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In modern times, it has become commonplace for people to say that all roads lead to heaven and that all religions are pretty much the same. Many say that it doesn’t matter what you believe as long as you believe something. If you believe something and you live by that belief, then you will find yourself in heaven. This means that a good Buddhist, a faithful Hindu, a pious Muslim, and even a staunch atheist will be accepted into heaven (according to 65% of “Christians”).

The question is, is this true? Continue Reading Blog – Arm Yourself – All religions lead to heaven…

Just Stop!

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As 2009 begins, I wanted to write a plea to Christians, to other faiths, to Americans, and to the world. My plea is this:


Just Stop!


To Americans: STOP blaming everything but our sins for the problems that we are now facing! Do you realize that God promised all the problems that we have at this moment to the nation who turns its back on Him? From diseases, to plagues, to enemy attacks, to financial instability, these things are because of our sins. It doesn’t matter who we put into office or what kind of legislation or efforts we make, unless our nation turns back to God, things will only get worse. Not only that, but why not take the time to learn some of our nation’s 200 year history? So many people talk about how having Christianity in the political process, the government, and in schools is unconstitutional because of the “separation of church and state”. Do you realize how ludicrous you look when doing this because you don’t know your own country’s history? The phrase “separation of church and state” is not in the Constitution. It comes from a letter by Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists. But the idea of “separation of church and state” is not in there either. The founding fathers of this nation feared God and depended on Him to guide their nation. The only thing found in the constitution is the idea that the nation cannot declare a state religion. The U.S. has never declared a state religion although, until recently, it has been recognized by most as a Christian nation. How much has to happen to us before we cast aside our pride and admit that IT IS OUR FAULT?!?!


Also, to those who lead our nation, what are you thinking? STOP thinking only of yourselves and nothing of the nation or the future. You don’t seem to care what happens as long as you get yours. You are supposed to be serving the people and yet you’ve done nothing to help our nation get back on track. You vote yourselves a raise every year, even though you don’t do your job, no matter what the economy is like. In the meantime, thousands of people are being laid off and put in positions where they can’t even afford to feed their families, while you make six figure salaries. Why? STOP relying on everything but God and leading our nation away from the One who can actually save us. You rub shoulders with those who pay you the most money while ignoring the people you’re supposed to be representing. You seem to have forgotten the history of our nation and the giants whose shoulders you’re standing on. Just STOP! STOP blasting America and her leaders while you sleep with the enemy and cater to them and their desires (thank you Mr. Carter…). And, all of this is going on while our soldiers are fighting these people overseas! STOP allowing the leaders of foreign countries to speak at American universities like dignitaries when they’ve made it clear that they hate America. Just in case there are a few in Congress who actually strive to do what God desires, then I encourage you to be bolder in your faith. Either you are being overshadowed by the wickedness and deception of the majority or you’re not speaking loud enough to be heard.


To those who preach tolerance: First, learn the definition of the word. It is not being accepting of everything and everyone by compromising your faith. Being tolerant is putting up with something even though you disagree with it. STOP saying that you are tolerant and open to all beliefs when you rail against Christianity and those who follow Christ. That doesn’t seem very tolerant (by either definition), if you ask me. You whine and complain saying Christians are intolerant, but you practice the very same thing in regard to Christians. If you really want to be tolerant, then treat Christians and Christianity like you treat everyone else. If you don’t want to do that, then treat everyone else just like you treat Christians. The truth is Christianity, while exclusive, is the most tolerant belief system there is! If you look around the world, you don’t see much about Muslims being killed (unless it’s by other Muslims), but you hear about the Christians in Iraq who are living naked in the woods because the Muslims there have threatened their lives. You don’t hear much about Hindus being killed, but you hear about the Christians in Orissa being killed by Hindu radicals for the death of a high-level Hindu cleric, even though it’s been proven that the Christians had nothing to do with it! How many atheists are being persecuted and killed for their lack of faith? If you’re going to preach tolerance, then live it out as well. Otherwise, STOP!


