Newslinks 01/09/11

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Sunday’s Newslinks brought to you by At Ease Tees


Passion to 22,000 Students: Be Free, Fully Alive in Jesus
People want to be here. That’s the sense you get when you come to the Passion 2011 conference that opened Saturday, New Year’s Day, with 22,000 students.

Beth Moore: Control Your Mind, Focus on ‘One Thing’


American Churches Begin 2011 with Prayer, Fasting


Atheists Declare Religions as ‘Scams’ in New Ad


Global Church Body Condemns ‘Vicious Attack’ in Egypt


Islamic Extremists Protest Efforts to Change Blasphemy Laws and Free Christian

Louie Giglio Surprises Passion Crowd with Haitian Family
Attendees of the Passion conference on Sunday heard about a family that survived the Haiti earthquake that destroyed their home and killed two family members. What the crowd did not expect was to see them walk out on stage.

Group: Anti-Christian Events of 2010 Point to Christophobia


Indian Pastor Injured in Murder Attempt by Hindu Extremists


Survey: Americans’ Resolutions All About Self


Pope Focuses on Christian Persecution for 2011 World Day of Prayer


Francis Chan Shares Details of Asia Trip at Passion

82 Percent of U.S. Casualties in Afghanistan in 2010 Occurred in Provinces Bordering Pakistan
– Eighty-two percent of the U.S. casualties in Afghanistan in 2010 took place in Afghan provinces adjacent to the Pakistan border, a border that a top U.S. military official said last week cannot be sealed.

U.S. Military Leader: It’s ‘Naïve’ to Say U.S. Can Stop Insurgents Coming Into Afghanistan
– “As far as the (Afghan) border itself, you know, I think it’s naive to say that we can stop…forces coming through the border,” Col. Viet Luong said during a teleconference from Afghanistan on Dec. 28. Luong commands a U.S. Army Brigade that’s in charge of 162 miles of the Afghan border.

Obama Administration Expands Role of Homeland Security Department to Secure Borders of Afghanistan
– A DHS spokesperson did not respond to questions about what posts CBP and ICE personnel would be pulled from in the U.S. in order to go to Afghanistan. Nor did the spokesperson say what expertise the Homeland Security Department could provide that NATO and U.S. military forces could not provide.

Republican Congressman: Ban Funding of Obamacare in Every Appropriations Bill This Year
– Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) says House Republicans should include language that prohibits any funding for implementation of Obamacare in literally every appropriations bill that passes the House of Representatives this year, thus forcing a showdown on the issue with the Democratic majority Senate and President Barack Obama.

George Washington Approved Soldier’s Dismissal for Attempt ‘To Commit Sodomy’ at Valley Forge
– How times have changed: In 1778, at Valley Forge, Gen. George Washington approved the dismissal of a soldier for “attempting to commit sodomy,” with “abhorrence and detestation of such infamous crimes,” according to Washington’s papers at the Library of Congress.

Holder Should ‘Stop Hurting the Administration or Leave,’ Issa Says
– Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) has claimed that Attorney General Eric Holder is “guilty” of not investigating ACORN and of failing to go after WikiLeaks. He should “stop hurting the administration or leave,” Issa said.

Steele Battles Opponents in Fight to Maintain RNC Chairmanship
Washington (
– Michael Steele spent Monday afternoon doing what he has done for much of the past two years: fending off criticism about his job as chairman of the Republican National Committee. “My record stands for itself,” Steele said during a debate against four other contenders for the RNC chairmanship at the National Press Club. “We won.”

Gallup Poll: Majority of Americans Say Things Will Be Better in 2011, But Not For Me
– According to Gallup, 55 percent of Americans believe their personal financial situation will stay the same in the coming year–or get worse.

Calif. War Memorial Cross Unconstitutional, Court Rules
The Circuit Court’s three-judge panel ruled Tuesday that the memorial cross at Mt. Soledad violates the U.S. Constitution.

Appeals Court Turns to State for Advice in Prop. 8 Case


Pakistan Mourns Slain Governor who Backed Christian


John Piper Gets to the Bottom of Why People Love God


Republicans Vow Vote on Health Care Repeal as Early as Next Week


2 Lesbian Episcopal Clergy Marry on New Year’s

Hoyer Blames Reagan and Bushes for Deficits, Says Policies Did Nothing to Grow Economy
– In his last day as House Majority Leader, Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) put much of the blame for America’s growing debt on past Republican administrations: “Ronald Reagan came in and adopted an economic program that created $1.4 trillion in deficits over the next eight years,” he said on Tuesday.

