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Survey Finds Pro-Homosexual Clubs at 96 Catholic Universities in the United States


According to data collected by Volunteers for the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) shows that 45% of the websites of 211 Catholic universities show that the universities have pro-homosexual groups on campus. The TFP says that the groups have caused the universities to take action against those who speak out against homosexuality. They even cite two different occasions where students were either kicked off of campus or threatened with expulsion for speaking out against homosexuality. They also say that those universities that have a history of pro-homosexual support have increased that support. For instance, Georgetown University has agreed to fully fund and build a center for homosexual students, hosts mock “weddings” for same sex couples, and offers benefits to the partners of homosexual staff and faculty. TFP is encouraging personal phone calls and letters to university heads to call on them to disband the groups. I don’t understand this. Even the Catholic Catechism speaks out against homosexuality but these universities have allowed pro-homosexual groups on campus. The Bible makes it clear that homosexuality is an abomination (Lev. 18:22). Isn’t that enough? Why are the heads of these Catholic universities allowing something on campus that God is clearly against? Are they afraid of losing funding or do they not want to deal with the protests and other problems that “might” come from them not allowing the groups on campus?



Pro-Life Investigators Charged for Evidence Removal, Abortionist Gets Slap on Wrist


The doctor who found the remains of intact fetuses in the dumpster behind an abortion clinic has been billed for their removal. The doctor said that she was willing to have the remains moved to the funeral home, but she wasn’t interested in paying for all of the biohazard material to be removed, which ended up costing over $1000. To add insult to injury, the abortionist running the clinic was not charged, even though he had the biohazardous remains in a public dumpster as well as private patient records. The only thing that Alberto Hodari has to do is retrain his staff on how to dispose of biohazardous material. This is disgusting. Not only is the clinic still open, the doctor running it has gotten off scot-free! In addition, he will now be bolder about his operation because he knows that the government won’t do anything about it! How little do the lives of children mean to us when we have intact fetal remains in the dumpster behind an abortion clinic and the murderer that put them there is free to continue killing innocent children.


Koran Film: ‘The Day Will Come When We Will Rule America’


Angry street demonstrations, diplomatic maneuvers, and allegations of blasphemy met the Internet release of a Dutch filmmakers view of Islam. The film shows violent images of Islamic terrorism along with verses from the Quran, Islamic priests endorsing terrorism, and newspaper headlines about radical Islam. The film met with early trouble when Dutch TV stations wouldn’t broadcast the film and the US based Internet Company that hosted the site for the film suspended the site, even though the site had no access to the content. Eventually, both versions of the film (English and Dutch) had been viewed over 5 million times. While the film was delayed, rumors of it being a hoax were circulated. It was thought that the filmmaker was trying to draw out responses from Islamic followers and Western governments will bend over backwards to comfort radical Muslim leaders. I think it’s sad that Westerners and Christians seem to be so naïve to believe what Muslim leaders say to them and ignore what they say to their followers and what the Quran says about non-Muslims. Many Western Muslims have a skewed view of Islam and what it says. I really don’t think that many of them understand what it really says and just follow it because it’s “cool”. Many verses in the Quran talk about what Muslims think of non-Muslims and how they are expected to treat “non-believers”.



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Attorney fears ‘prayer police’ could be reality in NY town


Greece, New York is being “encouraged” to set guidelines as to what are acceptable ways to start town council prayer meetings. The “encouragement” comes from the group Americans United for the Separation of Church and State on behalf of two residents, one who is a Jew and one who is an atheist. The leader of the group says that by opening the town meetings with Christian prayers makes “non-Christians feel like second-class citizens”. Joel Oster of the Alliance Defense Fund says that because the prayers are voluntary, the town cannot edit or control the content of the prayers without violating the Establishment Clause of the Bill of Rights. Oster also pointed out that the Supreme Court has already ruled that opening legislative sessions with prayer is constitutional. This is just another example of people who have nothing else to complain about. First, separation of church and state is unconstitutional to begin with. It’s not in there. To find it, you’ll have to look in a letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Dansbury Baptists. The fact that it’s supported under the Establishment Clause should be enough. The lawsuit shouldn’t even be going on…


Actress Kate Walsh Criticized for Blaming STD Rise on Abstinence Education


A doctor on the TV show “Grey’s Anatomy” and is on the board of directors for Planned Parenthood recently said that she believes that the rise in STDs among teenagers is the result of abstinence teaching. Because of these beliefs, she said that the government should cut all funding for abstinence education. Others disagreed with the actress and said that by removing abstinence education, you are removing one of the most effective methods of preventing teen pregnancy. That didn’t stop Kate Walsh from promoting her ideals on “The Early Show” and saying that teaching abstinence has utterly failed over the last ten years, even though statistics show that there has been 67% drop in teen pregnancies through abstinence teaching. Ok…maybe I’m just simple-minded. But does anyone else see this viewpoint as a little dense? Here we have someone blaming the problem of teen pregnancy and STDs on abstinence education! How would the rates rise if we’re teaching them not to have sexual relations at all? If anything is contributing to the STDs and teen pregnancy it is the images that our children see on TV, in print, and on billboards; including scenes like Walsh takes part in “Grey’s Anatomy”! Of course, no one wants themselves to blame for the moral depravity we see in younger generations. As a spokeswoman for PP, should we be surprised that Walsh is against abstinence? PP just recently released a website that promotes pornography and sexual promiscuity to 12 year-olds. What are you thinking Kate?