To Muslims:  STOP trying to compare your beliefs to Christianity. They aren’t even close. Allah is not the same as the God of the Bible. Islam is not the religion of peace that many Muslims try to convince Westerners it is (read Surahs 9:29, 5:33). We don’t worship the same God. We differ on the fact that Jesus is God. In Islam, you have to work for your salvation. You must do a list of things to be saved. Even then, you’re not guaranteed that you’ll be saved when judgment comes. In Christianity, you can do nothing to help with your salvation. It is by grace that we are saved and nothing else (Ephesians 2:8-9). In Islam, an “angel” (Gabriel) came and gave the “revelation” of Islam to Muhammed. Oddly enough, much of the “revelation” is based on 2nd century Jewish fables and self-serving “decrees” given to Muhammed by “Allah”. In Christianity, God Himself spoke to prophets and patriarchs in the Old Testament, and through His Son in the New Testament (Hebrews 1:2). To those in the U.S. who call themselves Muslims: read the Quran and the Hadith. If you’re not following this, then can you really be called a Muslim? You claim that the Bible is corrupted and untrustworthy even though the Quran has a myriad of problems and contradictions that you seem to ignore and that cannot be reconciled. You don’t have anything in common with Christianity except where the Quran has correctly lifted verses from scripture…


To atheists/evolutionists: Whether or not you believe that God exists is your choice, but at least be intellectually honest about what you believe. STOP saying your belief is based on “cold, hard facts”. Your belief that God does not exist is a metaphysical one. Many of you have been trying to deny, rewrite, or erase the history of our country that shows that those who founded our nation were men and women who not only believed God, they feared Him and it’s apparent in their writings and quotes. Also, STOP trying lump the God of the Bible together with false gods like Allah, Buddha, Wotam, Odin, Zeus, and the “flying spaghetti monster”. I also have to wonder if you really believe what you say. According to what you believe, God doesn’t exist. If that’s true, then there is no basis for morality. I may be missing something, but if that’s true, shouldn’t there be a lot more bloodshed and anarchy? If you really believe in “survival of the fittest” and “man makes the rules”, then why don’t we see more atheists and evolutionists attacking others or using violence to get what they want? Isn’t that how nature works according to what you believe? Not only that, but why do leading atheists (including Richard Dawkins) admit that the atheistic/evolutionary worldview is savage and try to promote a Christian morality without Christ? If you don’t believe that God exists, why does He bother you so much? Why not just be honest and say that you don’t believe He exists because you don’t like the moral laws that come with His existence? Why not just be honest and say that you hate Him and be done with it?


To homosexuals: STOP hiding behind excuses. You claim that you are victims because you can’t have the same rights as heterosexual people. In actuality, you do have the same rights as heterosexuals. You just choose not to take part in some of them because they contradict the lifestyle that you choose to live in. Also, STOP trying to compare homosexuality to skin color. The color of someone’s skin is not a choice they make. They are born with it. To compare the “trouble” that homosexuals are going through to the race issues of the 60’s is ridiculous and an insult to those who suffered through those times and even lost their lives in the troubles. Homosexuality is not genetic. The Bible says that when God created man, He made a man and woman. He then instituted marriage between the two in Genesis 2. That’s what marriage is. That is the definition of marriage and to be married, you need to ascribe to it as God created it. If you choose not to, then you are not married. STOP pretending to be Christians when you are living a sinful lifestyle. The Bible clearly says that homosexuality is an abomination to God. This is not just an Old Testament idea (Leviticus 18:22). Paul spends a lot of time in the New Testament saying the same thing (1 Cor. 6:9, Gal. 5:16-19, Rom. 1). If you choose to reject what the scripture says and go ahead to live a sinful lifestyle, then you cannot be a Christian. You are choosing to rebel against God and His Word even though many of you have been told very clearly what the Bible says. That is not the lifestyle of a Christian and it will prevent you from being saved. To those who support “homosexual Christians”, STOP! You are doing nothing but perpetuating a false view of what scripture says and deceiving others into believing they are saved when they aren’t! If you’re going to attack Christians (like that weak Prop 8 musical) at least get some idea of what Biblical Christians really believe (see the next section).


To those who hate Christ/Christianity: If you are going to attack Christianity/Christ, please STOP using the same weak arguments. Please STOP setting up straw men that are easily knocked down and ridiculed. I know that it makes you look good and that it helps to persuade people to agree with you, but it is poor form. Not only that but if you’re going to argue, please STOP with the potty mouth. It doesn’t do anything to further your argument and makes you look like a juvenile delinquent (no offense to juvenile delinquents intended…).  If you’re going to attack Christianity, at least make an argument based on Biblical Christianity. Take the time to do some research on what scripture actually says. Do the work to understand what true Christians actually believe and what the Bible really says and then make your argument. If your not willing to do that (whether it’s because you’re too lazy, you think that Christians are beneath you and not worth the time, etc…), then STOP whining and arguing! Many of the arguments used nowadays are the same regurgitated arguments that have been refuted for years (some for centuries). Also, please understand that many (if not the majority) of the “pastors” and “evangelists” that you see on television do not represent Biblical Christianity.


