendly stuff, I think of “Andy Griffith” and “The Cosby Show”. I think of things that had no cussing, no gratuitous sex or violence and were good for kids to watch. I would love to see variety shows return as well. Things like Red Skelton had. I love the older programs. Some of them were a little risqué but they weren’t near what is available for kids to watch now. The things that are on “prime time” and “family hour” nowadays weren’t on until after the 11:00 o’clock news when I was growing up…



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Glass Particles in the Sky Studied As ‘Global Warming’ Fix


Government scientists are looking at sending glass particles into the upper atmosphere in order to “dampen” the effects of global warming. Others say that while it’s an interesting idea, it could cause more harm than good. The glass microspheres would be shot into the sky in hopes that they would contain some of the carbon dioxide and reflect some of the sunlight that is believed to cause global warming. Leave it to the government to spend thousands (if not millions) of dollars to find an answer to a problem that we don’t have. It’s fascinating to me how many people will trust science just because they have explained how some things work. Science is very rarely sure of anything. Instead of spending money on the global warming “phenomenon” that doesn’t exist, how about we put that money toward other things that will actually help our nation?


Obama, Clinton to headline forum on ‘pressing moral issues’


The group Faith in Public Life (FPL) is sponsoring “The Compassion Forum” this Sunday on CNN. During the forum, Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will each have 40 minutes to speak about a myriad of topics including poverty, AIDS, global warming, abortion, and others. The director of FPL says that she hopes that the discussions about abortion will get “beyond the divisiveness and get to work”. She says that from what she’s heard from both Senators attending the forum is that they would like to see a lot less abortions. According to the director, the issues that many younger evangelicals are getting fired up about are climate change, poverty and global AIDS. I guess that means that I’m not one of the young evangelicals…its funny how people can hear the same words and come away with different meanings. The director says that she sees that both Senators want fewer abortions. I don’t see that at all. I see the opposite. The fact that they support abortion at all should say something. The issues that our country should really be worried about are the moral ones. Climate change isn’t what’s important, but it seems that many younger Christians are “going green”. Abortion is the murder of children and should be condemned and outlawed across the board. The moral decay of our society is much more important than whether or not the temperature is going up or down a few degrees. The things that our country needs to worry about are being pushed under the rug and more popular issues with “flash” are taking their place. We need to get our priorities straight or it’s not really going to matter whether or not the climate changes. If America continues on the path that it currently walks, God’s judgment of this nation is going to make climate change look insignificant…


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