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I know that it’s been awhile since I promoted a design but this week’s was something quick and easy to do. The design is called Global Sketchy and is a text design that says, “Global Warming – we’re still a little sketchy on the science”. This design seems to be the epitome of what much of science has become. Science used to be about starting with a thought and looking to see if that thought had any merit in the natural world. Then the scientist would start looking at facts (real ones not made up ones) and evidence and then drawing a conclusion. If the thought was not supported by the evidence, the scientist would either lay the thought aside or toss it out completely. They wouldn’t continue wasting time trying to prove something that was ultimately unprovable. Instead, they would take the facts as they found them and move on to another thought to repeat the process.

Not so today. Today, many scientists are pushing thoughts and ideas that have no scientific support whatsoever in order to push their own agenda. They continue to change the facts, cook the numbers, and thickly veil everything they do in vague statements so that they can happily ignore what the evidence really says. Two major proofs of this are the evolutionary hypothesis and global warming. Continue Reading Design of the Week – Global Warming – Sketchy…

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