Design of the Week – World’s Greatest Abba

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This week, we are reviving the Design of the Week posts. We start off with a design for Father’s Day called World’s Greatest Abba.
The word Abba means “father” in Hebrew. It is a term of endearment and one that the New Testament says that Christians can use of God the Father. It implies adoption by Him through repentance and faith. Here is the definition from Fausset:

The Chaldaic-Hebrew form, as ab is the Hebrew form, for the Greek pater, “father.” Instead of the definite article which the Hebrew uses before the word, the Chaldee or Aramaic adds a syllable to the end, producing thus the emphatic or definitive form. It is used to express a vocative case, and therefore is found in all the passages in which it occurs in the New Testament (being in all, an invocation): Mar_14:36; Rom_8:15; Gal_4:6.
The use of the Hebrew and of the Greek appellation addressed to the one Father beautifully suggests that the Spirit of adoption from Jesus, who first used the double invocation, inspires in both Jew and Gentile alike the experimental knowledge of God as our Father, because He is Father of Jesus with whom faith makes us one, and as our God because He is Jesus’ God. Compare Joh_20:17, “ascend unto My Father and (therefore) your Father. and to My God and (therefore) your God”; Gal_3:28, “there is neither Jew nor Greek, for ye are all one in Jesus Christ”; Eph_2:18, “through Him we both have access by one Spirit unto the leather.” (Especially (See ABADDON above.) “Abba” was a title not to be used by slaves to a master, nor Imma to a mistress, only by children: see Isa_8:4. “Before the child shall have knowledge to cry Abi, Immi.”

It is an awesome thing to know that, while God is holy, just, and righteous; He is also a Father to those who are His. We can draw strength from Him and run to Him when we are in trouble. This is the greatest comfort when trials and tribulations come!

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