To those religions who claim to have ties to Christianity: God the Father is eternal. He is not a man who has been elevated to “god” status, nor does He have any wives. Jesus is eternal as well. He is not a “spirit child” of the “Father” and one of “His” wives. Jesus is God and not just a man or prophet. He is NOT the spirit brother of Lucifer. You cannot do anything to help yourself to enter heaven. STOP trying to force people to believe unnecessary things (dogmas, etc…) as part of their salvation. STOP adding to or taking away from Biblical Christianity to suit yourself. STOP redefining what Christianity is instead of seeing it the way God defines it. STOP trying to read modern ideas and thoughts into the scriptures. Instead, read the Bible the way that it was meant to be read. STOP trying to weave Eastern mysticism (yoga, “centering” prayer, etc…) into the gospel (Rob Bell, Brian McClaren, Doug Pagitt)! STOP claiming that everyone will be saved (universalism), even if they don’t know Jesus. This is a horrible heresy that has no grounds in scripture. You are propagating a false doctrine that will lead numerous people to hell. STOP! If you are not going to follow Biblical Christianity, then please STOP calling yourself a Christian.


To pastors: STOP preaching a false gospel and making false converts. You are supposed to be teaching, protecting, and leading people to Christ. If you’re not preaching the truth of scripture, then STOP calling yourself a pastor, STOP calling what you speak a sermon, and STOP calling your group of people a church. If you’re going to spend your time tickling ears and entertaining people instead of warning people about hell and motivating those who believe to go out with you to preach the gospel, then you’re not a pastor, you’re a motivational speaker or a cheap entertainer. STOP preaching prosperity as the reason Christ came and telling others they should be “blessed” and if they’re not, they are missing out (Kenneth Copeland, Jesse Duplantis, Jerry Savelle, Bill Winston, Creflo Dollar). STOP talking about the blessing of Abraham as dealing with material things and actually read the whole text of Galatians 3 in context. STOP saying that we should be “blessed” so that we can turn around and bless others. I can go out and preach the gospel and not have to spend anything, and I will, if it I really want to bless people. STOP encouraging the greed of others to seek material “blessings”. STOP teaching others that they can somehow create the things that they want by “speaking in faith”. STOP telling people that they shouldn’t be sick or they might not be saved. STOP telling people that they should be speaking to the weather, or their circumstances, or any number of other things like they have control. STOP blurring the line between God and man. You bring God down to the level of man and raise man up to the level of God. STOP replacing the true gospel with one that focuses on social ills (Rick Warren). STOP trying to tell believers (or those who call themselves believers) that they need to be spending their time and money helping fight poverty, illiteracy, and hunger. While these are things that we do need to help fight, they are not as important as the eternal destiny of the souls of humanity. STOP saying that the focus of Christianity is “joy, peace, love, and hope”. IT’S NOT! The focus of Christianity is the glory of God through the salvation of man by God’s grace brought about through the death of Christ and His resurrection. The Bible gives no guarantee that the Christian life will be sunshine and roses. As a matter of fact, Jesus gives the promise of persecution to His followers a number of times. STOP teaching people they should feel good about themselves (Joel Osteen, Robert Schuller) when the Bible says that they are wretched sinners. STOP telling people that they just need to “be positive” and “think good thoughts”. STOP trying to be relevant and mimic the world. If you are riding motorcycles on the stage or using secular songs as the basis for your “sermons” STOP! You are not only making a fool of yourself, you are giving haters of Christ an easy time mocking the Lord. STOP courting sinners and tickling their ears with what they want to hear instead of preaching the truth. STOP talking to the unsaved to determine how you’re going to run your church (Bill Hybels). STOP trying to make programs to bring people in the church in the hopes that they might get saved by osmosis while listening to one of your weak, unscriptural messages. STOP shrinking back from speaking Biblical truth because it might offend someone or cause the numbers in the church to go down. STOP compromising the gospel.