Bill Allowing Teachers to Question Evolution Advances


In a breath of fresh air, the Florida Senate recently passed a bill that will protect teachers who present theories that oppose the “sacred cow” of evolution. The Academic Freedom Act has been attacked by the 37 scientists who drafted the standards for the state board. The scientists claim that the act allows teachers to “inject religious beliefs into the science classroom”. Those who support the bill say that it won’t present religious beliefs, but that it will show scientific faults and inconsistencies in the “theory” of evolution. First, those who cry and moan for fear that our kids are going to be taught “religious beliefs” in the classroom if criticisms against evolution are allowed seem to conveniently forget that evolution is a humanistic, naturalistic set of beliefs that try to explain how everything that has come about without God. That would be atheism and that is a religious belief. There are many problems with the evolutionary hypothesis and those who support evolution know about them and yet they continue believing in evolution because to admit that evolution isn’t possible is to come face to face with the truth of God.


Texas Edu Board Approves Broad Bible Course Guidelines


The Texas Board of Education has passed a broad bill that allows Bible curriculums to be taught in state high schools as electives. The Board has decided that they will apply existing curriculum standards to the biblical classes. They are waiting for the Attorney General to clarify whether or not a high school will be required to offer the elective if 15 or more students sign up for it. The Board has decided to leave the choice of which curriculum will be taught up to each school. While there are those who oppose the effort, the curriculums are expected to be offered in the fall of 2009. First of all let me say KUDOS TO TEXAS! This is a HUGE step in the right direction and I know that Texas will be blessed by it. I do have a few concerns though. I realize that there are many teachers out there who are Bible believing Christians. But I wonder if the Board has any ideas on what kind of credentials and background the teacher of the elective course will have? While this is a great idea, it would be ridiculous to have a non-Christian teaching the Bible elective. That would defeat the purpose if you ask me. Also, will the Board be offering any suggestions as to Bible curriculums that the schools could use? Not that any of these would be forced, but I hope that they would offer some wonderful scripturally grounded teaching. I truly hope that this takes off and becomes the norm across the nation. We talk about how we desire to see the next generations do better than we are and this is the best way to do it. I can only hope that it not only happens in high schools, but that it becomes a reality for kids at all levels of education!


Ronald McDonald Cozies Up To Homosexual Movement


The vice president of communications for the world’s largest fast food chain has been accepted onto the board of directors for The National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Richard Ellis says that he’s “thrilled to join the NGLCC team and shares their passion”. While McDonald’s declined to comment on the appointment, they expressed their support for the homosexual agenda. I hate to see this happen for anyone, but McDonald’s is going to end up following Ford in its sales record. It just amazes me at how easily businesses make decisions like this. It saddens me to see this happening, and I can’t help but wonder what Ray Croc would think of this. While I’m sorry that McDonald’s has decided to do this and I will no longer be eating there, I am even sorrier about what will happen because of this choice…I encourage those of you who read this to let McDonald’s know where you stand by not supporting them and their encouragement of an unbiblical and unnatural ideal.


Stunning report on the failure of public schools


Recent studies have shown that in many of America’s larger cities, less than 50% of high school students actually graduate. The statistics show that kids in city schools have a much lower rate than those in the suburbs do. Around 1.2 million students drop out annually around the US, which isn’t just a tragedy; it’s a “catastrophe” according to former Secretary of State Colin Powell. I can’t help but be saddened by this. I also can’t help but think about the fact that there are so many who tout the public school system over those who homeschool. Even when I was in school it seems that there was a lot of focus on taking tests. How many of these tests are necessary? Is it all for money? My understanding was that the amount of money a school received was based on the tests scores of the students. I am not sure if that is true, but if it is, it’s ridiculous. We spent more time taking tests than we did learning the things that we actually needed to be successful in society. And that was back then. I can only imagine what it’s like now. If there was more focus on actually teaching the kids what they need to know, they would contribute to our country’s growth and it would look a lot different. I know that the teachers aren’t to blame and I only hope that something changes for them too. But the school systems aren’t the only ones that are to blame. Many parents aren’t spending the time that these kids need to help them do well in school. I am in no way getting down on single parents who have to juggle many different things all at once. But, there are many who do have the time and don’t spend it helping their kids achieve. I pray that these statistics will help to bring about change in our public schools.


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Obama Declares He Doesn’t Want His Children “Punished with a Baby”


Presidential hopeful Barack Obama recently made a comment that has riled up many people and could be taken as an insult by single mothers. Obama said that he has two daughters and will “teach them morals and values”. He then stated that “if they make a mistake, he doesn’t want them punished with a baby”. Many felt that the expression was the exact opposite of how America needs to see single mothers and their children. This, coupled with Obama’s statement about Terri Schiavo, seems to belie what Obama really believes inspite of all of his “Christian” rhetoric about hope and freedom. He expresses to potential voters ideals about hope, and then makes comments that show a lack of hope for a certain section of the community. He talks about “faith” but then says things that attack the faith of those who truly live by it. My first question to Obama would be why he believes that children are a punishment. Scripture says that children are a blessing. My second question would be this: if you’re going to “teach your kids morals and values” should you be expecting them to make mistakes? If you’re teaching them “morals and values” they shouldn’t be promiscuous. They won’t get an STD or get pregnant when they are teens or unwed. If this is “hope” and what our country has to look forward to with Obama as president, then our country is in serious trouble. Obama spends a lot of time talking out of both sides of his mouth and people are buying it!




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