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It’s school time and that means earlier mornings, earlier bedtimes, and homework. It also means bus rides, cooler weather (eventually), and sitting through hours of classes. One of the most dreaded things in school is the evil pop quiz. This is like an ambush to school kids (and it may be one of the few ways that some teachers get back at the kids…). The pop quiz was a way to make sure that the kids actually absorbed and understood whatever topic was being taught. Those that retained the information did well. Those that didn’t got themselves marked as needing help.

I think that it would be great if the church started giving pop quizzes. Imagine the scene: You have had a regular Sunday morning. No one got up on time because they expected someone else to set the alarm clock. Kids and parents have spent the last thirty minutes fighting over who gets the shower (and the hot water). One of the kids has been sent back to their room to change twice because they can’t seem to understand that you can’t wear the hot green top with the red velvet pants. The other kids have been told to sit down on the couch and wait for the rest of the family. This went well….for about 5 seconds. They are now getting on each others’ nerves and it is about to get ugly. Mom is in the bathroom putting on makeup while Dad is left to keep watch on the brewing storm and the one uncoordinated child.

With a few minutes until church starts, everyone piles into the van; buckling up to make sure that they stay safe on the trip to church. Dad pulls out, gets the van going down the road and then kicks it in to hyperdrive so that they don’t get any weird looks for showing up late. After breaking the sound barrier (and the speed limit), the family arrives. Everyone piles out of the van, lining up so that Mom can quickly double check to make sure that nothing looks out of place. After her nod of approval, everyone puts on their smile and makes the trek to the church. They enter into the building, shaking hands and throwing smiles all over the place. They get the kids off to their Sunday school classes and grab a quick cup of coffee on the way to their own class. They’ve made it again! They enter into the classroom expecting the normal routine when they hear those two dreaded words:

Pop Quiz!

Call me sadistic, but I find that kind of funny. The sad thing is I wonder how many people would be able to pass a simple test on basic Christian doctrine. How many would know the foundational answers? Below is a pop quiz. I would love for you to make your way through the quiz and see how many answers you know. Please be honest and answer the questions without looking for the answers.

1.       What is man’s main purpose?

2.       Who is God?

3.        How many Gods are there?

4.        What is the Trinity?

5.        How many religions lead to heaven?

6.        What two things are necessary to be saved from the wrath of God?

7.        What is a Protestant?

8.        Name three people who helped lead the Protestant Reformation.

9.        What is faith?

10.    What is sin?

11.   Who is Jesus?

12.    Is Jesus a created being?

13.    Is Jesus eternal?

14.   Who/what is the Holy Spirit?

15.    Is Jesus God?

16.    What is hell?

17.    Can someone be saved through baptism?

18.    How many good works must someone do to be saved?

19.    Who is Satan?

20.    Is Satan real or just a personification of evil?

21.    Is the ability to speak in tongues necessary for someone to be saved?

22.    Did Jesus ever commit sin?

23.    Can we trust what the Bible says?

24.    Did God create the universe? If so, how long did it take?

25.    Are Christianity and evolution compatible?

26.    Was there death and disease before Adam and Eve sinned?

27.    Is the god of Islam the same as the God of the Bible?

28.    Does absolute truth exist?

29.    What is Modalism?

30.   What is patrepassionism?

31.    Who is the Holy Spirit?

32.    When does a Christian receive the Holy Spirit?

33.    How many plagues were brought upon Egypt before Pharaoh released Israel?

34.    What was the final plague against Egypt and how was it protected against?

35.    What is justification?

36.    What is sanctification?

37.    What role does Mary (Jesus’ mother) play in someone’s salvation?

38.    What does infallible mean?

39.    List the Ten Commandments.

40.    If God is loving, why does He allow suffering?

41.   Are Mormons Christians?

42.   Are Roman Catholics Christians?

43.   What is ecumenism and should Christians do it?

44.    Is evangelism the duty of all Christians or just those with the gift of evangelism?

45.    Did Jesus really die on the cross?

46.    How many books are in the Bible?

47.   When is the Sabbath?

48.    Is man basically good or basically evil?

49.    Does purgatory exist?

50.    Does God know everything?

51.     When does life begin?

52.     Is abortion murder?

 While not all of these are considered essential doctrines, all of these things are important to know. How did you do? I will post the answers to the quiz as soon as I can. I will give scriptural support for each and explain why I asked the question whenever possible.

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