To those who support unbiblical ideas: STOP calling abortion the removal of “blobs of tissue” when it’s murder and an abomination to God. STOP saying that abortion is about a woman’s choice, when it is about whether you are going to follow God or man. STOP saying that everyone will be saved. I know I said this above, but it bears repeating. Not all religions lead to heaven and God. Only one does. Jesus said that He is “the way, the truth, and the life” and “that no man comes to the Father but through Him” (John 14:6). This means that if you haven’t repented of your sins and put your trust in Christ, then you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. STOP telling people that hell is not a real place or avoiding the topic at all. Jesus makes it clear that hell is real and that those who are found with their sins unpaid for on the Day of Judgment will be sent there.


To Christians in general: If you’re one of the dying breed that obey Biblical Christianity and what the Bible says, keep fighting. Don’t compromise the truth in the name of “love” or “tolerance”. Don’t grow weary because you think that you are the only one who is trying to follow Biblical Christianity the way that Jesus laid it down in the gospels. Remember that if you are truly following the scriptures and doing what God has called all Christians to do, people will hate you. When you speak the truth of the Bible and tell wretched sinners that they will go to hell because they are in rebellion against God, they will not like you. Unfortunately, in America, you will be in the minority. There will be numerous legions of “believers” who will tell you that you need to focus on the love of God. They will shake their head as you preach the truth because they don’t understand it. You will find yourself in hardship and may find yourself alone at times. Nonetheless, it is a worthy thing that you do regardless of whether or not the majority of “believers” agree with you. I encourage you to look for those of like mind and heart. Find those who are more concerned about the truth being preached and the lost hearing how they can be soundly saved. Be bold in the preaching of the truth. Stand in the open square and shout to be heard. Don’t let emotion keep you from telling others the reality of hell and the future of those who die in their sins. Make sure that your motive is the same as Christ’s. Grieve over those who walk away from you at the end of the message without repenting, but trust that God is well able to move on their hearts and confirm the seed of truth that you preached.


If you’re one of the many people who claim to be Christian but you do not follow the Biblical view of what a Christian is/should be, then I would have to wonder. If you hold to a worldview that doesn’t agree with what scripture says, then I would have to wonder. If you openly live your life in opposition to what the Bible says, then I don’t have to wonder, you’re not a Christian. It’s really that simple. If Christianity is just a way for you to be “blessed”, or a way for you to feel good about yourself, or a way for you to live the life you want to live; then I don’t just wonder; I’m concerned for you. Christianity is about the sinfulness of man. It’s about how man is a wretch and is unable to save himself. It is about how he rebels against God on a daily (if not minute by minute) basis and is at enmity with Him. It is about how man deserves hell because of the sins he’s committed against a holy and just God. And, it’s about the fact that despite how decrepit and wicked man is, God came to earth and died for us. It’s about how God paid the fine that we couldn’t pay so that He could dismiss the legal case against us. Because of God’s Law, we are all guilty. The punishment for the crime against a perfect, eternal God is eternal damnation in hell. Because God paid our fine, if we are willing to do things on His terms, we can have our case dismissed and be free to go. For this to happen, we don’t “ask Jesus into our heart”. We must repent (turn form our sins) and put our trust in Jesus (like we would trust a parachute). If we will do this, then God will forgive our sins and grant us eternal life. If that’s not your version of Christianity, then I would urge you to examine your motives, your understanding, and your heart. Please make sure of your salvation and know that your eternity and the eternity of those around you may be at stake!

Why do you believe?

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Notice I didn’t ask what do you believe. I asked why do you believe. I feel this is an important question. It’s something that I’ve been tossing around lately and I think I’ve found answers for a number of people. If asked, many Americans (I think the last number was 94%) say that they believe in God. It’s the Sunday school answer. It’s what many of us were taught to say. But, why do you believe in God? This isn’t to try and get you to doubt God’s existence. It’s to get you thinking about why you believe what you do and what you’re really putting your faith in.


For instance, if you are a follower of the Hindu belief system, why do you believe what you do? Why do you believe that there are millions of “gods”? Is the evidence for those “gods” that strong? Why do you consider cows as sacred? What is the basis for your faith in the Hindu belief system?


If you’re an atheist, why do you believe what you do? Why do you deny the existence of God? Has science proven without a doubt that God doesn’t exist? Can you really be sure that He doesn’t? Surely anyone with even the slightest common sense would understand that none of us could know everything right? Is it possible in the information that you haven’t yet looked at that there is plenty of evidence of God?


