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 Millionaire Christian businessman walks his talkThe attention of many media outlets was focused on the founder of Chik-fil-A recently when he decided to not put three girls in jail for vandalizing his home. The damage would cost the three girls $30,000 to repair. Instead of sending them to jail for the damage they’ve done, Truett Cathy has made an agreement with the courts and the parents of the girls. Mr. Cathy has provided a list of terms that the girls must abide by to remain out of jail. The terms include 1,000 sentences, no TV or video games for six months, and reading good books. These terms must be overseen by the parents of the girls (one of whom is an “A” student). Cathy said “putting them in jail would just send them further downstream” and that it was his hope to “help them realize that they know right from wrong”.

The fact that the media were focused on this says something about how common it is. I think that this is a wonderful example of what Christianity will do not only for those who believe but also for everyone else. Mr. Cathy didn’t pamper them or remove their punishment, he just provided something that will hopefully help the girls grow and change. More Christians need to stop pushing the “love” of God while ignoring the justice of God…


Hybels Challenges Thousands to Refuse God NothingOver 50,000 leaders ended a two-day summit repeated a number of proverbs spoken by Mother Theresa. The leaders were attending the Leadership Summit, hosted by the Willow Creek Association, where Bill Hybels spoke about the Catholic nun as an example to Christians. Hybels said that the whole summit was worth it if only to study the life of Mother Theresa, who he claims is the one person who has affected his life the deepest. Hybels said that God is “still looking for a yielded heart” and has something better planned for this generation. He asked, “are you lighting up the radar screen of heaven with your yieldedness?” This was the 13th summit held by Willow Creek

Ok, the first question that comes to mind is: Why isn’t Jesus the most influential person in the life of Willow Creek’s pastor? I don’t have a problem with learning about things from the lives of others, but as a Christian, Mother Theresa doesn’t deserve the place that Hybels has given her. As a Christian, Jesus should be the one who has affected us most! Mother Theresa cannot save souls from hell…As far as “lighting up the radar of heaven”, does God not know where His people are or what they doing that He needs a radar? God may be looking for a “yielded heart”, but what He requires of Christian is obedience. Unfortunately, that is something that many in the church ignore to their peril…


 Calif. Court OKs HomeschoolingA state court in California has decided that parents can homeschool their children without having a teacher’s credential. This decision reverses a previous decision made in February that would require parents to have a teacher’s credential to homeschool their kids. When the first ruling was made, both James Dobson and Arnold Schwarzenegger protested the decision and praised the reversal as a sign to Californians that their elected officials would defend the rights of the parents. The original decision was made in response to one family and the allegation that two of the family’s kids were beaten by their parents.

I don’t say this very often and that probably won’t change in the near future, but I applaud California and the decision that was made. I understand the concern of children being hurt, but to say that this should be an excuse for not allowing children to be homeschooled is ludicrous. I would love to see more children being homeschooled. I hope that the issue is laid to rest, but that remains to be seen.


Multi-Religious Retreats Offer Variety in Faith

The Abode of the Message in New York has begun to offer retreats that cater to those of multiple faiths. These retreats are not separated by faith, but instead are all one retreat where Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Christians, etc. are worshipping together. These retreats offer the guests the opportunity to deepen their faith without converting. They are not the only ones making this offer. In other places, Buddhists at the Zen Mountain Monastery say that there is no dispute between their teachings and a person’s search for God. Reverend Tom Reese says that people are coming to realize that we don’t have a “hammer-lock on God or salvation”, that “God is bigger than us”, and that we should “respect that and other people”. Many are saying that the idea that there are many ways to God is not an evangelical belief.

This is where a wrong view of tolerance and Christianity will get us. To be tolerant of others doesn’t mean that we compromise our Christian beliefs, even though that’s the definition that is given nowadays. Jesus said in John 14:6 that He is “the way, the truth, and the life” and that no one will get to heaven any other way. The idea that Christianity and any other religion are compatible shows a lack of understanding of Christianity. I also have to disagree with Reverend Reese. We do have a “hammer-lock” on salvation. God tells us in His Word exactly what someone needs to do to get saved. God is bigger than us, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t understand Him. He has revealed Himself both in scripture and in His Son.

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