New Regulations Issued in 2010 Cost $28 Billion and Destroyed American Jobs, Republican Lawmaker Says
( – Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), the incoming chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, sent a letter to 150 different business trade associations and companies in December asking how new regulations adopted in 2010 had affected the nation’s employers and employment. The Obama administration estimated the cost of 43 major new regulations to be approximately $28 billion — on top of the $1.75 trillion estimated burden of existing regulations.

Pelosi: ‘We Have No Regrets’ About Debt Piled Up Over Last Two Years
– Asked if she regrets not using the last two years with a Democrat-controlled Congress to do more about the national debt, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she has “no regrets,” adding that “deficit reduction” has been a “high priority” for the Democratic Congress.

Bullied at School for Being Gay? The U.S. Justice Department ‘Won’t Stand for It,’ High School Students Told
( – The U.S. Justice Department went into a public high school on Tuesday with a message for students: If you’re “different,” if you’re gay, and if you’re being bullied – don’t feel alone, don’t be ashamed, and don’t hesitate to call on the federal government for help if your school doesn’t stop the bullying.

Incoming Majority Leader Doesn’t Rule Out Defense Cuts in Republican-Led House of Representatives
Washington ( – Incoming House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) would not rule out cuts to the Defense Department budget with Republicans in control of the House. Republicans will focus on national security, he said. “But everybody is going to have to do more with less. That is where the private sector is, that’s where families are, and that’s where this government’s got to be,” he said.

New $1.4 Billion Food Safety Legislation Gives Gov’t Power to Order Recalls, Increase Inspections
( – The Food and Drug Administration will have the authority to order recalls of food products, increase inspections, and boost paperwork for food packaging companies under a bill President Obama will sign into law this week. But some see the new law as ineffective government overreach.

U.S. Contains Enough Reserves to Fuel Country for Decades, Petroleum Institute Says
( – Jack Gerard, president and CEO of the American Petroleum Institute, said that if the Obama administration and Congress would allow the industry access to domestic oil and natural gas reserves, the United States would get the energy it needs, create hundreds of thousands of jobs, and the government would add more than $1.7 trillion to its coffers.

Homeschooling Community Grows Beyond 2 Million
Over 2 million children are being homeschooled in the United States, a new study finds. “Just 30 years ago there were only an estimated 20,000 homeschooled children.”

Passion Ends with Call to Make Jesus Famous


Family Group: Gay Blog Gives Misleading Information About Chick-fil-A Co-Sponsorship


Human Rights Group Condemns Arrests of Christians in Iran


Iraq Jumps 9 Spots in World’s Worst Persecutors List


Evangelizing Beyond Invitations to a Cool Church Service

White House Defends Obama’s Senate Vote Against Raising Debt Ceiling, but Insists Republicans Must Raise It
Washington (
– The Obama administration is warning of catastrophic consequences if Congress does not increase the debt ceiling, the legal limit on how much the federal government can borrow, but Barack Obama held a different view on the issue as a senator in 2006. “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure,” Obama said on March 16, 2006.

Federal Agency’s Claims of Jobs Saved by Stimulus Were ‘Unclear and Misleading,’ Says Inspector General
– The Small Business Administration, which was given $730 million under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to increase the availability of credit to small businesses, is making claims about the number of saved jobs that are “unclear” and “misleading” and which cannot be verified, according to a report issued by the agency’s inspector general.

State Lawmakers Seek Court Fight Over ‘Birthright Citizenship’
– The movement to prevent the U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants from automatically becoming American citizens is gaining steam. At the federal level, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) on Wednesday introduced legislation that would end automatic citizenship for the children of illegal aliens. And a group of state lawmakers on Wednesday announced their intention to do the same thing.

Pelosi: Repealing Obamacare Would Do ‘Very Serious Violence to the National Debt’
– “If everyone in America was very, very pleased with his or her health insurance and had no complaints, and had access to quality affordable health care in our country, it still would have been necessary for us to pass the health-care reform bill because we could not sustain the system,” Pelosi said on Tuesday.