If you’re a Muslim, why do you believe in Islam? What is it about Islam that makes it the true belief system? Is it the Quran? Was the Quran really given to Mohammed by Gabriel? Has it remained unchanged all these years? Do you believe because of the promise of paradise and virgins awaiting you? How do you know that you’ll make it to paradise? Is there any assurance?


If you follow the Jewish belief system, why? What is it about Judaism that makes appealing? Is it tradition? Is it the promises of God? What is it?


As I said above, I don’t ask these questions for any reason other than to get you thinking. I’ve asked the same questions of myself in regards to the religions above as well as Christianity.


Looking at belief systems, it seems that many people believe in them because their system of choice suits them. If someone decides to be a Zen Buddhist, is it because of what the system teaches or is it because of the degree to which it suits the practitioner? Does someone become a Buddhist because they truly believe the teachings or because they are more comfortable with the religion and its tenets? This goes for any religion.


I can’t help but wonder whether or not many of the people who profess a belief honestly believe in what they profess. If not, then why believe it?


Of course, this led me to wonder about the body of Christ too. If you’re a Christian, why do you believe? What is it about Christianity that causes you to believe it over other systems? Not only that, what about the different things being taught?


If you believe in the “prosperity gospel”, what is it that gives credence to that? Many will answer that question with a number of scriptures about wealth and health, but is that the whole counsel of God? If prosperity is the main focus of the gospel, what happens when you come upon hard times? What happens when you’re unemployed for months? Is that just another attack from the devil or is there something more to it?


If you believe in the “God-is-love gospel”, what do you do with the verses (Old and New Testament) that talk about God being righteous, holy, and judging sin? Do you ignore those verses or explain them away as a misunderstanding or incorrect translation? How do you reconcile the judgment to come with your view that “God is love”?


If you believe that you can be a practicing homosexual and a Christian at the same time, what part of scripture do you use for evidence? Why do you believe that? What about the passages that call it a sin and say that homosexuals won’t enter the kingdom of heaven?


If you believe that Christ died on the cross but that we must still work our way into heaven, why? Why do you believe that? What is it about Christ’s death on the cross that was incomplete? If Christ’s death was complete and we’re saved through it, then why do we need to do “works”?


What about the other “gospels” that I’ve heard preached (Kingdom theology, Replacement theology)? Why does someone believe those? What happens when these different “gospels” don’t line up with scripture? Do you stop believing that in favor of something else? Do you try to reconcile it? Or, do you ignore it?


Like other religions, it seems that many people profess Christianity for much the same reasons. Some of them profess Christianity because they were brought up in church. Some of them profess a certain flavor of Christianity because it suits them. How many Christians actually follow Christ because they believe what He said? Many people would probably say that this is the case for them, but is it? If it’s true for someone, shouldn’t it show? Now, I understand that people grow in holiness. I understand that they don’t become sanctified overnight, but shouldn’t they be moving in that direction? Should we have pastors that watch pornography? Should we have churchwomen spreading gossip? Should our kids act like heathens if we really believe what the Bible says? Should our focus be on growing the church when God said that the growing is His job?


I guess that I’ve gotten to the point that I just don’t understand the point of being a follower of something unless you really believe it. If you don’t believe in parts of Christianity, what do you do with them? If you believe in a certain flavor of the gospel, then what do you do with the rest of scripture? Is Christianity supposed to be a buffet? Are we supposed to pick and choose what we like and throw out the rest?


As I study the scriptures, I just can’t help but see that God made it clear exactly what He wanted done. There were times where He expected His people to trust Him, but for the most part, He gave them the instructions. God’s given us the same instructions and expectations. Are we doing what we’re supposed to? When you read about the lives of the “heroes of faith”, you’ll see a certain phrase spoken of many of them. They are noted for doing “all the Lord commanded them” (Gen 6:22, Gen 21:4, Lev 8:4, Lev 8:36, Jos. 10:40, 2Sa 5:25). Shouldn’t those of us who know Christ be the same? If we’re not, then are we really following Christ?


I can’t help but wonder how many Christians “just believe” and really don’t know why they believe what they do or lack the conviction they should have to truly follow Christ. For what number of Christians has it become just “the thing to do”? How many just do it because it’s all they’ve known?


For me, it’s become more and more a desire to truly understand what God wants from me and to make every effort to do “just as He commands”. It’s not easy and there are a number of times where I’ve messed up, but I want to do it. I don’t believe in the Hindu system and it’s millions of “gods” and “mystical” thinking processes. I don’t deny that God exists like atheists do. I read the scriptures and see them confirmed on a daily basis. I see prophecies that were given hundreds of years before they came true. I’ve seen instance after instance of God keeping His promise. I look at creation and see ample evidence for God. I don’t ascribe to Islam like Muslims do. I am not a follower of Judaism, although I have a high respect for Jews. I understand that they are still God’s people.


