Embrace the change?

October 26, 2007 at 10:39 am | Posted in Christianity | Leave a comment
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Today starts the “Embrace the Change” gospel concert support Barrack Obama¬†and his campaign for president. The extravaganza marks the end of Obama’s “40 days of Faith and Family” in South Carolina. The whole idea behind the “40 Days” is to show how Obama sees faith and family as important in shaping him and his desire to cause fundamental change. It is supposed to show how “the Democrats are not afraid to talk about faith” and how Obama is the man that conservatives can look to to lead them and our country to a brighter day.

Ok, so I got a little carried away with the last sentence there…

I can’t help but ask this though…Can someone who approves of abortion and “gay marriage” truly say that they support faith and family? How does support of either strengthen families? Abortion is the senseless, cold hearted killing of an unborn child. Does that say family to you? To me, it says “even though this is a human being, I’m going to get rid of it and ignore the morality behind it”. Does that mean that if you’ve had an abortion you have no chance to support faith or family? No. If you are willing to repent for the murder that you’ve caused, God will forgive you. But that doesn’t change the fact that abortion is murder. I know many people that have had abortions. They’ve talked to me about how it has affected them. I still see them shed tears over the whole ordeal. But they acknowledge what they did and every single one of them now see abortion for what it is and supports the rights of the unborn. God doesn’t want you to have an abortion. He says it in the Bible. “You shall not murder”. But, if you have had an abortion, He wants you to see the truth and turn to Him so that He can heal your pain and grief and then use you to help stop the atrocities that are taking place daily. Continue Reading Embrace the change?…

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