Democrats Who Voted Against Final Passage of Obamacare Urged to Vote for Repeal Legislation
Washington (
– Conservative groups are urging 13 House Democrats who voted against final passage of the $1 trillion health care overhaul legislation last March to now vote for its repeal. The House will vote on repeal next week.

Republicans Voted Unanimously for John Boehner to be Speaker of the House; 19 Democrats Did Not Vote for Pelosi
– Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) was voted in as speaker of the House by his Republican colleagues on Wednesday, with all 241 Republicans voting in favor of the Ohio legislator and former House minority leader. Only 173 Democrats (out of 192), however, voted for former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to be minority leader.

Justice Department Forces Hairstyling School to Admit HIV-Positive Student
– A hairstyling school in Puerto Rico has been forced by the Justice Department to offer enrollment to an HIV-positive applicant, pay that person $8,000 in damages, and also pay a $5,000 penalty to the United States as part of the settlement reached in the case.

VIDEO Q&A: Michele Bachmann Discusses the Welfare State, the Debt, Defunding Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, and A Wall at the Border
– When asked Rep. Michele Bachmann (R.-Minn.) last month what she would do about the current fiscal situation if she were president of the United States, Bachmann said she would start by explaining to the American people that we were “standing on a precarious precipice” economically. She also explained where she stands on other issues.

U.S. Alleges Mexican Drug Cartel Rented Apartments in U.S. to Recruit Young Americans
– An assistant U.S. attorney told that a federal judge will hear a criminal case later this month involving an offshoot of the Tijuana cartel that is believed to be setting up operations in the United States to recruit young Americans for drug trafficking. The case shows that U.S. drug cartels are attempting to extend their operations into the United States.

Reid: Obamacare ‘Is Not Going to Be Repealed’; GOP ‘Should Get a New Lease on Life and Talk About Something Else’
– asked Reid if he would shut down the government to save the health care law if in fact the House sent the Senate appropriations bills that prohibited funding for implementing the law.

Final Tab for Pelosi’s Speakership: $5.34 Trillion in New Debt—Or $3.66 Billion Per Day
– In the 1,461 days that Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) served as speaker of the House, the national debt increased by a total of $5.343 trillion ($5,343,452,800,321.37) or $3.66 billion per day ($3.657,394,113.84), according to official debt numbers published by the U.S. Treasury. Pelosi was the 52nd speaker of the House. During her tenure, she amassed more debt than the first 49 speakers combined.

Report: No More Candy in Safe-Sex Kits for Students
– An AIDS services group is removing candy from safe-sex kits distributed to high school students in Swanzey, N.H. The kits also contained condoms and “fruit-flavored lubricant,” the New Hampshire Union-Leader reported. Outraged parents complained after the kits were made available to students in December as part of a World AIDS Day presentation.

Artichoke-Eating Instructions and Electrolysis for Convicted Killer among ‘Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of 2010’
– A lawsuit against a restaurant for failing to offer artichoke-eating instructions and a convicted killer’s lawsuit to receive electrolysis as part of a state-funded sex change are among the top five Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of 2010 compiled by the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform. The lawsuit-abuse campaign was launched by ILR to raise public awareness about the impact that abusive lawsuits have on small businesses, communities, and individuals.

Rep. West: ‘The American People are Not ‘Up’ For the Bureaucratic State’
Washington (
– In his first interview after being sworn in as a U.S. congressman, Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) told on Wednesday he would support defunding Obamacare in the manner proposed by Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) — by specifically prohibiting any of the money contained within appropriations bills from being used to fund Obamacare.

GOP Reps. Fitzpatrick, Dold Won’t Say if They Support Defunding Health Care Law
– Reps. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.) and Robert Dold (R-Ill.) have not committed to defunding the health care law by putting specific defunding language in every appropriations bill the House passes, as proposed by Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa).

Ted Haggard Recommends Documentary of His ‘Resurrection Story’
One would expect that the title of a new documentary, “Ted Haggard: Scandalous,” is enough to make the former head of the National Association of Evangelicals cringe but instead Ted Haggard said the special helps tell his “resurrection story.”

Bible Believers Can’t Shake Intolerant Image, Says Atheist


ECFA Forms Commission in Wake of Prosperity Probe


Hagee Says Dividing Israel Is Not God’s Will; Evangelicals Disagree


NH Supreme Court Hears Homeschool Case


Video Contest Asks Youths: Is Lifelong Marriage Possible?

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