I don’t believe that prosperity is supposed to be the focus of the Christian. I don’t believe that once you “accept” Christ, you’re life just becomes a cornucopia of blessing and favor. I don’t believe that God is only love. I do believe that He is love; the scriptures say so. I also believe that He is holy, righteous, just, and deserves to be revered. I do believe that He will judge the world in righteousness and mete out the punishment for sin. I believe that homosexuality is a sin. I don’t believe that you can be a practicing homosexual and a Christian at the same time. I don’t believe that there is anything that any one of us could do to work our way to heaven or to compliment what Jesus did on Calvary. I don’t believe that the kingdom of God is here and I don’t believe that the church has replaced Israel as God’s chosen people. I don’t believe in these things because the scriptures say otherwise. I am becoming more and more cautious when accepting anything someone finds in scripture. I am trying to be a Berean. I want the whole counsel of God on the subject first. I want to be like Paul and be able to say that “I know in whom I have believed”. I want to share the gospel truth the way God meant it.


You may disagree with me and that’s ok. I believe that there are areas where we can disagree and still be friends, but I don’t know that there are near as many as some people try to say. In the end, it comes down to whether or not you’re going to take God’s Word the way that He wrote it. Will you? 



Pointing in the wrong direction

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There has been a lot of attention brought to bear on Philip Pullman’s series “His Dark Materials”. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, the series is a trilogy in which two children find a way to succeed in killing God. The first book in the series, “The Golden Compass” has been made into a motion picture set to be released on December 7th of this year.

The director of the film has said that this first film is a watered down version of the corresponding book. He said that it is his hope that the success of this watered down movie will allow them to make the two remaining movies in the trilogy closer to the way they were written, full of anti-God and anti-Christian sentiments.

Scholastic Inc. has even launched a grade school curriculum and a contest to go along with the movie’s release.

The sad part about all of this is that Christian parents and children alike are likely to be drawn in by the look of the movie’s trailers. They look very similar to those from the “Lord of the Rings” and “Chronicles of Narnia” series. If the flash and action draw the kids into the movie theaters, they will most likely desire to read the books. And without doing research on the movie or the books, parents may help their kids right out of their belief in God.

I would seriously recommend any Christian to avoid this movie, the corresponding books, and all the hype and to let others know about it as well.

Our Heritage

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Not long ago, there was a meeting of over 2,000 spiritual leaders in Europe to discuss the effect of Christianity on Europe and to remind the European nations of the impact that Christianity has made on that continent. I knew from the stance of many of the nations of Europe they had a dwindling population of devout Christians, but I never realized just how small they were in some countries. In Great Britain, 33 percent of those polled said religion was “very important” in their lives, compared to 27 percent in Italy, 21 percent in Germany, 11 percent in France, and 11 percent in Czech Republic. This is compared to 60 percent of people in America saying that religion is “very important” to them.
Why the decline of Christianity in Europe? Why are so many turning away from the faith? Let’s get a little closer to home and be a little real. Why are so many in America turning away from Christianity? The numbers say that 60% of people believe that religion is very important to them, but is that accurate? And what about the ones who are leaving? Many of America’s professing atheists grew up in fundamental Christian homes.

What happened? Continue Reading Our Heritage…

The biggest cause of atheists is…

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This is something that I’ve been hearing a lot about for awhile, and sadly, I’ve seen it happen as well. The biggest producer of atheists and non-believers in the world is….the Christian church. What? How is that possible? The body of Christ is going out there spreading the gospel and telling people the truth about God, about the sacrificial death of Jesus, and about how the only way to heaven is to accept that death for the atonement of our sins!

That may be something the church is doing, and that is what we are supposed to be doing. But, what about when those people we reached out to start coming to church? What about the young people that come with them? Do we really care about them? Do we love them like Christ loves them and us? Or are we just counting the numbers and praising God that we had 10 more people than last week? Are we answering the questions that they have or just preaching at them and hoping that it hits home? 1 Peter 3:15 says that we should “always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks us to give an account of the hope that we have in us”. If we can’t answer people’s questions about what we believe, why should they stay? Continue Reading The biggest cause of atheists is……

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