Truth and discernment vs. Emotion and “tolerance”

January 4, 2013 at 6:51 pm | Posted in Christianity | Leave a comment
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The modern evangelical church has replaced truth and discernment for emotion and “tolerance”. Doing the hard work of studying and rightly dividing the word of truth is no longer in vogue. It takes too much time and forces the disciple to compare their current theological stance with what scripture actually says. Added to this is the fear of speaking the truth of scripture in defense of the gospel. It is a serious sacrilege to tell someone they’re wrong or to call someone a false teacher or even (gasp!) a heretic.

All of this has been replaced by the squishy, Kum-by-ya style “community of believers”. No study is necessary because we’re all already convinced of what we believe. We can even believe contradictory things because there is no systematic approach to the Christian faith. Instead, we pigeonhole each belief in its own special place and only pull it out (and only all by itself) when others are talking about the same belief (and only if it matches our belief perfectly!). Once that uncomfortable five minutes is over, we put it back in its pigeonhole to forget about it until needed. The rest of our time is spent socializing over Starbucks and Krispy Kremes.

Because of this, there would NEVER be any thought of questioning the beliefs of others. This would not only mean that the accuser was convinced of their own beliefs, but that they took the time to understand and verify with scripture the beliefs of the other person. That’s twice the work and all you get is the chance of losing a friend or group of friends. Who wants that? What’s sound doctrine with you can have a larger group of friends? No, no, no…it’s much easier be an evanjellyfish. Let’s use emotion and anecdotes to drive people to the altar in hordes like Charles Finney. Maybe I’ll go dust off the anxious seat….

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